Sunday, July 31, 2011

Best Detox Kit

My friend Romy called me a while ago. He was asking me if I know a store where he can buy the best detox tool that he can use for his drug test next week. Yup! You heard it right, unfortunately, he was a drug user before and after waking up one morning with the help of his friends and family, he decided to treat himself on a rehabilitation center near their place. Good thing, after a few months of faithfully submitting himself in the rehab center he got well.

Now, you might be wondering where he will use the detox kit. Well, he is planning to get a driver’s license and as we all know a usual test if not urine of saliva drug test will be conducted to check any addiction in the body. And if he fails, he will definitely have no option to get any driver’s license.

Well, not that he has aid my assistance, I have no other choice but to give him a hand in helping him find what he’s looking for. Fortunately, a client of mine recommended existed to help anyone to pass any drug test for legal reasons of course. Anyways, I really have to go now, for I still have to meet with Romy and tell him about this one.

Saturday, July 30, 2011

Backyard Hot Tub Online

The moment I saw this backyard hot tub online, I remembered the house of a known movie star here in our country. She has a story same as Cinderella. From being a poor lonely lady to a booming superstar she has done great with her earnings.

One of which is her newly constructed four-storey mansion that was televised on national television last week. The whole was stunning and really huge. But what really made me sigh was the penthouse area with a hot tub on the side. Yup! You heard it right, she has one of those relaxing hot tub that offers warm bubble massage. She said that they usually open the tub every weekend with her daughter as part of their weekend bonding moments.

I was really amazed on how she walks her way on top. She was one of the most hardworking and most dedicated artists I know in our country. Anyways, now that I saw the tub, I was thinking if the husband will agree with me if we put a ot tub on our backyard. Hmmm.. I think that’s a cool idea, right?

Hubby's New Purchase : A VS 336 Floorstanding Loudspeaker

The husband went home with this VS 336 Floorstanding Loudspeaker that he has been eying for months now.

Unlike the other stereo speakers this VS 336 was made to give a space permitting mode. Floorstanding loudspeakers are the systems of choice for high-end home entertainment. They are in a way more accurate and have an amazing sound staging than others. They add more presence in home theaters and create an outstanding sound that every home owner would definitely love.

Well, I was really curious on how my husband had purchase this speakers without my knowledge. Especially that I am the one who handles our finances. Hmmm.. Maybe he got them from a friend and had them in terms or maybe he got some bonus pay at work at decided to satisfy his cravings. Oh well, whatever it is I sure hope this will end his spending streak in terms of entertainment systems. Lol!

Wonder Model Theraputic Stockings

I am currently browsing the internet for some support stockings that my cousin Kathleen needs. You see, she is a nurse in a nearby hospital in our place and she has no stockings available to use for her duty. Apparently, she needed a stocking that offers therapeutic effect especially from standing and walking in long hours because of the nature of her work.

Fortunately, I have found an online supplier of such support stockings. Rejuvahealth is the site I’m talking about. It is an online store that offers effective and fashionable compression stockings. I browse thru their gallery and I was lucky enough to see the stockings that my cousin needs. Here it is:

This is a Wonder Model Therapeutic stocking that not only offer comfort to the user but also promote good blood circulation where one can prevent varicose veins, edemas, and other vascular conditions. Anyways, I have to send this link to my cousin now so that we can order really soon. So for now, I have to leave you with a ciao! :)

Thursday, July 28, 2011

Diamond International and the Pink Shoe

I was browsing thru diamonds international for I was trying to read some articles about the different kinds of diamonds in the world when I came across this cute and unusual shoe.

This pink shoe was for sale and was tagged by a supplier in my social account. It was actually my first time to see such shoe; I find it a bit awkward on my style and a bit cute because of its color. And if ever someone will give something like this to me, I don’t really know if I can give justice to it or even walk straight with it. Lol!

Monday, July 25, 2011

Make Up Must-Haves for a Quick Beauty Trick

Not every woman has the luxury of time to sit and around and perfect their makeup or head to the salon for a quick touch up. In reality, the modern woman is busy either with work or home responsibilities that beauty and skincare are often on the backseat. But that doesn’t mean that you have to bid makeup goodbye.

You don’t need an entire train case filled with different cosmetics. With a few basic pieces, you’ll be all set and ready to face the day:

Invest on a good concealer. Choose one that will provide maximum coverage to hide those blemishes or dark circles under the eyes. You would also need a good foundation or face powder for daily use. Avoid those creamy foundations that are messy to start with. Some of the brands right now offer a two in one product which means the foundation could also be used as a pressed powder.

Add a hint of color to your cheeks with a blush. Choose a shade that looks natural and will blend perfectly to your skin tone. Nothing is more awkward than having to look like a clown because it is too red for your skin.

Lastly, a little lip color or gloss could finish your entire makeup. If you are going for a casual, daytime appeal, natural colors are your safe bet. Bright and red colored lipsticks are perfect though for a fun night.

Mary is a freelance content writer is also fond of traveling and outdoor adventures.
She enjoys working for tagpaptag project and sees this as an opportunity to share information to readers about roofing.

Sunday, July 24, 2011

Hairstyles that Men Loves

My hair has always been a problem. It’s like in every day of my life, I keep asking myself of what hairstyle would look good on me and of course would make me a bombshell as well.

Yup! Even though I’m married, I still dream to be a hot babe! Lol! Don’t get me wrong for saying that, all I want is to look attractive to people who sees me (especially my husband) and I return appreciate my effort.

Anyways, I want to end this problem so I thought of searching the internet for articles that would give me the answer. What hair does men loves??? And this is what I’ve got from Yahoo Shine:

Bombshell Blowout

Why Guys Love It: Every guy drools over Megan Fox for her smoking bod and luscious lips, but they'd also love to run their fingers through her smooth, shiny hair. "Shine draws guys in because it's a sign of youth and vitality," adds Fisher.

How to Get It: Apply smoothing cream to damp hair. While blow-drying, use a medium-sized round brush and work from the bottom layers up. Pin the top portion out of your way and point the nozzle down to flatten the cuticle. When your mane is dry, mist on a thermal-straightening spray (the kind heat activates like Dove Heat Defense Therapy Mist, $5). Glide a flatiron over strands to kill any flyaways and seal in silkiness. Rake a tiny drop of shine serum through ends with your fingers for a superglossy movie-star finish.

Straight-up Sexy

Why Guys Love It: From an evolutionary perspective, guys subconsciously like hair that looks clean and healthy, like Anna Faris's blond locks. "Hair that's in top condition shows that you have a balanced diet and good health -- signs of an ideal mate," says biological anthropologist Helen Fisher PhD.

How to Get It: Work a silicone-based straightening serum through damp hair before blow-drying. Clip locks in 4-6 sections depending on how thick your hair is. Then tackle one at a time with a paddle brush and a blow-dryer equipped with a nozzle pointed straight down. Finish with a light shine spray.

Sexy Shag

Why Guys Love It: Jennifer Hudson shows off her neck and frames her face with this short bob. "Short and choppy, the new bob accentuates your cheekbones and eyes," says celeb stylist Oscar Blandi.

How to Get It: Start with a protective styling spray to maintain shine like Got2b Guardian Angel Protect N' Blow Out Lotion and Gloss Finish, $6. Then, divide hair into two-inch sections and blow-dry straight. Finish by using a flat-iron to flip out your ends slightly.

Pretty Pixie

Why Guys Love It: "Confident chicks don't need to hide behind long hair," says salon owner Roy Teeluck. Plus, soft, face-framing bangs come across as supersensual. Ginnifer Goodwin's peekaboo fringe is flirty and mischievous.

How to Get It: Use a lightweight smoothing styler and a natural bristle brush to blow-dry hair smooth and forward. For control, spread a wax-based pomade in your palms, then pat it from roots to ends. Tuck extralong pieces behind your ear with a bobby pin.

Bad Girl Bump

Why Guys Love It: The small pouf (and we're not talking The Snookie here) adds a subtle dose of glamour to any look. That's why it's such a hot red-carpet go-to. "Wearing your hair up bares your most seductive features, like your neck and shoulders," explains celeb stylist Ken Paves. Hilary Duff looks pretty yet punk with this 'do.

How to Get It: Part dry, straight hair from above the arches of each brow back to the crown to create a mini ponytail. Twist the top of the tail, and push hair forward to create volume, then secure with a large barrette or bobby pins. Gather the rest into a bun and mist with a holding spray (try Vavoom Shapemaker Shaping Spray, $15).

Relaxed Updo

Why Guys Love It: Nikki Reed's bun looks simple and elegant yet still touchable. The hair that falls into her face prevents the updo from looking too severe. "Men couldn't care less if your strands are perfectly styled and neat. In fact, he might like you more with some wildness or bedhead, since it shows you're carefree and relaxed," says Fisher.

How to Get It: Make a low side ponytail, leaving a few pieces loose around your face. Twist the length of your ponytail, and wrap it into a figure-eight shape รข€” smoosh it up against your scalp, and tuck the ends into the loop. Insert a few hairpins or tiny barrettes to lock it all in place. Finish with a mist of light-weight hair spray that'll give you extra hold minus any stickiness, like Paul Mitchell Worked Up, $15.

Sexy Side Pony
Why Guys Love It: "An assymetrical updo is universally flattering for all face shapes because nobody's features are perfectly aligned," says NYC celeb stylist Nathaniel Hawkins. That means a side pony is an easy way to make sure no one notices your flaws. America Ferrera's look is soft without looking sloppy or overdone.

How to Get It: Rub on a smoothing gel like L'Oreal Professional Texture Expert Gelee Riche, $20 through wet strands. Blow-dry hair over to one side to create hold. Then use your fingers to gather hair low under the ear and secure with an elastic band (keep it loose so the bun doesn't look too prissy).

Schoolgirl Pony

Why Guys Love It: Play up your naughty cheerleader with Michelle Trachtenberg's easy updo. The look works best when the pony is a bit relaxed. "Loose hair with tons of movement is such a hot look," says Tresemme stylist Nathaniel Hawkins.

How to Get It : Set hair with styling cream then curl with a medium barrel iron from ears to ends. Using a fine-tooth comb, sweep hair up, secure it directly above your crown, then wrap a few strands around the elastic. Mist on hair spray for hold.

Hopefully, I could get even one of these gorgeous hair dos on me soon! If not, I just might buy perfume that will surely lure my husband to me. lol! Will update you if that happens! Lol! :)

Tuesday, July 19, 2011

Great Orlando Transportation Services

My dad will go to Orlando next month with my mom for a week vacation. They decided to go there for my mom really wanted to see Disney World Parks and Kennedy Space Center. Unfortunately, she hasn’t been to any Disneyland or parks, that’s why as a birthday gift to my mom, my dad decided to give the Orlando trip to my mom.

But before they go there, my dad wants to make sure about their transportation. He wanted to have a private vehicle that will keep them safe and more comfortable. Especially the airport transportation they will need for them to arrive safe and fresh to their hotel. Well, as some of us know, one can actually arrive in Orlando and rent shuttles, cabs, cars or buses to arrive to their destination. But a friend has told me that buses are the last options for a great travel for they are the least comfortable of all the vehicles plus the fact that they are pretty slow because of their pit stops. Fortunately, I have a friend who has been in Orlando and has recommended me to try Taxi4hire services which she has tested to be the best Orlando Transportation.

Taxi4hire offers flat airport taxi rates that anyone can book before arriving in Orlando. By grabbing their flat rate services you can already allot the budget for your transportation expenses before hand and thereby know what and how much to spend when you arrive there. Plus you can be sure that you are in good hands because their taxi drivers are strictly screened and are oriented to serve their clients with utmost respect and care.

Well, I think it is wiser to book a flat rate taxi service than renting a car especially if you plan to spend a couple of hours in parks and museum which will in turn increase your expenditures on transportation because of extending rentals. Anyways, I really have to recommend to my dad to book a vehicle at Taxi4hire for them to truly enjoy their stay there and save more money as well. If anyone of you here are interested to try their services check out their contact details below.

Taxi4Hire Transportation Inc.
5556 Los Palma Vista Dr
Orlando, FL, 32837
(407) 545-7751

The Fashion Must-Haves for The Summer

Just like a coat is indispensable for winter, summer has its own fashion must-haves. Premiere jewelry can go with any season, but some fashion items only work in the summer. If you want to round out your summer wardrobe, be sure to look for these items to start out the season right.

Swimsuits and Bathing Apparel

The dreaded swimsuit tryout does not have to be so bad. Remember that you can accessorize a swimsuit the same way you accessorize other outfits. Pick a swimsuit that flatters your body shape and then add a sarong if you want to hide the lower half a bit more. Pick a pair of pretty beach sandals and beach jewelry to give the swimsuit something to compete against visually.

Big O-Shaped Sunglasses

Sunglasses are always indispensible in the summer, not just for looks, but for functionality. However, this season’s sunglasses are reminiscent of the over-the-top incognito movie star look of the 1950’s. The bigger and rounder the orb, the more fashionable for this summer.

Kimono Dress

This fashion statement has come in from the side, seemingly appearing from nowhere. It is breezy and loose-fitting enough that you don’t have to be in perfect shape to wear it. You can pair it with a fabric belt and be ready for a casual get-together at a local friend’s house. It’s dressy enough to be for special occasions, but not too elegant that you can’t wear it to a pool party.

Strapped Shoes

Sandals are always in favor during the summer, but this year the look is for sandals with straps. You can use the straps to create different looks from gladiator-style to pretty girlie bow ties. The shoes can be flat or have huge platforms. They come in eye-popping colors and include fabric straps and accents. Great with a swimsuit or a sun dress, they make the perfect summer fashion statement for 2011.

Tuesday, July 12, 2011

Great Exposure thru Zugo LTD

My friend Jasmine is planning to open her very own clothing business. You see, she is a known designer of women's apparel in our place and since her creations are hitting high in our local market, she decided to put up a boutique so that she can boost more sales and have more clients as well. Her boutique will open next month and I’m one of her special guest.

This morning Jasmine called me asking me for an advice. She asked me if I know some business strategies that can help her increase the exposure of her boutique especially the brand she is carrying. Apparently, she decided to have her very own brand and plans to promote it nationwide. Well, I consider that as a good move because she definitely has a market for her creations and I can feel that she’ll make it big in the industry. All she needs is proper exposure and a great advertising partner.

One of the strategies I suggest was to promote her line and her boutique on the World Wide Web. I think all of you would agree with me in saying that the internet is the best advertising tool in the world today. Partnered with the best online team like Zugo LTD, a brand and a product will definitely hit high in the market. Zugo provides a number of searches based products that can be easily distributed to your audience including branded start pages and branded toolbars. They work with leading search engines like Bing, Yahoo and Ask which means that they can offer you the best SEO optimization for your products and business.

Anyways, I have to go now and meet with Jasmine. I really have so many things to tell her about her business optimization. I sure hope that by the end of this year, her profits will boost more than expected.

Sunday, July 10, 2011

Affordable and Quality Custom Printing Online

As said on my previous post my Aunt Cell had opened her very own restaurant a few months ago and fortunately her business is doing well. But because my Aunt is a true blue business woman she is not yet satisfied with the rate that her restaurant is having. So she decided to do a little advertising to promote her business. The first advertising strategy she thought of was giving away some flyers on the busy places.But of course, before they distribute the flyers she needs to look for a reputable and affordable Flyer Printing services that can aid her in producing the flyers she needs.

Fortunately, her friend Faye has recommended printing services to my Aunt. She said that they offer the best printing services online. She also added that is a one stop shop printing services where they not only offer flyer printing but other Custom Printing as well. From business card, forms, magnets, nursery supplies, plastic products, presentation folder and Custom Labels they can do it in the best quality. In short, the offer printing solutions for business and personal needs.

Anyways, I’m really happy that my Aunt’s advertising problem has been solved. Now, she’s just waiting for the flyers to arrive. Hopefully she’ll receive the items next week!

Friday, July 8, 2011

My Printing Partner to Success

Since I became a stay at home mom, I’ve been finding ways on how to earn more from home. You see I’ve been a working girl since I graduated college last 2001 and it was only November of 2010 that I decided to stop and concentrate on my family. I know have two lovable kids and has been enjoying my 8 months of being a housewife and a mom. But of course, other than being a plain housewife, I wanted to earn by just staying in the house. Good thing, I’ve been blogging since 2007 and my established blogs has helped me a lot.

Now, I thought of stepping up to the next level and that is to have my very own photography business. Since I own a dslr camera and have self educate myself about digital photography thru online tutorials I think I’m a bit ready for this big step. But of course, before I continue to the main event, I try to gather data that I will need for this much awaited and business. First on my list was the advertisement of the business. Next is the printing stuffs that I need to complete a transaction. Good thing, I was fortunate to stumble upon By browsing thru their site I was able to discover that they will be a great help in my business.

Urgh! I’m really excited on this venture of mine. I really hope that this will give me more earnings for me to save for my family.

Thursday, July 7, 2011

The Best Gift : A Golf GPS

Uncle Bert’s birthday is just a few weeks away and with that my dad is asking me if I can help him find the best birthday gift for his brother. Upon hearing my dad’s request I immediately thought of a gift that is related to his favorite sport and that is golf.

Uncle Bert loves to play golf and when my dad told me about his upcoming birthday I immediately thought to go online to find the best gps for golf. Yup! I think a gps for his golf games will be the best gift ever. What do you think?

Wednesday, July 6, 2011

Maybelline Volume Seduction Lip Plumper

I want fuller and sexier lips! :)

That’s why I purchased this Maybelline Volume Seduction Lip plumper just for me! Yipee! :)

I got the idea from one of the beauty articles I’ve read. I sure hope this will work out beautifully on me. I'll update you if it works. :)

Read and Think Before Buying

Are you planning to buy weight loss pills online? Well, before you do that, it is wise that you must do some research first about the pill that you intend to buy. If you had observed, there are a lot of weight loss pills on the internet that promises immediate trimming of weight and fast fat elimination. But unfortunately, most of them only give false hope.

So for you to be sure and to be safe as well, you have to read reviews of the pill and also read actual testimonies from clients. Such advice is also true when buying items online like beauty products, appliances and many more. So remember - always read and think before you buy! :)

Anxiety Drug Treatment Centers

It’s almost midnight but I’m still up looking for some anxiety drug treatment centers that my client needs for his brother. Unfortunately her brother is a victim of a anxiety disorder that he acquired from a broken relationship. He has been in that state for almost a month now and sadly none of the doctors in their local hospital has given his brother the best treatment for his disorder.

That’s why she decided to find the proper institution to take care of him and make him well. Anyways, I really hope that I will find the best treatment center for him.

Hopefully, I could finish my research before dawn. Lol! :)

Tuesday, July 5, 2011

Makeup Tips to Open your Eyes

No matter your age, your eyes do a lot of "talking." You want your eyes to look luminous, alert and youthful. Some women, me included, weren't blessed with gorgeous "doe" eyes that look perpetually surprised. However, as long as I have makeup, I can fake it! If you have squinchy or small-looking eyes open your peepers with these tried and true makeup tips.

Go light! I blame it on the ever-popular smoky look that I do love so much. As a former makeup artist, I learned that you could get a smoky look without using black, brown or deep green colors. Go smoky but light! Blend in colors with a brush not a sponge applicator.

Buy quality eyeshadow.Not all eyeshadows are made alike. Cheap shadows are just colored powder with very little pigment. Invest in pretty, bold colors that will open the eyes.

Don't go topless! I cringe when I see women with tiny eyes line the lower lids only. Line the tops or the top and bottom -- never just the bottom. If your eyes are very small, ditch the lower liner. Line the top and extend the line a little past the natural eye line. This will lift and open the eye. Don't believe me? Do the eye test. Make one eye up with just the liner on top and the other with liner on bottom. Compare the two. You'll see the clear winner.

Curl those lashes. Wild and woolly eyelashes won't help your eyes look wider. Control your lashes with a eyelash curler. Do this once a day to train lashes to flip up and outward, creating a wider eye look.

Rim the eyes with white liner. White eyeliner is no stranger on the makeup scene but we do tend to forget about this tool. Make lining the lower eye rim with white liner the last step in your eye makeup regimen. All eyes will be on you with this added touch.

Go inside. Sweeping eyeshadow in the crease of the eye is a good way to create definition. One thing to avoid is applying eyeshadow too close to the edge of the eye. Instead focus on making an inverted arc, go from the inside of the eye outward.

Wear highlighting powder. Use a soft brush to sweep a shimmery highlighting powder around the eyes. Highlighting adds luminosity to your eye makeup look.

Monday, July 4, 2011

Beauty Tips to Look Sexier

Hands up if you've ever found yourself in a beauty rut? You know what I'm talking about--tan eyeshadow on the lid, boring pink lipstick and a swipe or two of mascara. Off to work, school or the ballpark, all looking very predictable. Boring! Inside is a sexy you dying to some turn heads. You can do it with these nine sizzling beauty tips.

Rock vixen hair! You don't need a drastic new hair cut - just add this sexy style to your hair repertoire. Wash your hair and then towel dry it. Add a touch of styling gel to your locks, working it in with your hands. Don't brush. Place a diffuser over your blow dryer and dry your locks. This "bed head" look will have his thoughts racing. Scented hair is easy and slinky. Use hair products that don't have scent. Instead, spray your hair lightly on the ends with your favorite perfume. As your hair moves, you'll leave behind some sultry fragrance.

Stain lips and cheeks. Staining gives color without leaving icky, gloopy lipsticks behind. Instead rolling on the gloss, try a stain. Stains are long-lasting and are good way to make your lips look really kissable! Tap your cheeks with lip stain to get a rosy glow.

Get on top - at least with your eye liner. Avoiding lining the entire eye with black liner. You'll look hooker-ish instead of sexy. Try this. Line the top lashes only starting at the inner most eye then drawing to the center, just above the pupil. Finish the line by drawing from the center to about ½ past your lash line. Give the end of the eyeliner a little lift upwards. Smooth over the liner with a deep purple or sultry blue eyeshadow. Use the tip of a sponge applicator.

Wear stockings. Stockings have been sexy for generations. Don't fight it! Pantyhose and thigh highs are a feminine accessories that guys love to touch.Colored nail tips scream "ooh la la!" Even nature girls should give it a try. Paint toes and fingernails an exciting color. Of course, before giving yourself a paint job, trim and shape your nails.

Shine, baby shine with sparkling eye accents. Don't go overboard with a completely frosted look but do add a sparkling metallic highlighter to your upper lids or under your lower lashes.

Puff those lips with a lip plumper. Temporary lip plumpers cause lips to swell slightly giving you fuller, sexier lips.

Show some confidence. Confidence is the feature that makes us the most sexy. Smile, hold your head up, walk with confidence!

Sunday, July 3, 2011

How to Make the Prettiest Ponytail: The Hollywood Style

Want to have the celebrity style pony tail?

Well, it’s a great fix during a bad hair day. Cover it up with a pretty tail with these red carpet-inspired tricks.

1. Use a paddle brush to remove any tangles, then comb your hair straight back so that you don't have a part.

2. Now tip your head back, and gather strands into a ponytail. Leaning creates volume plus prevents part lines and bumps.

3. When gathered hair is level with your eyes, secure it with an elastic band. Wrap it tight (shoot for three loops) so that the band doesn't sag and look sloppy. Then take small chunk of strands and wrap it around the elastic band, securing it with a couple bobby pins.

4. Style your bangs — don't slick them back into the ponytail. And let short layers hang naturally, rather than forcing them into the elastic. A wispy, piecey look is sexy.

5. Section off the tail into three parts, and wrap each around a curling iron for 10 seconds. Gently brush out the curls for a bouncy, total bombshell effect.

6. To fight frizz, pat a drop of John Frieda Root Awakening Strength Restoring Smoothing Lotion, $6.49, over your finished style.

That’s it! Try it and let’s see how many camera clicks you’ll get. :)

Saturday, July 2, 2011

Weekend Blog Follower Caravan#16

Welcome Follower Bloggers!

Welcome to MY PRECIOUS BLOG. This is supposed to be a BEAUTY BLOG but somehow it became a mixed bag of everything! Lol! :)

Anyways, I really hope that I would gather lots of readers thru this caravan and hopefully online friends as well. :) Just message me if you had followed me and I will definitely follow you back! :)

Have a nice weekend everyone! :)

Friday, July 1, 2011

Be A Part of the Best Beauty School in US

Are you looking for the best beauty school in your state? Well, if you living in Illinois, you can enroll at Regency Crystal Lake beauty school. Yup! Regency Beauty Institute has finally expanded to different states in the United States. They are now known as the fastest growing beauty school in the US and the also known as the best beauty school that caters different kinds of people from different parts of the world that want to study cosmetology.

So if you want to be a part of the best, enroll on their program now!

This blog post was based on information provided by Blogitive. For more information, please visit or contact Regency Beauty Institute – 5657 Northwest Highway, Crystal Lake, IL 60014