Thursday, February 12, 2015

Thanksgiving Post

Today I realized how the Lord loves me.

Amidst the “err” of my humanity, He was still there for me, gave me a spark of hope and showered me with His blessings and His love. He was just in time when I needed Him.

That is why it is just right for me to acknowledge him and show my appreciation thru blogging. 

Thank you Lord …

… for my loving better half and awesome children 

…for my supportive family who never shut me up with all the blunders I did 

… for my friends who were always there for me and never gave up on me especially when I get crazy 

… for my work that I hope to stay until I reach my retirement years and to stay happy with what I’m doing 

… for the never ending opportunities that I hope not to miss   (online and offline) 
… and to those people who love me

… and to everything that made me the person I am right now...

 May the Lord showers me and you more blessings..