Tuesday, January 31, 2012

Bleaching Ingredients

I was browsing the internet this morning when my sister in law Martha suddenly called me from my cell phone. She was asking me I have some anal bleach cream that I don’t use anymore and that I can borrow. And I said, “What?” Honestly speaking it was my first time to hear such word and it was also my first time that there is a bleaching cream for our bottom.

I immediately told her that I don’t have any bleaching cream in the house though I have a friend who sells some bleacing ingredients that she might be interested on. She was quite disappointed when I uttered those words and I was a bit saddened too because I wasn’t able to help her. So to make things a little lighter for us I told her that I would help her search for the bleaching cream she was looking for.

Actually, I am also interested of trying the stuff for my personal use. I would love to have a whiter and flawless butt you know at least my husband would definitely go crazy when he sees the results, right? Lol! I myself is craving for that sexy celebrity bottom that many sexy Hollywood stars shows. And I think using a bleaching cream is more practical than have your bleaching done thru cosmetic surgery or spa, right?

Good thing, I was able to find a great site where we can choose the best bleaching cream by comparing the reviews. I saw their reviews and their prices and I think I would choose the perfect rating of 10. Fortunately, it was quite affordable and can fit on our budget for this month. Hopefully, I can order this week and it will reach my doorstep before this month ends. I thought of surprising my sister in law for this one and thought of giving it as a gift for her birthday.