Thursday, January 26, 2012

Seeking for DUI Lawyer in Arizona

My uncle Sob called me a while ago. He was asking me if I can help him find a lawyer to help my cousin John who was caught under the influence while driving. You see the state of Arizona is known to be the state of no tolerance. That’s why any wrong move will cause you lots of damage financially and emotionally.

That’s what happened to my cousin John. His license was confiscated and will be suspended. Unfortunately, my uncle cannot afford to lose my cousin’s driving license for he is disabled and needs his driving skills in his daily activity. They actually have a store and a delivery van which my cousin usually drives to supply some goods to their customers. So, just imagine what will happen to their business if John’s license will be suspended. They will definitely lose a lot of money.

For me to help, I thought of asking some of my friends in the US if they know a dui lawyer arizona state that can help them make it thru this problem. I’m still waiting for their response and I’m really hoping they can help us with it. As for now, my uncle needs to wait for a while.