Saturday, February 21, 2015

While Browsing the Web

I'm kind a confuse tonight as I am wondering why every time I click on a page on my laptop it keeps on redirecting to another website. Well, I was browsing the internet an hour ago to know more about on design your class ring when I notice about this redirection.

Partners for Life

Does anyone of you know about nc health agency ? Well, my boss has been asking me to check this out for many insurance company has been knocking on her doors and she doesn't know who among them is the best.

Already Insured

I'm checking out a post about don allred insurance that my client ask me to review. He is planning to apply for a life insurance with them but don't have any information and feedbacks about them.

Perks in the Internet

I was looking for a pinaud brand oil that my dad asked me to search in the internet and luckily a friend of mine recommended me a website

Saturday, February 14, 2015

Happy Valentine's Day

Today, I would love to receive this cute, lovable bear below. Maybe with some flowers and chocolate truffles added with gift bag would make it even lovelier. :)

But of course, anything that my better-half would give will suffice. :)

Happy Valentine's Day!

Valentine's Gift for my Dearest

Today I see everything in red, not only because it’s the color of the day but because everyone is feeling loved this Valentine’s Day. 

I wanted to do the same for my husband, as a musician by heart and with his love for keyboard I thought of picking up some ivory ticklers and other gifts that keyboardist like him would love.

 He has been eyeing for a new keyboard online but we don’t have the budget for that as of this moment, so I just bought him a cheaper one instead. I would love to see a smile in his face after opening the box. :)

Thursday, February 12, 2015

Thanksgiving Post

Today I realized how the Lord loves me.

Amidst the “err” of my humanity, He was still there for me, gave me a spark of hope and showered me with His blessings and His love. He was just in time when I needed Him.

That is why it is just right for me to acknowledge him and show my appreciation thru blogging. 

Thank you Lord …

… for my loving better half and awesome children 

…for my supportive family who never shut me up with all the blunders I did 

… for my friends who were always there for me and never gave up on me especially when I get crazy 

… for my work that I hope to stay until I reach my retirement years and to stay happy with what I’m doing 

… for the never ending opportunities that I hope not to miss   (online and offline) 
… and to those people who love me

… and to everything that made me the person I am right now...

 May the Lord showers me and you more blessings.. 


Wednesday, February 11, 2015

Cute Pet Costumes

My cousin Celeen just had her very first Shih Tzu. It was a surprised gift from her boyfriend Victor on her birthday. And because the cute puppy is from her prince charming, she makes sure that she is giving the best care any dog owner can give. She named him Jimbo, perfect for a chubby pup that looks like a doll. Lol! 

Well, why am I telling you this? She’s entering him in a doggie contest and she is asking me to help her find awesome pet costumes for Jimbo. Fortunately, a friend of mine told me that he was able to find a some cute pet halloween costumes last year and we might find the perfect one for Jimbo. 

Upon browsing, I was able to find these adorable costumes, tell me what you think guys so I can tell my cousin what to buy. :) TIA!