Thursday, November 28, 2013

Helpless at Midnight

Does anyone of you here know where I can search for a durable and affordable water pump? Well, my husband was asking me to search the internet on it and I absolutely don’t have any idea on where to buy it. Urgh! It’s really late in the evening and I wanted to sleep right now, I hope someone here reading my posts can leave a message and give me a quick advice.

Friday, November 8, 2013

Lord Bless us All

I am so thankful that I am online and currently browsing ik multimedia at musicians friend. Our country is currently under siege by a Tropical Storm that is categorized by US as Category 5 on their hurricane chart. They said this is the strongest and the biggest typhoon ever hit the world. Honestly, we were all very scared at first but we decided to prepare for the worst. Now that the storm is about to exit we are more than ever thankful that it didn't directly hit our area. I am also glad that there was no huge number of casualties recorded. 

Now I pray to our Lord that no more devastating tragedies will come to us and to our country. Amen. God Bless us all.