Friday, July 31, 2015

How Do I Get Custody of My Child?

Custody of a child is a very tricky subject because the laws have changed in many states. Judges no longer automatically give custody of a child to his or her unmarried mother. Nowadays, judges review several factors and determine the arrangement that would be in the child’s best interest. Both parents will want to have an attorney present to stand by their side in a custody dispute. The judge will review the following factors to determine where the child belongs: 

Financial Stability 

Financial stability will not be a main factor in making a custody decision, but it will be one of the areas that the judge will review. He or she will want to ensure that the child has all the essentials such as shelter, food, water and the like. 


The judge will review the lifestyles of both parents. He will look at whether the parents have a busy lifestyle that involves drug usage, dating, instability and so forth. The best life for a child is one that has as few changes and challenges as possible. The judge will consider the circumstances.

Criminal Background

A criminal background may affect the judge’s decision if the crime is recent. Drug crimes and sexual crimes against children will weigh heavily on a parent’s fitness in the eyes of the judge.

Relationship With Parents and Extended Family 

The courts will review the relationship that the child has with the parents and the extended family. He or she will speak to all members of the family and try to speak with the child, as well. The judge will be able to tell if the child has a close relationship with the mother, father and any of the extended family members. A custody decision may go a different direction if the judge finds that one of the parents tried to alienate the other one for personal gain. 

Getting Help With a Custody Case 

Having a lawyer involved in the case is imperative for mothers and fathers. Cordell and Cordell is a law firm that can take an objective look at the case and decide the best strategy for keeping the mother and father connected to the child. The first step in the process is making a brief phone call to schedule an initial consultation. The attorney will invite the person in and start fighting for his or her rights immediately.

Thursday, July 23, 2015

A Hotel For Dogs

If you need to go out of town for a few days or a few weeks, you might wonder what you will do with your dog. A dog boarding Michigan facility can help with giving your four-legged friend a place to stay. These are locations that are similar to a hotel, but they are for dogs. Some breeds might not be allowed, and there could be limits on the weight of the dogs, but in most places, almost all dogs are accepted. There are numerous things to keep your pet busy while you are away.

One of the things to keep in mind is that you can usually keep an eye on your pet. Most boarding facilities have a camera system in place. All you have to do is log onto the website to see the dogs. This can give you a peace of mind in knowing that your pet is being care for in the proper way.
Boarding locations offer care 24 hours a day, seven days a week. Your dog can stay there overnight or during the day while you're at work. Before taking your dog to the facility, you will need to provide documentation of vaccinations. Most places will want dogs to have a rabies shot. Certain information will likely need to be verified about a day or two before you plan on taking your pet.

Something that you will probably find refreshing is that your dog can have items from home. These include food, toys, a blanket and treats. If you don't have these items, the facility can provide them, but it's an option if there is something specific your dog enjoys. Food is provided daily, and there is a constant supply of water. Outdoor play is encouraged, and the staff will work with the dogs to try to give them a little training before they go home.

Sunday, July 19, 2015

How to Replace Electric Guitar Strings

Does anyone of you know how to replace electric guitar strings? My brother has been bugging me about his dilemma on his guitar strings. The strings of his guitars where accidentally cut off by his son that is why he cannot longer play his guitar. He already asked some of his friends about it and asked them what he should do but none of them know what to advise him. Unfortunately, there were no local stores here in our places that accept guitar repairs. If any of you know where we can get some help please don’t hesitate to message me.

Wednesday, June 24, 2015

Small Bedroom Design Tips For Your Teen

If your teenager has a small bedroom, you can still create a stylish room that your teen will love. Whether you have a boy or girl, following some basic design tips for small bedrooms will make the room feel larger and less crowded.

Double-Duty Furniture

By using furniture that functions in several ways, you will make the bedroom more functional and less crowded. If the room has a large closet, you may be able to eliminate a bulky dresser or wardrobe by organizing the closet with shelving and drawers. If the closet is small, consider under-bed storage or wall-mounted shelving that won't take up floor space. Day beds and futons will provide comfortable seating for reading or relaxing and additional sleeping areas for teen sleepovers. Although a desk is useful for homework, it can take up precious floor space and create clutter. Many teens prefer to study on their beds or on the floor where they can relax.


The bed is usually the largest item in a bedroom, so small bedrooms requires careful planning. A small bedroom doesn't always require a twin-size bed, but that's certainly an option as long as it fits your teen comfortably. Headboards can push a bed more than a foot off the wall, so consider a bed without a headboard or a wall-mounted headboard that will save floor space. Platform beds with built-in storage and raised beds with space for storage and studying underneath work well in teen bedrooms. Whatever bed style you choose, make sure the mattress provides adequate back support for a good night's sleep and your teen's growing body.

Colors and Patterns

Many teens like bold colors and patterns that are stimulating and fun. If that's your teen's style, you can create a design scheme with bright colors and bold patterns, but you should limit them in the room. In a small space, too much color or pattern can be overwhelming and make the room feel much smaller. Rather than painting all four walls in a bold shade of crimson, pumpkin orange or lime green, paint one wall as an accent wall, then pick up the color in smaller amounts around the room in teen bedding, throw pillows, artwork or decorative accessories. You can also add bold colors or patterns with an inspiring ceiling mural that will give your teen something fun to look at before they fall asleep.

Saturday, June 13, 2015

5 Tools, Parts and Supplies That You'll Want to Have on the Water

Whether you're commercially crabbing or just sailing on the sun-kissed waters of your favorite lake, it's important to keep your boat well-stocked for emergencies. Here are just five things you'll want in your luggage compartment in the event of an emergency.

1. First Aid Kit

First things first: Never go on the water without a stock of first aid supplies. The basic things include bandages, disinfectant and pain medication, but if you want to be even more prepared, you can also include things like tweezers, scissors, gauze and aloe.

2. Rope

A thick rope has a hundred different uses on a boat. From tying things down to raising things high, you'll be glad you kept an extra coil around. Just make sure it's nice and strong and not something that will fray or snap when you need it most.

3. Communications Device

In the digital age, most boat owners have things like cell phones and other wireless devices to keep them in contact with people on the coast. Even if you aren't a fan of technology, however, you should still have a radio on board. You never know when you'll need to speak with the people back home in a hurry.

4. Water Pumps

Depending on the type of boat you have, water pumps can be either a necessity or a luxury. Wherever you fall on the spectrum, however, you'll want to make sure you only buy the best. Look for things like Johnson water pumps to ensure that you're purchasing quality.

5. Sealants and Adhesives

Like rope, these are very basic supplies that are nonetheless forgotten by many boat owners until it's too late. You should keep an entire cupboard on your watercraft for things like sealants, patches and lubricating oils. They'll come in handy during a pinch.

These are just a few essential supplies for a day on the water. Even if you don't need them every time, you'll sure be grateful you have them in the event of an accident or emergency.

Tuesday, June 2, 2015

Praying for more Blessings

I am currently convincing myself not buy my son Ashley a Digital Piano at guitarcenter. Well, he has been asking me to buy him one but it was too expensive for him and also because I don’t really have the budget now. But I would want to see Ashley learn and have piano lessons, for I do believe that music boost a child’s overall well-being. Urgh! If only I got the funds. I do hope and pray that God will give us the blessings for us to fulfill Ashley’s wish.

Tuesday, May 12, 2015

A Good Choice

I am currently checking this ampeg b 15 Diamond Blue Series Amp that I saw at Musician’s Friend website. My husband has been eyeing on this and told me that he really needs this in his music studio. He usually ask my permission and review about the product he wants to buy because literally speaking I am his financier. Lol! 

Anyway, while waiting for my boss to response I thought of reading testimonies and reviews about this product. Overall, it was a good choice. I think we might consider it especially because that we need it in the shop.

Monday, May 11, 2015

Personalized Rolling Luggage for Zackeri

This year marks a new milestone for my son Zackeri. What is it? Well, he is officially a pre-school! Lol! Sorry, for being an excited parent but that is how a normal mom would react, right? :)

We just submitted his papers and made assessments in his school and he was passed! That is why as early as now I ordered his very first school bag at

Take a peek at this personalized Pirate Stephen Joseph Rolling luggage.

I couldn't resist the cuteness of this bag that I immediately ordered it for Zack. I am really excited for the school opening. :)

Friday, May 8, 2015

By The Light Of The Moon

After the sun goes down, you will often find that there are several activities involving the night life at Singer Island and other resorts. Most resorts have things for only adults to do while others have special activities for children or the entire family. If you are looking for something romantic, consider dancing or relaxing in a hot tub. Some resorts have a casino so that you can take a chance on winning a little spending money. There is usually some kind of buffet or restaurant in the casino. Most restaurants at the resort are open late at night, many serving drinks for those who want something with a bit of alcohol before bed. 

You can often find a club at most resorts. There are various forms of entertainment depending on the time of year and the time of the week. There could be dancers that perform on stage, karaoke, or musicians who perform. You might hear a comedian, or you can enjoy some time spent on the dance floor, listening to your favorite songs. Just because the day is over at the resort you're at doesn't mean that the fun has to stop as most of the fun activities get started in the evening.

Thursday, May 7, 2015

Pricing Projects in Your Home or Business

Whether you are a homeowner or a business owner, you know how important it is that you stay on task with your budget. When you have improvement projects in mind, you may prepare early by setting aside a certain dollar amount for this work and contemplating how to keep the entire undertaking from going over this limit. Part of staying on task requires that you take certain precautions like getting free estimates from general contractors in your area. When you know how much they typically charge for such work, you can determine which professionals to hire for the job. 

However, you may not have a lot of time each day to sit and call each general contractor. You likewise may not want to be inundated with dollar amounts and stats about each contractor's qualifications and charges. Rather than lose time and become frustrated with the overload of information, you can use the Internet to vet contractors in your zip code or state. The information will be organized in a way that helps you objectively determine what contractor best suits your need. 

You also can check out the commercial contracting link if you are a business owner and get details about how to remodel your business place effectively. This can include using green remodeling techniques. It can also call for you to use the online form and request more information about green remodeling in your area. This site helps you stay on track with your budget and time.

Monday, April 27, 2015

Our House Needs a Cleaning

Most houses really need a house cleaning, I mean my own home alone really needs one. I came home this evening and our house looks a mess. The kids alone can wreck our house from the inside without us knowing it. Plus not to mention the pets and pest that we have right now, it is definitely stressful. I am just happy and relieve that somehow this dilemma of mine has solutions online.

Amethyst Magnetic Bracelet

I am currently looking for a magnetic bracelet online. I thought of giving it to my mother as a Mother’s Day gift this coming month. Fortunately, I was able to browse on this gorgeous Amethyst and Sodalite double magnetic bracelet which I found from this site.

Just look at the color and the beads of this bracelet. My mom will definitely love this magnetic bracelet.

Tuesday, April 21, 2015

Find Ways to Save Money on Your Vacation

A vacation does not have to cost a fortune. You can stay in a quality resort with a ton of amenities for cheaper than many people stay in a standard hotel room. There are websites like Blue Green Resorts that offers many vacation destinations. You can feel confident booking a room online from one of the reputable websites out there that offer affordable rooms and memberships to vacation clubs and more.

Save Money by Listening to a Short Talk

One way to save money on a nice resort is to agree to go to a short sales presentation. Many places offer ownership to their units or resorts or instead of just charging people prices for a nightly stay. If you want to be a resort owner for a certain week or for a few days each year, you can do that with ease. You can listen to a sales presentation and decide if vacation ownership is the right choice for you. You will often receive a cheaper stay at the potential resort as a bonus and sometimes gift cards or tickets to nearby attractions as well.

Save Money by Dining In

If you are interested in saving a few dollars on your next vacation, stay in a resort that offers you a full size kitchen. Instead of having to dine out, you can stay in a luxurious room with modern cookware and plenty of space. You can cook one or all of your daily meals and keep cold drinks in the refrigerator. 

Save Money with Onsite Amenities

Although you can have fun visiting nearby attractions, you should also be able to have fun at the resort that you stay at. There are many places that offer oceanfront hotels with large swimming pools and hot tubs. Some resorts in the mountains have hiking trails and offer horseback riding and cave exploring. Your vacation should be relaxing. If you are looking for an adventure, you should stay in a resort that offers lavish amenities at a reasonable price. There are golf resorts available and resorts that are located right by a lake or vineyard. When you save money on your resort stay, you can enjoy spending it on something else. 

Shop Around 

If you are not sure where you want to go on vacation, look at what different areas have to offer you. You may decide to plan out a beach vacation, or you may prefer to go to a casino and see if you can strike it rich. The important thing is to plan out a vacation that will be fun and inexpensive for you and your family or friends. 

Thursday, April 9, 2015

Hot Dogs Can Cause Cancer on Children

I got really worried when I came across an article about hot dogs causing cancer on children.

My children love hot dogs to the point that they can have hot dogs for breakfast, lunch and dinner. I think most children have hotdogs cravings are well. I just want this article to all my readers for your family’s health.

(article & photo credit: Complete Health and Happiness)

According to a L.A. Times article:

" Children who eat more than 12 hot dogs per month have nine times the normal risk of developing childhood leukemia, a USC epidemiologist has reported in a cancer research journal. Two other reports in the same issue of Cancer Causes and Control suggest that children born to mothers who eat at least one hot dog per week during pregnancy have double the normal risk of developing brain tumors, as do children whose fathers ate hot dogs before conception. "

That is why when I saw the article, I immediately told my husband to never buy hot dogs and lower our purchase on processed foods. I also told him that if we cannot totally eliminate hot dogs on our place we might as well monitor our kid's intake. We should only have at most 6 hot dogs a month for them.

Hopefully, we can eliminate it fully as months pass by.

We have to do this for the sake of our children.

Wednesday, April 8, 2015

How to use Saphir Renovateur

I was browsing the internet this evening when I suddenly saw this article about The Hanger Project - How to use Saphir Renovateur. I got so interested that I got hooked in reading the whole article. It was all about how Saphir Renovateur works as a shoe care tool. 

Yup, you heard me right. Saphie Renovateur has been known to be the best shoe care product that exceptionally cleans and condition, smoothens and removes loose pigments on leather shoes. Its moisturizing properties will renew a soiled pair of shoes and transforms it to almost new pair. This product can also be used on different kinds of skins like crocodiles or alligators. Please note that this one does not only make a shoe beautiful but any kind of leather products like belts, briefcases, and cellphone or iPad cases. 

Well, this also means that I can use this on my bags as well. :)  I am pretty excited I was able to come across this product for I will definitely buy it as a gift for my dad’s birthday. I thought of giving him such so he can use his leather stuck in his shoe rack and of course I can also borrow this product for my own personal use. :)

Thursday, April 2, 2015

Late Night Browsing

I’ve been browsing the internet since 7 o’clock in the evening but I can’t seem to find a decent gift for my brother. I thought of giving him a personalized T-shirt to add up with his collection but when I read the article that I saw here, I changed my mind. He loves music and he wanted to be a disc jockey someday. That is why he is under training with a well known disc jockey in our place. After reading the article at I thought an Ableton Live will be a nice gift for him.

Thursday, March 26, 2015

Building Your Restaurant's Uniform

Uniforms are important parts of your restaurant's aesthetic. If your servers are dressed shabbily, or if your bartenders look unkempt and unprofessional, patrons will doubt not only the quality of your food but the value of your restaurant as a whole. What can you do to send a good impression? Here are just four things to keep in mind when dressing your staff.

1. Aprons

There are several types of apron typically found in restaurants. For example, hostesses wear waist aprons while cooks wear bib aprons or bistro aprons. Make sure you order all kinds to suit everyone on your payroll and not just your front-room staff.

 2. Ties The right tie can bring a look together. Conversely, it can also destroy the entire outfit if it's poorly chosen or badly worn. Give serious thought to the ties your employees will be wearing.

 3. Shoes Black shoes are standard in the restaurant business; they won't show wear and tear like other colors. You might also want to mandate that shoes have no-slip bottoms or that they all have laces instead of velcro or straps.

 4. Hair

While not technically part of the uniform, you'll definitely want to regulate how your staff wears their hair. Otherwise you'll get complaints from all kinds of customers when they find strands in their soup!

These are just a few things to consider when putting together the uniforms of your restaurant staff. At the end of the day, the decision is entirely yours. Order today and reap the benefits tomorrow!

Thursday, March 19, 2015

Cozy Electric Blanket for Ashley

My son Ashley loves his comforter very much. He couldn’t sleep a night without it even if it smells bad and look dirty. I think he finds ease every time it touches his skin and makes him fall asleep. Most kids are like that, right? The problem arises when we need to wash it. That is why we decided to buy him another sheet which is an alternative comfty sheet for him but unfortunately we haven’t found any that looks almost the same or have at least the same texture with his favorite one.

My uncle Albert who resides in Canada knew our dilemma and he suggested that we buy an electric blanket instead than buying a regular comforter from local stores. He already bought his set from an online store and he wanted us to check it out and give it a try.  I am currently browsing to check what he was talking about and by the way we are glancing thru their gallery, I can say they really have elegant and exquisite collection. Hopefully we can find the best blanket for Ashley. :)

Our Slides Gave Up

We really need to change our drawer slides in our closet. The slides on our five years old cabinet has finally gave up from the open and close action that it has experienced and the never ending horseplay that my kiddos has done which made the slides even more unmanageable. I thought to seek a friend’s help in seeking some soft closing drawer slides and luckily she knows an online store that can satisfy my needs. was the website she was talking about. In about an hour I will have my final order, hopefully it will be delivered in our footsteps soon.

Saturday, February 21, 2015

While Browsing the Web

I'm kind a confuse tonight as I am wondering why every time I click on a page on my laptop it keeps on redirecting to another website. Well, I was browsing the internet an hour ago to know more about on design your class ring when I notice about this redirection.

Partners for Life

Does anyone of you know about nc health agency ? Well, my boss has been asking me to check this out for many insurance company has been knocking on her doors and she doesn't know who among them is the best.

Already Insured

I'm checking out a post about don allred insurance that my client ask me to review. He is planning to apply for a life insurance with them but don't have any information and feedbacks about them.

Perks in the Internet

I was looking for a pinaud brand oil that my dad asked me to search in the internet and luckily a friend of mine recommended me a website

Saturday, February 14, 2015

Happy Valentine's Day

Today, I would love to receive this cute, lovable bear below. Maybe with some flowers and chocolate truffles added with gift bag would make it even lovelier. :)

But of course, anything that my better-half would give will suffice. :)

Happy Valentine's Day!

Valentine's Gift for my Dearest

Today I see everything in red, not only because it’s the color of the day but because everyone is feeling loved this Valentine’s Day. 

I wanted to do the same for my husband, as a musician by heart and with his love for keyboard I thought of picking up some ivory ticklers and other gifts that keyboardist like him would love.

 He has been eyeing for a new keyboard online but we don’t have the budget for that as of this moment, so I just bought him a cheaper one instead. I would love to see a smile in his face after opening the box. :)

Thursday, February 12, 2015

Thanksgiving Post

Today I realized how the Lord loves me.

Amidst the “err” of my humanity, He was still there for me, gave me a spark of hope and showered me with His blessings and His love. He was just in time when I needed Him.

That is why it is just right for me to acknowledge him and show my appreciation thru blogging. 

Thank you Lord …

… for my loving better half and awesome children 

…for my supportive family who never shut me up with all the blunders I did 

… for my friends who were always there for me and never gave up on me especially when I get crazy 

… for my work that I hope to stay until I reach my retirement years and to stay happy with what I’m doing 

… for the never ending opportunities that I hope not to miss   (online and offline) 
… and to those people who love me

… and to everything that made me the person I am right now...

 May the Lord showers me and you more blessings.. 


Wednesday, February 11, 2015

Cute Pet Costumes

My cousin Celeen just had her very first Shih Tzu. It was a surprised gift from her boyfriend Victor on her birthday. And because the cute puppy is from her prince charming, she makes sure that she is giving the best care any dog owner can give. She named him Jimbo, perfect for a chubby pup that looks like a doll. Lol! 

Well, why am I telling you this? She’s entering him in a doggie contest and she is asking me to help her find awesome pet costumes for Jimbo. Fortunately, a friend of mine told me that he was able to find a some cute pet halloween costumes last year and we might find the perfect one for Jimbo. 

Upon browsing, I was able to find these adorable costumes, tell me what you think guys so I can tell my cousin what to buy. :) TIA!

Sunday, January 18, 2015

It's Never Too Late

It is normal for a human to make bad decisions in their lifetime.

Results of such can teach us valuable lessons.

But still it is never too late to start over again and learn from our mistakes.

 photo happy_zps8c1e2c76.jpg

Saturday, January 17, 2015

Shocking Job Interview

Everybody dreams of having a perfect job. That is why when the chance comes one should do her very best to get hired.

But what will feel if this happens to you: 


Honestly, this video gave me the laughs especially after seeing the reactions of every applicant but when I think about deeper, I am not sure how to react if I was the one talking to the interviewer. Though I think a smile on my face will show after the reveal - just to show my relief that it was all a hoax. lol! ( I guess the guy with the beard was having a bad day that moment ) :)

Disclosure: I am not in any way connected LG nor posting this as advertisement. I just got amused and would like to share this

Saturday, January 10, 2015

A common cause of female infertility

When I was young I developed a fear on becoming a wife. Not because I'm afraid to have a husband but because of the thought that I will never have a child. I guess most of my friends had that on their mind and no one can blame us for thinking like that especially my friend Sarah.

Sarah had experienced painful menstruation and when she went to a doctor, she was diagnosed with Uterine Fibroids.

Uterine Fibroids. This may not sound very common to most people, some may even haven’t heard it before but this is one of the causes of infertility in women. Uterine fibroids are non-cancerous growths of the uterus which appear during a woman’s childbearing years. These are single or multiple benign tumors with round-like appearance attached to the inner muscle layers of the uterus called myometrium. says that the presence of uterine fibroids doesn't only interfere with fertility which in turn can decrease the chances of conceiving. Unfortunately, uterine fibroids can also lead to miscarriage or premature labor during pregnancy.

Studies show that the treatment to uterine fibroids is surgical. Fertility begins to improve again once the problem is dealt with. When you’re able to get pregnant before the surgery, or you chose not to proceed with having a surgery done, you could experience complications when it comes to the position of the fetus, discomfort and pain so it’s better to have them removed before you start your TTC journey.