Tuesday, November 13, 2012

Domo Back Pack Giveaways

My niece’s birthday is coming up next month and because of that my sister in law was asking me some cute birthday party ideas for girls. I suggested to her that the birthday’s theme must be more girly and should consist of characters that my niece loves. Apparently, my niece Lyka loves Domo.

Do you know Domo? Domo is said to be the official mascot of Japan’s NHK television station appearing in several seconds. It somehow became the station identification during shows. Well, I myself don’t know that character though I recently saw some cute items of it on the market lately. I saw some bags, purses, pillows and shirts that I consider cute. And because I find them cute I bought a coin purse yesterday. Lol! Anyway, back to my niece’s birthday. 

Now that I have learned that my niece loves Domo we decided to make Domo the theme of her birthday. So I tried browsing Spencersonline.com to find great birthday items that we can use. Fortunately, I saw another batch of awesome items with Domo in it. I tried showing them to my sister in law and told them their availability and prices. They love them also and we thought of buying some as birthday giveaways to children who will attend the birthday. I suggested that the Domo back packs are great items for giveaways to children. Not only that they will look cute wearing it they can also use it during schools, right? Well, we are currently at the verge of ordering the items and we are really hoping that they will arrive on time.