Wednesday, June 24, 2015

Small Bedroom Design Tips For Your Teen

If your teenager has a small bedroom, you can still create a stylish room that your teen will love. Whether you have a boy or girl, following some basic design tips for small bedrooms will make the room feel larger and less crowded.

Double-Duty Furniture

By using furniture that functions in several ways, you will make the bedroom more functional and less crowded. If the room has a large closet, you may be able to eliminate a bulky dresser or wardrobe by organizing the closet with shelving and drawers. If the closet is small, consider under-bed storage or wall-mounted shelving that won't take up floor space. Day beds and futons will provide comfortable seating for reading or relaxing and additional sleeping areas for teen sleepovers. Although a desk is useful for homework, it can take up precious floor space and create clutter. Many teens prefer to study on their beds or on the floor where they can relax.


The bed is usually the largest item in a bedroom, so small bedrooms requires careful planning. A small bedroom doesn't always require a twin-size bed, but that's certainly an option as long as it fits your teen comfortably. Headboards can push a bed more than a foot off the wall, so consider a bed without a headboard or a wall-mounted headboard that will save floor space. Platform beds with built-in storage and raised beds with space for storage and studying underneath work well in teen bedrooms. Whatever bed style you choose, make sure the mattress provides adequate back support for a good night's sleep and your teen's growing body.

Colors and Patterns

Many teens like bold colors and patterns that are stimulating and fun. If that's your teen's style, you can create a design scheme with bright colors and bold patterns, but you should limit them in the room. In a small space, too much color or pattern can be overwhelming and make the room feel much smaller. Rather than painting all four walls in a bold shade of crimson, pumpkin orange or lime green, paint one wall as an accent wall, then pick up the color in smaller amounts around the room in teen bedding, throw pillows, artwork or decorative accessories. You can also add bold colors or patterns with an inspiring ceiling mural that will give your teen something fun to look at before they fall asleep.

Saturday, June 13, 2015

5 Tools, Parts and Supplies That You'll Want to Have on the Water

Whether you're commercially crabbing or just sailing on the sun-kissed waters of your favorite lake, it's important to keep your boat well-stocked for emergencies. Here are just five things you'll want in your luggage compartment in the event of an emergency.

1. First Aid Kit

First things first: Never go on the water without a stock of first aid supplies. The basic things include bandages, disinfectant and pain medication, but if you want to be even more prepared, you can also include things like tweezers, scissors, gauze and aloe.

2. Rope

A thick rope has a hundred different uses on a boat. From tying things down to raising things high, you'll be glad you kept an extra coil around. Just make sure it's nice and strong and not something that will fray or snap when you need it most.

3. Communications Device

In the digital age, most boat owners have things like cell phones and other wireless devices to keep them in contact with people on the coast. Even if you aren't a fan of technology, however, you should still have a radio on board. You never know when you'll need to speak with the people back home in a hurry.

4. Water Pumps

Depending on the type of boat you have, water pumps can be either a necessity or a luxury. Wherever you fall on the spectrum, however, you'll want to make sure you only buy the best. Look for things like Johnson water pumps to ensure that you're purchasing quality.

5. Sealants and Adhesives

Like rope, these are very basic supplies that are nonetheless forgotten by many boat owners until it's too late. You should keep an entire cupboard on your watercraft for things like sealants, patches and lubricating oils. They'll come in handy during a pinch.

These are just a few essential supplies for a day on the water. Even if you don't need them every time, you'll sure be grateful you have them in the event of an accident or emergency.

Tuesday, June 2, 2015

Praying for more Blessings

I am currently convincing myself not buy my son Ashley a Digital Piano at guitarcenter. Well, he has been asking me to buy him one but it was too expensive for him and also because I don’t really have the budget now. But I would want to see Ashley learn and have piano lessons, for I do believe that music boost a child’s overall well-being. Urgh! If only I got the funds. I do hope and pray that God will give us the blessings for us to fulfill Ashley’s wish.