Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Mother's Day Gift from Sharis Berries

Oh my! I can believe that tomorrow will be the last day of March! Urgh! Why does time has to pass thru our lives so fast? It’s like I just woke up yesterday giving birth to my first child and now only a few weeks to go and I’ll be delivering our second child. Oh boy!

Motherhood is sometimes painful and tiring but most of the time fulfilling especially if you have little kids roaming around the house. And with that being said, the month of Mother’s is also fast approaching. Time to search a Mother’s day gift for my mom. :)

So as for me not to think so much, I thought of asking my husband on what he recommends we should give to our moms this year. He said, “Why not send Mothers day gift from Sharis Berries?” Hmmm… not a bad idea, right? Sharis Berries are one of the best ever! :)

Precious Moments with the Family

Before I continue my research about oxyelite pro reviews, let me show you a photo of my family while enjoying the cool water under the heat of the summer sun. :)

This is my dad enjoying the whole afternoon in the pool with his grandchild. Just look at the smiles on their faces. Such a lovely sight, isn’t?

These are one of life’s precious moments that nothing and no one can replace ever! More photos to come! :)

Wear a Helmet and Live Longer

Safety always comes first whenever we ride! That policy has been the major priority of our riding group and it should be implemented strictly for our own safety and to practice safety in the community. That is why you should always remember that every time you ride a motorcycle, or a race car and even a horse, you should always make sure that one wears the proper gears and especially their riding helmets. Not only that it will keep you confident that no violation will be done, you are also assured that you will have longer lives.

Sunday, March 27, 2011

Great Hair Care Products

I was checking out this Shu Uemura lash curler when I came across with their hair care items. I got really thrilled when I saw the White Tea Satin Design because it is just the hair care treatment I need for my hair. I am not really sure if it is because of my pregnancy that my hair suddenly becomes limp and dry. I tried changing my comb by buying some Mason Pearson brushes (for I thought that my comb is not giving me the write sway for my hair) but still no effect- my hair is still dry and very limp.

Oh well, I think this Shu Uemura will give me the best result especially because it contains white tea polishing milk which is an expert in smoothing hair and promise to give a lustrous satin finish. Not only that with this kind of silky touch, you will be definitely feel a weightless polish, unlike those heavy and uncomfortable creams that only gives me more hair problems that solutions. Anyways, I might also consider buying Bumble and Bumble Alojoba shampoo to have that natural look.

Friday, March 25, 2011

Quick Fix for Greasy or Oily Hair

"No matter how much I wash my hair, it looks greasy. What should I do? “

If oil is your bugaboo, try a dry shampoo spray, which typically contains corn starch, silica or clay to soak up excess oil. Because it comes in aerosol form you can apply it lightly yet thoroughly.

The best technique: Lift up sections of hair and spritz directly onto scalp and roots. Let hair sit for a minute and brush, which takes the oil right out and adds body without leaving any residue. If you have curly hair, save your waves by gently dabbling roots with clean makeup sponge to remove shampoo instead of brushing.


Treat you scalp like skin. Scan list of ingredients in shampoos for one’s you‘d find in skin-care products for oily complexions.

Skip conditioner. If you have oily hair, your natural oils moisturize enough; you don’t need any extra.

Seek out alcohol. Look for root lifters and volumizing sprays that contain alcohol as one of the first few ingredients. Just remember that when you apply it, target only your scalp and roots; stay away from midshaft and ends so you don’t parch them.

Photo Hunt No. 258 : Cage(d)

These are some photos of my son Aj why back 2 years ago. They were taken inside the church where my nephew’s baptism is taking place.

As you can see, my son is planning to get out of the church but we told the church helper to lock the doors for him not to be caged. Fortunately, the helper was kind enough to assist us with our disciplinary action. :)

To see more caged photos visit

Planning for the Perfect Bachelorette Party

Everybody has been talking about the Kate Middleton and Prince William Wedding. But the couple has really been secretive and not many details have been revealed about their wedding.

But one thing is for sure. Kate will definitely have the time of her life for the Dirty Dancing themed Bachelorette party that her sister Pippa is planning for her. As usual, not much information is available about this party. Pippa booked several venues for the party to lure the paparazzi and the fans but they are saying that it is only a small group of 10 which compose of Kate’s close family and friends.

So how do you plan a perfect Bachelorette party? Just like any parties, it takes a lot of planning, preparation and organization to make the party a success so here are some tips to help you plan a perfect bachelorette party:

1. Select a theme so all details for the party will revolve around this theme. When selecting for the theme, don’t forget to consult the bride as this is an event that the bride should enjoy. It is about the bride-to-be and not about the maid of honor throwing the party. Consult the bride on the activities and ideas that she wants so you will have an idea on what theme will work best for the party.

Some themes that you can consider includes a day at the spa, a trip to the winery, something naughty theme (like the Dirty Dancing theme of Kate’s party), videoke night, poker night, or just a simple get together at home with the bride’s friends.

2. Decide on the date so you can inform the bride and the guests in advance so they can free up their schedule for this party. When choosing the date, it shouldn’t be that close to the wedding day as for sure the bride and the wedding party will still have a lot of work to do before the big day. But it shouldn’t be that far from the wedding date also so that the bride can feel that this bachelorette party will be her last best night as a single lady.

3. Make the guest lists. Consult the bride on who she wants to invite for the party to make sure that everybody close to the bride is present. The bachelorette party is a memorable event for the bride-to-be so it is important that everybody close to the bride will be there for the party.

4. Set the budget. Before starting to plan for the party, ask around to check how much each is willing to pay. The bride should not be ask to pay and so it should be clear among the invitees on how much each guest will shoulder.

5. Plan the activities. Depending on the theme selected, think of activities and games that will make the party fun. Search online as there are a lot of ideas that you can find in the net for games and activities that you can have for a bachelorette party.

Remember, a bachelorette party need not be expensive and extravagant. The maid-of-honor planning for the party can even check out discount and promos that they can avail when booking venues, caterer, etc when planning for the party. It is all about the memories that the bride will remember on her last special night as a single gal spent with people close to her heart. So have fun and make this bachelorette party a truly special night for the bride-to-be.


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Wilson Cellular Booster Save the Day

Last night was one of the worst nights I’ve ever had. Why? Because I could not reach my wife with my cell phone and worst I cannot determine what’s wrong with it. I was really pissed about for I have a lot of important things to discuss with my wife especially because I need to coordinate the foods we need to bring for our summer outing with her family. She’s currently at her parent’s house and our means of communication was thru phone calls and texts.

That’s why the very next day I decided to have a cell phone technician check what was wrong. Unfortunately, there was something wrong about its signal and to only thing to make it work is to buy a wilson cellular booster. And that’s what I did I bought one even though I’m on a tight budget. Well, I rather spend some cash than to face a hysterical wife. Lol!

Thursday, March 24, 2011

Searching for Sports Trophies

Does anyone of you here know where to purchase cheap but unique sports trophies?

We badly need the trophies for our village upcoming badminton tournament next month and unfortunately, my husband and I were assigned to be in charge in the management of prices and awards. Well, not that I’m complaining but I am not really into this kind of stuffs. It was actually the fault of my husband who in the first place signed me up for this sport event. He knows that I’m not really a sporty person but he still insists of shaping me up a bit and get active with him. Urgh! Is this the consequence I have to accept of marrying an athlete?

Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Shopping Late at Night

Hi guys! I am still up and doing my online research about cotton surgical scrubs. Well, not for me of course, it’s for my cousin James who will work as a nurse in a new hospital next month. Yup! He’s just so excited because finally he will be working in a prestigious hospital which is fortunately one of his dream work place as a medical nurse.

As a newbie he wants to make a good impression to his new employer and co-worker and one thing he chose to get impressive is thru his scrubs. He decided to dispose all his nursing scrubs and ought to buy nursing scrubs online for he thinks that they are more stylish and comfy. Well, he’s definitely right about that at some point. That’s why I am helping him find some cheap hospital scrubs in the internet. And by far the best scrubs we’ve seen so far are those from They have different styles and stock that definitely grabbed James attention. Hmm… but I am really hoping we can order a pair or more tonight so that the package will arrive before the end of April. Hope James will make up his mind before I have a shut eye.:)

Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Great Business Technique

My friend Rodel is a newly promoted marketing manager at a blooming manufacturing company in our place. He started off as a marketing clerk when he entered the company a couple of years ago. But because of his unrelenting dedication and loyalty to his work, his hard labor paid of this year.

Excited to begin his new spot as the head of the marketing department, he opted to open new doors to the company by making unique and effective marketing strategies. One of the tactics that he is planning to persue is aiding Grok as a partner consultant in terms of their advertising and creative designing aspects. Have you ever heard about that consulting agency? Well, it is a prestigious company co funded by the renowned creative artists Tod Seisser. Their goal is to aid people and companies in terms if their marketing or advertising strategies by studying each client’s objective in a deeper manner. They have to look deeper in to the system for them to work intensively, quickly and cost effectively.

Well, for me this great technique which Rodel has thought for his company will definitely boost more sales and clients in the coming months.

Saturday, March 19, 2011

Flaunt Them Out

Women nowadays are so self-conscious, but there are some who have inferiority complex because of their small breasts or as they say, those who are flat-chest. They create a lot of ideas or go through experiments to improve their appearance. Some women are buying wonder bras to show others that they have been naturally blessed with big breasts. But that is all temporary. There is a better way to improve all that using our modern medicine. There is a way to enlarge our breast permanently. No need to spend large amount of money on gadgets and gizmos who oftentimes give temporary solutions. They call it breast augmentation or breast enlargement.

With River Medical's breast augmentation ireland they perform safe procedures and are strict on following rules about augmentation. But before undergoing with this procedure, you must be healthy and should have an active mind. The consultant will test if you are suitable to get this breast enlargement operation. After getting out of the operation you can see the difference in your body right away No need to wait for a long time, you will surely get instant results. Now you can easily flaunt those big breasts and enjoy your new body. You can now go shopping and buy your favorite sexy dress without worries.

Wednesday, March 16, 2011

Amazing Glass Jewerly and Glass Eggs

Looking for one of a kind jewelry to give for your love ones or friends? Well, stop your search now for I just found an online jewelry store that offers the most unique and stunningly beautiful jewelries and other modern art work.

Dream of Glass is the store I am talking about. They offer wide variety of extra ordinary accessories that you wouldn’t think exists. What do I mean about extra ordinary? Well, unlike other jewelry store where their necklaces or bracelets are made from gold or silver materials. Dream of Glass products are made from glass! Yup! They are specially made the some kind of glass blowing technique called lamp-working. Their jewelry and arts are made from very hard glass that is definitely durable and scratch resistant.

Their best sellers are these necklaces.



Just look how pretty they are.

Now, check out these awesome Glass Eggs they made.



They are truly a work of it isn’t? Definitely perfect for people who loves and adores arts and glass. I am really glad that something unique like this still exists and is used in practice. This only means that the traditional art industry is still making its way on the top of the market beside the risk of competition of high technology gadgets and accessories.

Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Cheap Auto Insurance

Oh my god! I almost forgot that we have to look for cheap auto insurance for our Lancer. The car’s current insurance will expire this month but we don’t want to renew it again because it bears so much on our expenditures.

Anyways, I have to get off for a while and talk to my husband about this one. Hopefully, we can avail a great deal before this month ends.

Sunday, March 13, 2011

A Great Getaway at Villas in Puerto Pollensa

Oh the weather here is so hot! I think we really need to start planning our great away this year and I can say that this season is the perfect one for a family bonding moment.

I told my parents about it and they were thrilled as well. I was planning to have it this month but my dad said that he was a business engagement for 2 weeks abroad specifically North Molarca. I honestly don’t know where that is but with the sound of its name I felt that the place is an island. I asked my dad about it and he said it is an island and the name the Balearic. Well, a spark of interest suddenly struck me and I told my parents that we can still have the grand getaway with my dad and have some business meeting at the side as well. The idea – will have a grand vacation at North Molarca! Great idea, right?!

That’s why as today I’m spending my whole day finding for a great resort in North Molarca. My dad’s company rented some villas in Puerto Pollensa and when I saw the pictures on their website I can say that it’s also a best hub for the family bonding as well. So, I asked my dad if it’s ok if we also stay at one of the villas in Pollensa for us to be complete while my dad is having a business meeting. He said that he will have to inquire his boss about it.

A few days later, we received some good news from my dad. Not only that his boss approved our stay there, he also promoted our dad to senior officer! Wow! This means more privileges and more benefits for us! Lol! I am really happy with the turnout of the events and I bet this getaway is the best vacation ever.

Friday, March 11, 2011

Car Accident Lawyers are ready to Help

Did you or your love one met a car accident and needed help on the processing of your claims, benefits and other accident insurance related issues but you’re too busy or too distracted to do argue them on your own? Well, all you need to do is hire a professional expert to cater your processing needs. Accident or injury lawyers are the experts I am talking

Car accidents are very traumatic not only to the patient but to the family as well, that’s why when the family is still in a state of shock other legal matters that need to be settle or claim must be passed to professional individuals that are willing to help like the car accident attorney Austin. They make sure that they will represent you no matter what. Rest assured that these experience lawyers will make the necessary actions to obtain any compensation that may arise and will help on the recovery of the patient as well as the families. If you need their help you can visit them or call at the contact details below.

O’Hanlon, McCollom & Demerath – Personal Injury Lawyers – 808 West Avenue, Austin, TX. 78701 – 512-494-9949

Sunday, March 6, 2011

Affordable Web Hosting Services

It is Monday once again and I thought of having this day as my day off online. I thought of spending the whole day doing offline chores and bonding with my boys. But I suddenly remembered that I have a lot of pending to do online and one of them is my web hosting renewal.

You see, by March 17 my 2 wordpress domains will be expiring again, which means I need to renew about $137.50 again for a one year web hosting services plus an add on slots for my two domains. Unfortunately, I don’t have the budget for it yet and I finally realized that I cannot afford to spend about a $100 more again for the 4th time just for a hosting service. Good thing, I have some friends online that I can talk to and ask some aid about managed hosting. That is when I realized that I can spend at least $20 dollars only for a one year hosting service. And the best part is they offer almost the same packages like my old hosting provider. Gosh! If not for them, I would just be disbursing a large amount of dollars again this year. Now, all I have to do is familiarize myself about colocation and other hosting terminologies for me to start working with my friends.

Thank God for my online friends! :)

Saturday, March 5, 2011

Wax a Bit Less

Whether you choose to remove a little hair from your bikini line or take it all off, what matters is that you feel comfortable with the process. Which brings to mind the Brazilian and why you might want to consider forgoing those bare-as-a-baby results (besides the obvious reason –pain!)? But I think most of us don’t know that pubic hair acts as a natural buffer against chafing. And, as you get older, you’ll want to leave some hair there for camouflage because everything and I mean everything sags eventually.

Experts usually suggest developing a protective yet groomed V shape. If you’re doing your own waxing at home, choose a formula with antiseptic tea tree oil or soothing lavender (such as Sally Hansen Lavender Spa Body Wax Hair removal kit). The ingredients thinly coat skin, so wax grabs only hair, easing pain.

If a razor is your weapon of choice, try the dual-ended Schick Quattro for Women Trimstyle which sports a shower friendly battery-powered trimmer on one end ( to get even tiny hairs) and a razor on the other end ( for a satiny finish). Be sure to wet skin thoroughly and use a slick hydrating cream (such as EOS Ultra Moisturizing Shave cream in Lavender Jasmine) to help prevent irritation. Move the blade against your natural hair growth for ultra-smooth results.