Monday, January 16, 2012

Always Think Positive

That’s what my boss said to me yesterday. I was busy doing some office tasks when he suddenly went out his cubicle and went to my table. I thought he was about to give me additional work but I was surprised that he told me that we should think positive everyday so that something positive will come to our lives daily.

Honestly, I thought he was getting crazy because of his sudden blurt out but I noticed he was handling a book about living a positive life. Then I realized he was just sharing the thoughts he read. I was relieved that I wasn’t working with a crazy boss. Lol! After minutes of discussion I was happy that he shared me a bit of wisdom about life and I can affirm that what he was telling was true for I’ve been there.

I wanted this year to be a happy positive and bountiful year for me and for my family. That’s why one thing I should do first is to THINK POSITIVE! :)


Charmagne Ramos said...

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Hazel said...

that's a nice motto to remember this 2012.. think positive =)

Chris said...

just to thank you for dropping by my blog.. by the way, thanks for the kind words. i am sure you can teach your kids effectively too. God didnt choose you to be their mom if you couldn't be effective, di ba? :)

have a blessed weekend! :D