Wednesday, April 8, 2015

How to use Saphir Renovateur

I was browsing the internet this evening when I suddenly saw this article about The Hanger Project - How to use Saphir Renovateur. I got so interested that I got hooked in reading the whole article. It was all about how Saphir Renovateur works as a shoe care tool. 

Yup, you heard me right. Saphie Renovateur has been known to be the best shoe care product that exceptionally cleans and condition, smoothens and removes loose pigments on leather shoes. Its moisturizing properties will renew a soiled pair of shoes and transforms it to almost new pair. This product can also be used on different kinds of skins like crocodiles or alligators. Please note that this one does not only make a shoe beautiful but any kind of leather products like belts, briefcases, and cellphone or iPad cases. 

Well, this also means that I can use this on my bags as well. :)  I am pretty excited I was able to come across this product for I will definitely buy it as a gift for my dad’s birthday. I thought of giving him such so he can use his leather stuck in his shoe rack and of course I can also borrow this product for my own personal use. :)