Saturday, December 17, 2011

All About Being Married

A friend of mine had a little chit chat a while ago. She is actually newly married and she was asking me some pointers and what married couples usually get into.

Well, of course I told her some issues that they might encounter during their married life. From financial, emotional, spiritual and social aspects their lives which will be very much different from their single living. After relaying that to her she ask me some private stuff that is usually very common on married couples. I answered some of her queries from where to buy some lingerie to how to use Massage Gel. Lol!

Truthfully speaking I am really not into that kind of stuff because of the fact that I’m really a very timid girl. Also my husband is always not in the house to lure me always. Lol! Anyways, enough of that stuff I don’t want to deal with that kind of topic today. Lol!

I love to Travel

Travel has been one of my most favorite words in the world, not only that I really love doing it but it has been one of my favorite stress relievers since I started working. But sometimes even though I’m over stress I don’t get the chance to move around and leave my work place because I need to finish some tasks and I have to be responsible on some operations.

I’m really saddened on moments like that but I have no choice. Sometimes one must sacrifice just for someone to live even if it costs its own happiness.

But of course, I don’t want to be the slave of my work forever but if only I have the choice I would definitely travel anywhere around the world just to make myself and my family happy. I think most of you here reading this post or visiting my blog would love to travel as well. Who wouldn't right? Especially if it entails great memories, beautiful places and delicious foods. :)

Cool Gadgets and Coupons

Christmas is just a few days away and with that many people are on the rush on finishing their Christmas list and unfortunately I’m one of them. Lol!

I haven’t finish buying gifts for my love ones and friends because of financial constraint. Yup! I over spend again with my initial buys and I’m really dying now on how I can buy all the gifts that I need to complete my Christmas list. So to make my burden a little lighter I told a friend of mine if she knows a way on how I can get discounts and buy gifts with a limited budget. Fortunately, she suggested me to use coupons and offered me an Apple Store coupon that she got as a price from their company’s Christmas party.

I was really happy to receive such coupon especially that I am planning to buy a gadget from Apple for my husband. Oh yeah, I haven’t bought anything for my hubby yet. Lol! But I will have it within this week just a few days before Christmas. Lol!

Monday, December 12, 2011

Missing a Friend

I was checking on some articles about us mint this evening when I friend of mine buzz me from my messenger. I was a bit shocked when I saw and heard her buzz for it was almost a year since I got to talk to her. I really don’t know what happen to her, she was my friend from college and last December 2010 she told that she was having a problem with her love life. It’s a bit complicated to elaborate but I began to worry when she doesn’t answer any of our texts or calls.

That’s why having a chat with her tonight was a relief that she’s just doing fine.

In Need of Thrust Bearings

My dad called me a while ago and he was asking me if I can help him buy some thrust bearings online. You see, he badly needs those bearings but couldn’t buy even one in local stores near our house. That’s why he has no other option but to aid the World Wide Web about it with a little help from me of course.

Does anyone of you here know where I can get one?

Tuesday, December 6, 2011

Growing Up Fast

Before I continue my search about dezl 560LT, let me share you an old photo of my youngest son Zack.

I think he was a month old in this picture..

Now he’s already 6 month old! Whew! Time really flies so fast! Imagine it has been six months now since I gave birth. I will try to upload some photos of Zack for you to see how much he has grown. :)

Working Late Tonight

I was about to close my laptop this evening when my dad suddenly buzzed me and thought of asking me if I can help him with search some client’s review about the Aldelo System.

You see, he has a newly opened business near our place and a sales agent went to him and offered him this one of a kind point of sale system. Well, honestly speaking it is my first time to hear about the system which means I really don’t have any idea if this one really works.

Oh well, maybe this means that I should sleep late again this evening for me to finish.:(