Saturday, April 13, 2013

Trying to Save my Laptop

I am typing this blog post at our very first laptop which we purchased 6 years ago. We purchased it in a second hand condition which amazes me how this precious gadget of ours lasted more than the year we expected it to last. In was in a mint condition then, although it wasn't a high end model I am still happy that I have learned a lot from it. But of course, everything has its end and so my laptop is finally retiring. It’s speed and capacity has deteriorated as well which explains why I am having a hard time typing, posting my posts and browsing my blogs.

I still want to keep this laptop for it has a sentimental value for me, so I called my IT friend and ask for his assistance. He told me that I can speed up computer with System Mechanic. I immediately browsed on the link he recommended me and now reviewing the site. I just hope I can find a solution before my laptop dies.