Friday, April 29, 2011

Kate Middleton Wedding Gown was Victorious

Yesterday was a very festive day in United Kingdom and that includes other countries as well who witness the grandest wedding of the century. With almost 2,000 guests, Prince William (who is now The Duke of Cambridge) and Kate Middleton (was named as the Duchess of Cambridge) has said their vows yesterday April 29 at Westminster Abbey.

It was never in my plan to watch the whole wedding celebration yesterday but when my husband turns on the television and watch BBC World News, my eyes were glued with the extravagant details of the wedding and got excited of Kate Middleton’s wedding dress.

I watch from 6am (UK Time) in the morning until the end of the ceremony at Westminster Abbey. Unfortunately, I missed the KISS that everyone was talking about because I went to the bathroom!lol! Anyway, it wasn’t a big deal because I could still view the kiss at You!

What I really wanted to see was the wedding dress and boy all I can say was it was worth the waiting!

The new Duchess of Cambridge wore a very simple yet elegant and very classy gown designed by Sarah Burton of Alexander McQueen’s house. The gorgeous gown had an elegant lace sleeves to add a formal touch befitting the venue. The lace appliqué was hand-made by the Royal School of Needlework using the Carrickmacross lace-making technique, which served as her "something old."

In contrast to Princess Diana's 25-foot train, Catherine's (carried by her lady-in-waiting, sister Pippa) was a relatively modest length of just over eight feet.

The fingertip-length veil with embroidered trim on the other hand was made from ivory silk tulle and was also done by the Royal School of Needlework.

Overall, I really love the classiness and simplicity of the gown. It perfectly suits the personality and the figure of the Duchess of Cambridge.

(photos from

A Peerless Mount for our Samsung LCD

As some of you know, about a few months ago we purchased a new Samsung LCD Television for our bedroom. It was my husband’s request that we replaced our old TV set with a flat screen. Since then, my husband enjoyed watching his favorite shows with the LCD.

Last night while dozing ourselves to sleep my husband told me that he plans to transfer the LCD TV and mount it on our bedroom wall. You see, the LCD is currently on a standing mode near our foot for we haven’t found any peerless mounts that the appliance agent suggested us to use. Unfortunately, package we bought doesn’t include any mounts.

But as based on my husband, he just found such mounts online and would show them to me today for us to purchase. Well, I just have to take a look at the price of course. :)

Today My Life Begins

I was really struck with this song… :'(

Today My Life Begins by Bruno Mars

I’ve been experiencing some issues in my life lately and all of that was because of me. I don’t know why I complicate my life. Though I don’t want to regret what happen for life is too short for it.

I just hope in time I can find and feel the real happiness I’m looking for.

Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Get Up and Start the Fight against Obesity

The term obese is widely popular in the field of medical science but the reality is that there’s a difference between being over weight and obese. How can you determine one from the other? The primary means to identify obesity is through the measurement of Body Mass Index or BMI. This method developed by a Belgian statistician named Adolphe Quetelet has been the standard for clinical studies when it comes to dealing with obesity cases. To determine your BMI, divide your weight in kilograms by the square of your height in meters.

As a general rule a BMI between 18.5 and 24.9 is considered normal while the index ranging from 25.0 to 29.9 already indicates that you are overweight. A body mass index of 30 is already a classification of obesity while 40 and over is already regarded as a case of morbid obesity. Determining your BMI is only the first step but further fitness tests can still be conducted by your physician to be certain about the status of your health.

Since this is fast becoming one the top weight-related problem in the country today, finding ways on how to fight obesity should be a top priority. There are a number of options available such as diet programs and workout plans. But incorporating all these to one’s lifestyle can be quite a challenge especially during the initial stage. So how can you conquer obesity?

Start by engaging in various physical activities like sports and fitness programs. A number of gyms offer discount coupons upon membership to encourage new members and get them motivated. Get up and start moving. It is very important to keep your body active at all times even if it means walking around the house for a few minutes.

Individuals with a tight work schedule should consider a diet plan that will complement their lifestyle such as the diet programs offered by Diet to Go and Bistro MD. This is perfect for those who don’t have the time to prepare healthy, home cooked meals. With coupon codes available online, you can get great deals on your orders and wait till it gets delivered to your home.

Drinking plenty of water is considered as an effective way to lose weight. Enough water on the body aids the digestive system and removes the toxins from the body. While it might be hard to follow the suggested eight glasses everyday, just make sure that your body is consistently nourished.

Another way to shed those pounds is by cutting on calories which is another way of saying having a balanced diet. Eliminate unhealthy foods and switch to healthier alternatives. There are ways on how you can do this such as substituting chocolates with fruits for dessert or brown rice instead of white. The next time you do your grocery shopping, check the local newspaper first for coupons that you can use. This is a healthy and affordable way to shop for healthy foods.

Keep in mind that the battle with obesity could be long and hard. Encourage loved ones and family members to join you in this weight loss plan and towards a healthier approach towards life.

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Great and Affordable Holiday Villas and Gites

Oh my! Summer here is really draining everyone! I’m talking about the summer heat that’s been hitting our country for almost a week now. With that, it is just wise that one should always revitalize and refresh their bodies by drinking lots of fluids or splashing on some cool water to prevent any heat related illness like heat stroke.

Heat stroke is one of the most common illness and sometimes mortality during summer. The usual victims are children, elderly and pregnant women because of their immature or old and abnormal health condition. But of course, heat stroke can happened to anyone especially if you don’t drink many fluids or take a bath regularly. So as a tip, always make sure to rehydrate during this hot season. Also, it is also advice that one should also de-stress once in a while especially during this season.

Summer is usually a great time to plan a grand getaway. Most people travel abroad or spend a grand time on beaches. Just like my Aunt Lila who plans to travel to Europe this month. She called me a while ago and was asking me to look for great villa holidays rental that she and her friends can stay while roaming around the country’s tourist’s spot. Unfortunately, her getaway to Europe is not a family gathering but a business trip with some of her office mates which are coincidentally her friends too. She was also asking me to consider checking out some gites just in case all villas near the tourist’s spots will be unavailable or too remote from the place.

Fortunately, a friend of mine suggested that I should check out a famous website that has various lists of villas, gites and apartment in different areas of the world (which I am currently browsing on). The said website has various lists of rental homes from different areas with different specifications. The specifications I’m talking about are the number of rooms, its locations, its amenities and its relaxation level that most travelers are looking for. They have all those information plus the contact number of the rental owners which you can directly contact in case you’re interested to rent their property. You can also see the price of the property for rent that you can use for your budgeting purposes.

Anyways, I really have to finish this research for my Aunt so I can submit it to her tomorrow. Hopefully, she approves all the work that I’ve done.

Get Free Advise on Credit Card Processing Services

As some of you know my Aunt Cel has already established her very own restaurant near their place. The restaurant has been opened for about 6 months now and has been doing good ever since. It has also gained faithful customers that usually come to her restaurant every week just to eat in or stay in the bar and enjoy the night with their friends. Because of that my Aunt plans to improve her business more by accepting different modes of payments other than cash. She thought that it’s time for her to consider merchant accounts for her credit card processing services.

Yes, other than cash she plans to accept credit cards for the convenience of her customers especially the loyal ones. You see, one of her ever faithful clients advised her to do so and also recommend some credit card processing companies that can help her get thru the process.

One of the merchant accounts she thought of using was thru Paypal but she was having second thoughts because she usually used her paypal account for her personal shopping use. That’s why she opted to look for other paypal alternative by browsing and get expert advice from them. Well, she’s currently on the process of inquiries and interviews with the business credit card processing. Hopefully, by tomorrow she can have a clear view of what she really wants and needed.

Avail Payday Loans even with Bad Credits

Hi guys!

Did you know that you can avail online payday loans even if you have bad credits? Yes, you read it right. Starting today you don’t have to worry of getting cash loans with bad debts because great financial institution like gives chances to individuals that have bad credits on their status.

Not only that you can apply bad credit loans online and doing so is very easy. All you have to do is fill up and submit the online application and prepare to receive your cash as soon as possible. There are no documents required, no credit check nor faxing of documents for your application to be processed. Just submit the fully filled up application forms and get immediate approval online. By the way, everything is 100 percent secure and there are no application fees to be paid.

So what are you waiting for? Apply now and grab their flexible payment options. Get a load of their friendly customer service and be giddy to have your cash as soon as possible. Just in time for any emergency disbursement. Well, I think my friend Ed will definitely need this offer. He called me last night and was asking me if I can borrow him some money. I think this online loan will be a great help for him.

Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Early Shopping Mode

I’m on a shopping mode this morning.

Well, not that I plan to shop loads of stuff in the internet and extinguish most of my budget. I was just looking around and thought of buying some maternity bras for myself. As some of you know, I only have a month to spare before I give birth to our second child. So, it is just wise for me to prepare everything that my baby and I needs before the delivery. I really want a bra with a soft nursing pad on it - in preparation for some breast feeding episode. :)

I'm also looking for some workout t-shirts that I might use very soon. You see, after I give birth I’m planning to enroll myself in a fitness class and toned my body fats and muscles. I can feel that I badly need a work out to bring back my slim figure or at least trim down my waist even a bit. Though of course I need to consider my budget as of this moment and if it will give me some financial constraint I might prioritize bra first before the t-shirts and any special size clothing I was eying for.

We Need a New Door

My brother and I were looking thru some exterior shutters online for his newly constructed house when we suddenly heard a loud crack in our living room. We immediately checked the area with our tip toed move; we need to act that way just in case there was someone knocking us out. But thank God no one was there but apparently discovered that our door was literally breaking.

It was only that time that we noticed that there were some holes on the side of the door and some crushed parts that have been eaten by termites. Unfortunately, my dad forgot to poison the door with some anti-termites chemicals when they installed it which caused the termites to stay inside and eat thru it. Urgh! Events like this are really annoying, now we also need to browse on some new doors to replace this old beaten one.

Does anyone of you know where we can buy a perfect termite free door? If yes, just leave me a message. For now, we need to set up some sleeping mattress and pillows in the living to guard the door. I tell you the door is seriously not safe as of this moment. Such a hassle! :(

Protein to Go for Everybody

My brother Mike is currently on the process of body building. He used to have a very petite body due to his fast metabolism and low appetite. But when he got married and saw the advantages of having bigger and stronger muscles he enrolled himself to a fitness class with some his friends.

After a couple of weeks after engaging on his fitness class, I noticed that his muscles are beginning to toned and somehow got larger from lifting heavy stuffs in the gym. I also noticed that he was drinking something that helped him build more muscles; I think he calls it as pro-to-go or protein to go drink. It’s a to go protein drink that is not only delicious but very healthy as well. It comes with different kinds of flavor that will surely suit anybody’s taste. From my ever favorite chocolate drink, banana berry shake to creamsicle shake.

I actually want to try this when I get over with my pregnancy. I myself needs more protein and build my arm muscles. As some of you know, I have a very slim arm that somehow makes me a! Oh well, I might ask my brother also about some side effects if any. Just to be sure, right?

Sunday, April 24, 2011

The Wedding Flower

It’s Monday once again which means time for another Mellow Yellow Monday.

Here’s my entry for this week.

This beautiful YELLOW flower was captured by my husband during my cousin’s wedding a few years ago. This was one of her church flower and fortunately my husband hasn’t erased a copy of it in our laptop. :)

More yellow mellow Monday here -

Wednesday, April 20, 2011

From Size 22 to Size 6: Jennifer Hudson’s Diet Secrets Revealed

Who wouldn’t know about Jennifer Hudson. Jennifer Hudson started her career as one of the finalist of the third season of the reality show American Idol. After her American Idol stint, she was lucky to be chosen as one of the starts in the movie Dream Girls which gave Jennifer her first Oscar Awards. After Dream Girls, she was also one of the characters in the famous movie Sex and the City where she works as Carrie Bradshaw’s assistant.

Indeed, Jennifer Hudson has come a long way from one of the girls auditioning in American Idol and now she is one of the biggest stars in Hollywood. But Jennifer is not only famous for being a good singer and actress but she is also making news because of her diet success story. Imagine, from a size 22, Jennifer is 16 sizes down as she is now a size 6.

So how did she do it? What is Jennifer Hudson’s Diet Secrets?

It is actually no secret as Jennifer just worked hard to achieve the figure that she has now. She had a complete change in lifestyle and eating habits. She observe a very strict diet and she stayed away from fried foods and her diet only consists of low fat, low calorie meals like salads, grilled chicken, nuts and cranberry juice.

Her weight loss program also includes hiring a trainer that will keep her on track. Her exercise routine includes a 5 minute cardio workout to warm up, followed by a five minute upper body strength exercise and this involves weight bar and dumbbell and 5 minute lower body strength work out. She also runs every morning and she does push ups, squats and sit ups.

But in a real world where we can’t hire a professional trainer to constantly push our back every time we loose track of our weight loss goal, the diet program that Jennifer did was somewhat difficult to master especially her exercise regimen.

But one thing that we can learn from Jennifer Hudson’s weight loss success story is that we should find one diet program that we can stick to. They say that a diet plan is effective and is bound to succeed if it is easy to follow. That is why for busy individuals who don’t have time to exercise everyday, or prepare low fat, low calorie meals, a meal replacement plan like Medifast and Nutrisystem, which you can even get with a discount by using coupon code, might be the diet program that will work best for you.

This two meal plans are backed up by 35 years of weight loss research and has been scientifically proven to be effective. By using savings promo code, you can avail of this meal delivery plan that can help you lose weight of at least 1-2 pounds per week. No need for you to prepare healthy meals at home as all you need to do is look for coupon discount and choose from their wide range of meal selections that will be delivered to your home. So just reheat and eat and you are already on your way achieving your dream figure.

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Friday, April 15, 2011

Ski Jackets for Everyone

I was browsing the internet this morning when I suddenly saw some photos that my SIL uploaded on her account at a famous social networking site. She was wearing the coat she was telling me about last week that looks a lot like the ski jackets I saw from an online store the other day. I immediately buzz her and told her that she was looking awesome with her coat. She appreciated my gesture and was joking that she will be sending a package full of ski jackets just for!

She is currently working and residing in Estonia and I never thought that it was still cold in their side of world. Just look at her with her friend Shane. Oh, I just envy the cold snowy weather they “still” have there. I think spring in Estonia will not yet start until June or July (I think?). Anyways, sadly, in our country, snow is nowhere to be found and is impossible to be seen. Lol!

Oh well, maybe someday we will have the chance to travel and visit her in Estonia. I just hope my baby#2 will be old enough then to travel and enjoy the snow with us. :)

Thursday, April 14, 2011

Time to have a Debt Help?

I hope not!!!

Since I became a stay at home mom and pregnant at the same time, budgeting to me has become a vocation. Actually, I consider it as one of the hardest vocation I had so far in my entire! Maybe because it is our finances that are at stake and that I feel so constraint about it because I don’t have any regular income.

Now, here’s the problem I’m hoping not to face. Because I don’t have a normal income from regular jobs, I am afraid that I might need some debt help if our income wouldn’t increase within this month. You see, we have monthly expenditures that need to be paid first before settling any debts. But because my online jobs are a bit low these past few months our working money is diminishing quickly. Plus my upcoming child delivery this May or June is putting more stress on me in my budgeting dilemma! Urgh! As of now, I’m thinking of ways to accumulate our earnings and hopefully by the end of this week I can able to establish a fix income source where I will be willing to spend my whole day with it just to cater to our financial needs. Oh well, I’ll update you about the turnout of events when they happen.

Now, all I need is pray and hope for the best. :)

Beautiful Bathroom Tiles

I was browsing some friend’s photo on a social networking site when I suddenly stumbled upon a beautiful bathroom photo. I saw this from and I so love the bathroom tiles, just look at it!

This is one of the bathroom tiles that Brighton is offering. Brighton wall tiles are available on different colors from black and white pair to bright blue and lilac. The black and while colors are selling like pancakes for their classical and stylish look while the bright colors on the other hand are usually bought by younger client’s who wants to have show their fresher views on interior designing.

But as for me this Brighton Blue as shown in the photo above is the best one for me. The colors of this one make me want to stay in the bathroom the whole day. Lol! Having a clean and beautiful bathroom does makes one relax even more. That is why it is just wise for a home owner like us to prioritize the bathroom area in terms of construction and design, right? Anyways, I need to check on some bathroom designs and colors for our upcoming house renovations. Yes! We’re renovating! The husband just can’t get enough of his house. Lol!

Wednesday, April 13, 2011

Beautiful Art Galleries In Scottsdale

Artistry and visualization are two significant things we take into consideration to appreciate a piece of creation. The styles, designs and method of creating it are usually depicted upon visualization. This is one big reason that things around us are examined and critique according to what is good in our eyes.

Good thing Art galleries in Scottsdale AZ develop wide range of highly imaginative and artistic creations much more giving you a space to be captivated for a moment and see the spectacular displays of the art works made by the dedicated artists expert on their field of artistry. Most of the finish products made by the famous artists are of quality and uniqueness far from any creations of other artisans. You can’t afford to lose the chance for buying one for your own advantage items are sold with sensible price. You will never regret if you buy one of it because every $ that you pay is all worth it!

You can also have something which other’s may not have in Original Fine Art in Scottsdale Arizona after buying a master piece of your own choice. Anyone is very much proud to have something original exclusive for himself. Price isn’t a reason to avoid what is quality and worth spending your money especially if you invest in no other than the true masterpiece of artwork. Only you can have an opportunity now, so why waste it? Visit and get one now! Experience having an Original Fine Art in Scottsdale Arizona and feel the difference of being the owner of such rare artwork designed by your favorite artist/s.

Tuesday, April 12, 2011

Aging Lips Quick Remedy

This was my dilemma since I became 30. That’s why I tried searching the internet and some beauty magazines for some tips and product guide for me to use and relieve the pain of my aging lips. And when I saw one I immediately tried using it and whala! Ease to the fullness! So what did I apply?

Just this Nivea’s Lip Effect Q10 Plus did the trick. At only available at P175 on department stores I immediately felt a younger after feel of my lips. This lip care is enriched with CoEngyme Q10 + to reduce the appearance of fine lines, to activate the skin’s natural anti-aging mechanism, making it wonderfully emollient.

By the way, here’s an advice I got from my Lancome makeup artist Tatin Yang on how to take care of your lips.

1.) Apply lip balm to fill in the cracks, avoid flaking and dryness, and plump up your lips.

2.) Allow it to be absorbed for a while before using a facial towel dipped in warm water to slough off dead skin cells from chapped lips. Clean up any residue with tissue paper.

3.) Finish off by applying an anti-aging lip care product.

4.) Yang also recommends applying eye cream around the contours of your lips as a last step.

Gold IRA Transfer | Gold 401K

As we all know, gold has always been the greatest investment a man could have. Not only it is being described as a precious metal since the ancient times up to today it has always been classified as the most untouch or unaltered asset in terms of value on any state of an economy. And one best way to make gold accumulates its value more if to have gold IRA transfer over the years.

Yes believe it or not as based on research and actual experience IRA gold has been one of the best move that an investor has done so far. Why? Because gold IRA usually benefits on negative economic, political, and environmental turmoil, in effect gold raise its value than paper tender or investments which in turn decreases its value rapidly. Take note of the economy today, due to some war crisis in the Middle East, oil prices increases and dollar values decreases creating many economic issues arising in other countries.

So if you have the fund and would really want to invest on something worth your money, you better buy gold and put them on IRA.

Sunday, April 10, 2011

It's Playtime!

Looking for a no deposit casino playground? Well, this is your lucky day for I just found a great website that will surely give you great playtime and entertainment without spending a single centavo for you don’t need to pay for any deposit. is the website I’m talking about, they existed to give the best possible resources on where to locate online casino that will not only give you the leisure of spending any deposits or whatsoever but also gives you a list of the best casinos that offer great bonuses. When you visit their website you can already see on their sidebar the top 10 online casino that you can choose and play from. Then on their main homepage post you can see the lists of no deposit casinos that don’t offer any deposits for you to start playing. Also, if you want to check out any latest updates about their lists and would love to spot some more bonuses on hidden websites just subscribe to their newsletter and you will never be left behind.

So what are you waiting for? Check the website now and experience a great new era of playing casinos online. Let’s start playing!

Friday, April 8, 2011

Hoping for a Speedy Resolution

My Aunt Cel just hired some Cook and Wiley Court Reporters for the pending case they filed against a doctor. The complaint was all about medical malpractice where the accused doctor did a cosmetic surgery procedure that literally damages my niece’s skin. Unfortunately, this case has been running for about 6 months now and still no resolution has been done.

So to speed up the entire process, my aunt asks the court if she can hire reporters to study and record the whole hearing and make a report out of it. She also thought of hiring Richmond Videography services for a better view of the whole proceeding. Fortunately, the presiding judge approves her request and will start with the video recording next week. Oh well, I sure hope that with all the reporters and the videography service she hired there will be a speedy resolution of the case and hopefully gives my Aunt and my niece the money for the damages made.

Auto Bags and Bags on a Roll

My sister in law Arcelie is currently in Europe right now. Fortunately, she was able to get a job after a year of being unemployed due to recession in other countries. She was one of the unfortunate people who have lost their jobs last year because of the fluctuating status of the world’s economy

But this year seems to be a great year for her and her husband. Both of them got a new job on different countries. Arcelie is in Estonia and is currently working as a spa therapists on one of the renowned spa center in Estonia. Her other half is in Menomonee Falls working in a packaging company and was just promoted as a machine operator on auto bags.

I think most of you don’t know an auto bag is? Well, it is a short term for automatic bagger machine that has bags on a roll on it to seal or bag a product or an item to be sold or transport. This is usually used by big manufacturing companies who sell their product in bulk or in retail as well. I think one of the most famous packaging companies that offer such great bag on rolls is Converting Technology. They have been in the polybag’s market for a long time now and they are no-doubt one of the best in the polybag’s industry. They have been famous on giving the most flexible packaging solutions to their customers and because of their “attention to detail” motto, they have been the preferred suppliers in the industry. Fortunately, that is where my brother in law is working. Oh well, sometimes luck just comes in front of you and you just have to open your eyes and grab it immediately.

The Right Package

My friend Noel is planning to open their very first bakery near their place by next month and because of that he called me this morning and was asking me if I know someone that can offer him dry food packaging. Well, I never thought that they still haven’t found the right supplier for their bakery packaging. I mean, as far as I know one of the first things that you should consider when opening up a business is the packaging, right?

I think some of you would agree with me because proper and right packaging is a must in every business. I mean how will you sell your products of there is no container or polybags to contain them? And how will your “should be customer” be attracted to your products and grab their interest if they only see a bare item. Also having the proper packing machineries and conveyors can give his product the best quality ever. A great packaging also gives the product a clean free look and definitely clean food as well. Hmm.. I think this is one of the lapses that Noel had done terribly and it is a must that he should find a supplier immediately before this month ends or else he will doomed! Lol! Sorry for that exaggeration but I was just reiterating the importance of the packaging.

Anyways, good thing I am free for today and I can help him surf for the custom bakery packing supplier he’s looking for. So for now, I have to sign off and help him with his dilemma. Ciao!

Wednesday, April 6, 2011

What I Love Most about American Idol Season 10

Have you been watching the latest season of American Idol? I am not actually an American Idol fan. In the previous seasons, I get to watch it if I have time but I did not actually got hooked to it.

But this season is different as there are really a lot of fresh and interesting bits that has been incorporated in the show:

1. First is the new set of judges where Steven Tyler and Jennifer Lopez have been added. A lot has been predicting that the ratings of the show will drop after Simon Cowell left the show but Steven and Jennifer added a new twist that can save the show.

I find Steven to be very funny especially his out of this world quotes every time he gives his comments to the contestants like "That's the goop that great stuff is made from,” "You define a cool dude in a loose mood,’ "I love it when you break into your ethnic what-it-is-ness." He looks so happy too doing his work as a judge as you can see him laughing, doing funny faces, and giving positive comments after each performance.

Jennifer Lopez is like a mother goose to all the contestants as she genuinely wants to help each contestants succeed and you can see from her smile how proud she is every time her babies (the contestants) performed well.

Since Steven and Jennifer is playing the good guys in the show as I see that they really finds it hard to give negative comments, Randy Jackson took over Simon Cowell’s role in being the most honest judge among the three.

2. All the contestants were all so good that it is difficult to guess who will really make it to the Finale. Among my favorites include Stefano Langone, James Durbin and Lauren Alaina.

3. Another tweak that they did with the show is eliminating the guest mentors and instead, record executive Jimmy Iovine will be the new in-house mentor who can really watch how each contestant grows so he can be a big help in improving their craft.

4. They also did a lot of fun stuff in the show like guesting Hulk Hogan during the elimination night since James Durbin, one of the contestants, is an avid fan of Hulk Hogan. They also guested Steve Wonder to surprise the birthday boy, Steven Tyler.

5. The show is getting more glamorous especially now that the contestants are living in a Hollywood mansion. They even had a make over so gone are the discount clothes and outfits that the contestants are wearing as they were given a preview of how it is like to be a pop icon.

This week’s theme will be Rock N’ Roll Hall of Fame. James for sure will slam this week’s theme but I am interested to see how the other contestants will do this week, like Scotty who has always been singing country and Pia who has been receiving comments from the judges to veer away from ballads.

They are down to nine contestants now and I really can’t wait to see who will make it as the next American Idol.

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Time to Cool Down

Gosh! It was really hot last night. My son didn’t sleep well because our air conditioning unit is not working properly. Urgh! If only I was able to call the air conditioning repair Austin technician that my mom told me then we won’t experience this kind of hassle. Now, my husband and I has baggy eyes because from lack of sleep. Well, I never thought that the unit will not totally work that night, I thought it was just a loose connection.

Presumptions that made our son cranky and my husband sweaty the whole night. Lol! That’s why as early as 8 am this morning, I called the technician’s office and hire them to repair our air conditioning unit. And based on their call time, they might be arriving a little later. I’m really hoping that they can arrive a little earlier than expected for I still need to check on it before evening falls.

Oh well, I need to sign off for a while and confirm the exact time they are going to arrive. Especially that my husband plans to go out and have a little picnic at a nearby park. I’ll be back in an hour or two for more blogging stuffs. Anyways, I really need to go now. Ciao!

Building a Dream House

As said on my previous posts before my brother Michael and his wife are currently on the process of building their dream house and based on my estimate the house is already 70 percent finish. All the basic foundations and construction has been accomplished as well as the roofs and the floor. We visited them yesterday that are why I know how what they are working at.

Next week, as based on the engineer’s time table, wood floor installers will start to work on the floor of the house and hopefully finish installing the wood floor before this month ends. You see, my brother wanted wood type flooring instead of marbles or granites that my dad has suggested. My brother said, wood has a warmer approach in terms of comfy and elegance with respect to interior aspect.

Good thing, a Sears’s depot is just near their place, that’s why buying wood floor has been a breeze for them. Sears has everything from carpeting, tile, laminate, granite and hardwood floors. Fortunately, they also offer floor installation which can be availed on a flexible financing process. And that’s what they did. Tomorrow, the wood installers will come and beautify my brother’s dream house.

Mesothelioma Survival Rate

I think not many of us knew the mesothelioma as a disease. One of the reason maybe is it not one of the top causes of mortality in our country. But did you know that this is one of the most deadly kinds of cancer? As a backgrounder mesothelioma is a rare cancer that usually attacks the lungs and the stomach in some instances. Most patients who unfortunately acquire the disease are workers from an industrial plant or so that uses asbestos as part of the manufacturing process. But I’m not saying that only those who work on asbestos present plant gets disease, anyone can get the cancer for as long as you are exposed to asbestos in a long period of time.

The latency period of this cancer is long, thereby taking years for it to be detected on one’s body. Unfortunately, that kind of latency period affects the mesothelioma survival rate of a patient who has it already. Because of the fact that it cannot be detected immediately many die from it because the cancer has already damaged most of the vital organs.

That is why the government has implemented new laws about the usage of asbestos in industrial plants and even on household. Asbestos are now being banned in some areas in the United States just to prevent any further damage in the community. To know more about it you can search the internet about it.

Should I see an Ophthalmologist ?

I’ve been blogging for about 3 hours now which means I’ve been in front of my laptop for about 4 hours already. Hmm.. Why is it feels like I’ve been browsing the internet for a day already? What does this means? My eyes are so tired and they feel itchy and somewhat teary. Does this means I need to wear prescription eye glasses? Oh my! I hope not.

Actually, this eye discomfort has been bugging me since last year. Well, maybe working in a computer filled room for 8 hours is the culprit. Imagine being an in front of a computer 8 hours a day, 6 days a week and that is for 9 years! God! My eyes have really been damage for overexposure already. Urgh!

But I am a bit afraid to go to an ophthalmologist and wear prescription glasses for it may make my eye problem worst. Just like what my friend Judith told me before. She was forced to wear glasses during the day because her sight needs to be corrected but because she’s not into wearing glasses she usually take them off when she feels like it. Result – more stigmatism was detected. Now, she’s wearing a thicker lens eyeglass just for her to see.

So what do you think? Should I see an eye expert now?

Sunday, April 3, 2011

The Teacup Chihuahua

I was browsing my Facebook account this morning when I saw this cute little thing at my friend’s account. :)

This is a true living Chihuahua that is a size of a teacup! Isn’t he the cutest little thing ever? Lol! Honestly, I’m not a dog lover but if ever I get a chance to own this Chihuahua I will definitely grab the opportunity. He will be my first every living doggie toy!Don’t get me wrong, I’m not a brainiac or someone with adapexin-p overdose; I just want this puppy because he reminded me of the Chihuahua toy I got from Mc Donald’s happy meal. Lol! :)