Saturday, June 30, 2012


I’m joining this week PHOTO HUNT and here is my entry for FLASH. :)

This is my simple small office. I got a shot of it last Christmas and I haven’t captured another shot of it since then. Can you see the flashy light of the fluorescent? :)


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A Goodnight Sleep

Wooosh! It’s raining hard again this evening. I sometimes love a rainy night because it gives us a colder breeze on our bedroom. I usually open our windows when I can smell and feel the chilly wind from a rainy night. Thereby giving me and my kids a very cool good night sleep…:)


 Zack sleeping soundly with a smile. :)

Thursday, June 28, 2012

Wishin for a Sunny Weekend

Urgh! It’s raining again!

I hate it when it rains. Not only will I get wet feet when I get home from work, I will definitely be showered with some dirty waters because of the flooded roads that I will pass on. Urgh! It has been raining here since Monday and it got even worst when a tropical storm entered the country. Rain Rain please go away! I want my weekend dry and hot this time..please…


Thursday, June 21, 2012

He Needed a Confirmation

Is there someone you know that wants or needs to check on the real deal about his child? Well, why not recommend for paternity testing. I actually discovered this when a friend of mine tried it himself. He said that he was having doubts with his wife and with his youngest son. Although he love his son so much, he just want to be sure if he is his own blood. Unfortunately, his wife had an affair during their marriage and it was only about a year or two when they got together again. Pretty dramatic huh?

Oh well, that’s life sometimes you just have to be strong and fight.

Friday, June 8, 2012

Photo Hunt: Clean Water

Blue water in the pool is a clear sign of cleanliness, right?

Here’s my nephew Luis enjoying the fresh water. He’s the first one to dip and he’s really lovin’ the shower! :)

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Thursday, June 7, 2012

Audio Rack as a Birthday Gift

Urgh! Its past midnight but I still haven’t seen an audio rack that my husband needs for his components and equalizer. Urgh! I’m actually planning to give them as gifts for his upcoming birthday but I can’t seem to find the right model for him. Does anyone of you here know where I can buy such? I need to be particular with the color and with the price of course. Kindly message me here if you have some information. Thanks!

Wednesday, June 6, 2012

Structured Settlement Quote

I really want to sleep but I am still not finish reviewing the structured settlement quote that my client gave me for review and analysis. You see, he’s planning to apply an annuity payout but he has no time to review the quotes that they gave to him. So to make his life a little easier, he passed the burden to me. Urgh! That’s why it’s almost 1`o’clock in the morning but I am still browsing the document and I still need to finish my report. Urgh! Life!

Tuesday, June 5, 2012

Wordless Wednesday : Swing Time in Trunks


Monday, June 4, 2012

Zack's Cool Birthday Outfit

My son Zack just turned one last May 23 and with that I just want to share with you guys some memorable moments we had during Zack’s big day. My hands are fully loaded with birthday photos now and I really don’t know which one I should blog and post. Maybe for this blog, I will blog about his outfit to fit the niche of this blog. :) 

Here are his simple but cute birthday wardrobes. 

Stylish huh? I find the set very simple but elegant and super cute especially when Zack wore them during his big day! 

Here are some photos of my little highness… :) 

Isn’t he the cutest? Well, all I can say is I think his wardrobe was just an addon to his total cuteness! :)

Love you so much! Xoxo!

Saturday, June 2, 2012

How to Fight Hair Fall

Do you keep finding more strands of hair on your brush?

By Maui V. Reyes for Yahoo! Southeast Asia 

Women lose about 40 to 120 strands of hair a day. If you've got fine hair, expect to shed more because you have more hair than your thick-tressed counterparts. It's also a fact that hair thins out as you grow older. So if this is all a natural part of life…what's the big deal about falling hair? 

Some people might think that one's concern over hair fall is pure vanity. It's true that hair naturally changes in thickness and quality at different points in one's life (pregnant women get fuller, thicker hair…but start shedding once they give birth.) But women (and men!) have a pretty legit reason to be concerned, especially when they see a noticeable increase in hair fall. That's because hair fall can also be a sign of poor diet, too much stress, or something medical, like a thyroid imbalance. 

Kinds of hair fall 

To start, doctors like to classify "hair fall" cases under three categories: 

Female Pattern Hair Loss, also known as Androgenetic Alopecia, is the most common cause of hair loss. It is a genetic disorder that can occur anytime after puberty. A good 50% of women experience this, mostly after they turn 40 years old. Stress, medications, birth control pills, and hormones can also cause it. 

Telogen Effulvium, or physiologic shedding, occurs when an excess number of hair follicles suddenly stop growing. This can be caused by certain illnesses, anemia, hormonal shifts (such as pregnancy), and thyroid imbalance. It can also be the result of trauma. Studies have shown that trauma, such as the death of a loved one, can disrupt the hair's growth cycle. Unhealthy eating can also cause physiological shedding. 

Lastly, there's Alopecia Areata, also known as "Allergic Alopecia". They come in the form of patchy bald spots on the head. This can easily be caused by an allergic reaction, or it could also be an immune system imbalance. 

Fighting hair fall 

There are a few things you can start doing at home to fight hair fall. 

To start, avoid getting stressed out. See, hair grows in phases. The first phase, known as the growth phase, lasts for two years. It is then followed by a resting phase, or the "telogen phase", for three months. Whenever we get extremely stressed, almost 70% of our hair prematurely enters the telogen phase, making it fall out after three months. The good news is, new hair will most likely grow back in the next six months. 

Also, make sure you're getting the right amount of vitamins and minerals. Avoid drastic diets, which can cause an imbalance in nutrition. Make sure you get adequate doses of protein, zinc, iron, and vitamin B complex. 

Try to avoid exposing your hair to too many chemicals. If you love going to the salon for chemical hair treatments (that includes dyeing!), consider "resting" your hair a few months in between before going in for more tune-ups. Exposing your tresses to various chemicals (not to mention high temperatures) can cause stress on your strands. 

You can also try anti-hair fall shampoos. Make sure to look for formulas that include DHT inhibitors, such as the herb palmetto. Keep an eye out for variants with plant-based oils such as coconut, lavender, evening primrose, and rosehip seed oils—it's believed that these essential oils help encourage hair growth, and could even give you thicker hair. Also check if your shampoo addresses strengthening hair at the root and not just treating hair breakage. 

Steer clear though of shampoos with surfactants and too much sodium sulfate. Surfactants cause your shampoo to lather up, but doesn't really help in cleaning your hair—in fact, this added chemical can make your hair dry, causing it to break (not good for those with thin hair!). Too high concentration of sodium sulfate can damage your hair and scalp. 

However, if none of the above mentioned tips work and you feel you have a serious hair fall problem, see a doctor. You can go to a dermatologist, gynecologist, or even an endocrinologist to get to the root (no pun intended!) of your hair fall problem. Some like to consult with a "trichologist", someone who has studied the science of hair and scalp. Keep in mind that it's never a good idea to self-diagnose or self-medicate. 

And remember, seeing a professional about falling hair shouldn't be something to be embarrassed about. Remember, it could be a symptom of an imbalance in the body, or a signal that it's time to slow things down (remember, stay stress-free!) And besides, the worst thing you can do about your falling hair is to worry about it—so seeing a doctor is the best thing you can do to keep your mind at peace. 

This has been my problem since I don't know when ( sorry I forgot). Every time I brush my hair with my comb, brush or fingers a strand never fails to fall off. Urgh! Honestly, I’m getting worried that’s why I wanted to post this article I searched for my reference in the future when I have the time to distress myself and finally has the time to take care of my hair. :( Hope I can also help others too by posting this article.