Tuesday, January 31, 2012

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Bleaching Ingredients

I was browsing the internet this morning when my sister in law Martha suddenly called me from my cell phone. She was asking me I have some anal bleach cream that I don’t use anymore and that I can borrow. And I said, “What?” Honestly speaking it was my first time to hear such word and it was also my first time that there is a bleaching cream for our bottom.

I immediately told her that I don’t have any bleaching cream in the house though I have a friend who sells some bleacing ingredients that she might be interested on. She was quite disappointed when I uttered those words and I was a bit saddened too because I wasn’t able to help her. So to make things a little lighter for us I told her that I would help her search for the bleaching cream she was looking for.

Actually, I am also interested of trying the stuff for my personal use. I would love to have a whiter and flawless butt you know at least my husband would definitely go crazy when he sees the results, right? Lol! I myself is craving for that sexy celebrity bottom that many sexy Hollywood stars shows. And I think using a bleaching cream is more practical than have your bleaching done thru cosmetic surgery or spa, right?

Good thing, I was able to find a great site where we can choose the best bleaching cream by comparing the reviews. I saw their reviews and their prices and I think I would choose the perfect rating of 10. Fortunately, it was quite affordable and can fit on our budget for this month. Hopefully, I can order this week and it will reach my doorstep before this month ends. I thought of surprising my sister in law for this one and thought of giving it as a gift for her birthday.

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Saturday, January 28, 2012

Great Deals on Walgreens

This post brought to you by Walgreens. All opinions are 100% mine.

I recently added Walgreens on Facebook and I really thank God that I added them! You see I’m a great fan of Walgreens especially when a friend of mine suggested me to try shopping with them online. I am usually a big spender on beauty products and bath accessories and I really spend a lot of my money just for buying them. But when I tried shopping at Walgreens online I noticed that I was able to save some dollars as compared before. You see, when you buy at Walgreens and be a loyal member you will receive great discounts not only when buying in bulk but also when you become a part of their community.

Just like their newest ever promo Walgreens Prescription Savings Club! I just sign in as a member and I can’t wait to avail my benefits a part of new team. J They said that even my family members can avail of it especially on branded or generic medications that my dad needs. And what made me really giddy is the fact that I can buy meds supplies for my puppy Chloe! Yes! Finally, great savings while spending.

If you want to become a member like me and enjoy their great benefits on services and products, you can either add or Walgreens on Twitter better yet sign in on their website and start shopping.

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Thursday, January 26, 2012

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Seeking for DUI Lawyer in Arizona

My uncle Sob called me a while ago. He was asking me if I can help him find a lawyer to help my cousin John who was caught under the influence while driving. You see the state of Arizona is known to be the state of no tolerance. That’s why any wrong move will cause you lots of damage financially and emotionally.

That’s what happened to my cousin John. His license was confiscated and will be suspended. Unfortunately, my uncle cannot afford to lose my cousin’s driving license for he is disabled and needs his driving skills in his daily activity. They actually have a store and a delivery van which my cousin usually drives to supply some goods to their customers. So, just imagine what will happen to their business if John’s license will be suspended. They will definitely lose a lot of money.

For me to help, I thought of asking some of my friends in the US if they know a dui lawyer arizona state that can help them make it thru this problem. I’m still waiting for their response and I’m really hoping they can help us with it. As for now, my uncle needs to wait for a while.

Wednesday, January 25, 2012

A Hot January

Grabeee it’s so HOT!

I’m actually referring to our office. Our air-conditioning unit is busted since Saturday and until now the repairman hasn't arrive! Urgh! We are literally sweating inside the office because we don’t even have any electric fan to beat the scorching heat of the sun.

Yes! Believe it or not, it’s already hot here even though it still the month of January. I didn't even enjoy the cool breeze of the melting snow from the north. Oh well, maybe this is one of the bad effects of global warming. But all of us here are hoping that the repairman will get here very soon! We really cannot work properly with sweats all over our face you know?! Urgh!

Monday, January 16, 2012

Always Think Positive

That’s what my boss said to me yesterday. I was busy doing some office tasks when he suddenly went out his cubicle and went to my table. I thought he was about to give me additional work but I was surprised that he told me that we should think positive everyday so that something positive will come to our lives daily.

Honestly, I thought he was getting crazy because of his sudden blurt out but I noticed he was handling a book about living a positive life. Then I realized he was just sharing the thoughts he read. I was relieved that I wasn’t working with a crazy boss. Lol! After minutes of discussion I was happy that he shared me a bit of wisdom about life and I can affirm that what he was telling was true for I’ve been there.

I wanted this year to be a happy positive and bountiful year for me and for my family. That’s why one thing I should do first is to THINK POSITIVE! :)

Saturday, January 14, 2012

Good Tasting Valentine Gifts

Oh my God I can’t believe that the month of January just passed its middle cycle (I hope you know what I mean with that, right? Lol! ) which mean only less than a month it’s going to be Valentine’s Day! Yes! Maybe you’re wondering why I’m super excited for the Day of Hearts, right. Well, it’s just that my husband and I just had an agreement and that is he will give me one of those good tasting valentine gifts this year. Lol!

Just like this one!

Oh my! It’s not yet Valentine’s Day but I’m already drooling over this one. Love it! I’m really hoping that I will get one of this when that special day comes. :)

Thursday, January 12, 2012

Welcome to the Christian World Nathan King

Months have passed and I haven’t blogged some of the events I’ve been thru. Nothing extravagant actually but all of them are worth cherishing.

Let me start off with the birth and christening of my new nephew Nathan King.

Here are some photos of his baptism.

He’s one chubby 2 months old huh?

Miss you baby Nathan! :)

Tuesday, January 10, 2012

Cute Cherokee Disney Minnie Scrub Top

I think some of you knew that I have a cousin named Kathleen who is currently finishing her Nursing degree here in a reputable university here in our country. Fortunately, she passed the last semester and is now set to enter the real nursing world by actual training.

With that, I’m planning to give her something special on her upcoming birthday. I thought of giving her something cute that she will love and something that she can use. First thing went on my mind is this Cherokee Disney Minnie scrub top that she can wear when she starts her first ever medical training.

So what do you think of the scrubs I’m planning to buy for her? So cute isn’t? :)

Monday, January 9, 2012

I Miss Blogging


The last quarter of 2011 was a non-blogging season for me. Why?

Well, first of all I got a new job online so my time got restricted for blogging because I’m home away for almost 12 hours ( travel time considered). Second, I my blogging mojo suddenly diminished because of work stress and fatigue. Lastly, I got a little busy with my kids especially when my baby Zak got a little older and a bit giggler – I just couldn’t resist him.

Anyways, I’m getting on track now and hopefully I can do this more often for it also helps me release my emotional burden. Plus I really miss blogging so much that's why I'm doing it again. Wish me luck guys! :)

Sunday, January 8, 2012

Technological Developments to Improve Education

Have you ever wondered how it feels like to live without computers, internet, machines, vehicles, various types of gadgets, television and other technological developments? Well obviously we can still survive as long as we have food, shelter and clothing but the only difference is that our lives will be simpler than what we have now. But then, a lot of things should be done manually even with the things like putting up a fire to cook your meal. Just like in the ancient times, people are very hardworking because they don’t have the advanced resources that we have now.

The point is, as you can see in our generation today, more people are becoming dependent with all the technological developments that we have now. Even younger ones are drooling to have the most popular entertainment gadgets that are being released to most parts of the globe. This means to say that technology has left and continuously leaving a great impact to every individual. It is simply because things are becoming simpler due to the capabilities of every innovation to provide us instant and simpler solutions. Indeed, these can allow us to manage things without exerting extra effort in just a minimal amount of time. At times, what matters most to people is to perform a certain job in a quicker but accurate manner.

As we talk about technologies, how certain are we that these technologies also help in providing and promoting education? Perhaps, most of you are not aware that we also have available resources for those people who want to study even without going to a school. You might start to wonder how it works but what most people don’t know is that we have an available software application today that is being used and proven to be very effective all over the globe.

The learning management system is designed to provide students with various courses online. And yes you’ve read it right. This works in cyber environment that uses the most powerful technology of all time and that is the Internet. Students can enroll ad study online even at the comfort of your home and people need not to worry because every activity of the individual enrolled in the said program will be monitored. The software itself will generate a report and the very basis of their records will be the evaluations, certificates and courses completed, examinations and even their day-to-day attendance. All records tracked by the system will be discussed to the students and even with the teachers as well so as to know the things that need to improve in every individual’s performance and progress.

Both students and teachers will have the opportunity to interact with each other and also to other students through the available resources just like the online chat, video chat, forums and e-mail services. Likewise, students are always encouraged to participate with the programs so they can be able to meet other students as well and they will be able to help themselves become comfortable with the environment and feel like they are just in an ordinary campus or university.

This sounds so easy and very helpful to anyone especially for those who want to study. Indeed, technology can provide us a lot of support and that includes the importance and development of education. Technology will indeed give us a strong foundation as it helps us in our everyday performance. As it provides instant and quicker solutions, we are getting one step closer to all our goals. In reaching our success, it is important to have a strong perseverance and will to achieve every dream and plans that we have.

Wednesday, January 4, 2012

Hoping 2012 will be a Better Year

Hah! Finally, I was able to blog today!

Sorry for the lack of update guys. Life has been busy on my side of world. A lot of things got really complicated and if not for the internet you may not see me posting some blog post again. Kidding! lol!

But quite frankly, 2011 was not a good year for me. Other than having some health problems with my family, our financial stability really melt down last year. Urgh! It was actually my fault and I really blame myself for it. I am not promising to improve my ways but I’m hoping that this year will be a better year for us especially with solving our needs.

So.. please help me GOD. :( Please make this year a better one for all of us!

Monday, January 2, 2012

Yoga Blocks

Help! My client is asking me to purchase some yoga blocks for her but I really have no idea where I should buy! Urgh! Does anyone of you here know where I can buy those blocks? She really needs them for her exercise routine. You see she has been dieting and has been working out since last month. One of her instructor told her to buy those blocks to maximize her weight loss.

Anyways, if anyone of you knows where I can purchase them just leave me a message. Thanks!