Saturday, April 13, 2013

Trying to Save my Laptop

I am typing this blog post at our very first laptop which we purchased 6 years ago. We purchased it in a second hand condition which amazes me how this precious gadget of ours lasted more than the year we expected it to last. In was in a mint condition then, although it wasn't a high end model I am still happy that I have learned a lot from it. But of course, everything has its end and so my laptop is finally retiring. It’s speed and capacity has deteriorated as well which explains why I am having a hard time typing, posting my posts and browsing my blogs.

I still want to keep this laptop for it has a sentimental value for me, so I called my IT friend and ask for his assistance. He told me that I can speed up computer with System Mechanic. I immediately browsed on the link he recommended me and now reviewing the site. I just hope I can find a solution before my laptop dies.

Friday, April 12, 2013

Great Investments

I am currently looking for gold bars for sale for sale. You see, since I started working I plan to save and invest my earnings but unfortunately I didn’t have the idea how and where to invest. Now that the buying and selling of gold is going strong and has been proven to be one of the best investments of our time I am considering of buying bars. I just hope at this time I would find a gold bars that would suit my budget.

Thursday, April 11, 2013

It's Nice to Know

Where to buy quneo 3D Multi-Touch Pad Controller ? Well, at first I actually don’t know where to buy such but when my cousin Tan asked me to help him in his online ordering I was able to discover the online music store he loves. Now that my boss is planning to buy for his music studio I was able to give her some inputs about its price, availability and effectiveness. Good thing, the art of music runs in our blood and loves shopping as well. Lol!

Monday, April 1, 2013

Late Night Doughnuts

It’s late but I am hungry. No wonder I am craving for these delicious donuts at this moment.

Yummy doughnuts!

Affordable Parker Guitars

Late tonight I am hoping to search some affordable parker guitars and send them to my sister in law. You see my sister in law is planning to purchase a parker guitar for my husband which will be his advance birthday gift for her brother. Well, looks like I really need to find one before this night ends so that we can have the gift delivered earlier than expected. Lol!

Pray for Korea and for the World

Each of us have different perceptions in life but in times where peace can be at risk it is time for us to unite and pray for a peaceful world. I hope the North Korean government will realized sooner that they will be making a big mistake.

But we should pray for a PRAYER can do miracles.

New DVD Cabinet

Does anyone here knows where I can search exquisite dvd cabinets? Well, we are planning to buy a new cabinet for our dvd. You see, our old cabinet is so full that we can’t even put our new dvd on it.That is why it is a must we buy a new one before this month ends. But of course I do want a pretty and durable cabinet but I also need to consider the cost of it for I am really saving up for my son’s enrollment in a few months. :)