Monday, February 28, 2011

Affordable Plus Size Women's Clothing for Summer| Plus Size Fashion and Apparels|

My mom called me this morning and was inviting us for a swimming getaway this weekend. Yes! Finally, summer is definitely here! I am so excited to splash on any body of water just to cool my warm body. Lol! But what made this more exciting is everything will be shouldered by my parents. Yes! How cool is that huh? That made me said yes before my mom finish saying all the details. Lol! Upon hearing the exhilarating news I immediately told hubby about it and he was also thrilled to join as well.

After an hour, my mom called again and was asking me if I can buy her plus size clothing this summer. Oh well, I thought everything will be free. Lol! But hey, at least a womens plus size clothing is much cheaper than a weekend getaway with the whole family. Lol! So without any complaints, I said yes to my mom and promise her to give her new summer wardrobe this Friday. Fortunately, I don’t need to go to the mall just to buy her some women’s plus size clothing for has new arrivals that I can choose from it all. All I have to do now is order these trios below so that they will reach my mom’s house by Friday.

Here are my picks.

What do you think? :)

Great Lawyer Marketing Services Online

Since I started blogging last 2007, I have learned and discovered a lot of things because of the internet. From searching viable information about a certain product, answers to certain questions and even earning more money thru online opportunities. Those are the discoveries that are worth sharing and worth doing have kept me blogging until this very date. It is also because of blogging that I was able to help other people with their own websites with or without pay.

Like what my friend Robert is asking me to do. He was promoted to lead the law firm marketing department this year and the management wants more exposure online to get more clients. They plan to launched a big law firm website this year but still on the process of polishing. Unfortunately, he doesn’t know much about the internet marketing and the importance of search engine optimization in terms of website ownership. That’s why he decided to aid my assistance, for he knows I have learned much from browsing and reading articles especially about lawyer marketing. Well, he’s definitely right; because of my tedious search online about SEO and marketing I was able to discover lots of online companies that can aid us. One of them is, an online company that is an expert on search engine optimization and business marketing. They offer different competitive names or keywords in their inventory that will truly help an individual or a company to reach the top 3 position of searchable websites on search engines. Fortunately, they have a lot of attorney marketing names and ideas that we can use of and will definitely aid my friend Robert about their marketing project. Hopefully, we can finish everything within this week! Wish us luck guys! :)

Virtual Magic: Make your teeth more Whiter

Are less-than-gleaming teeth ruining your otherwise lovely Facebook photos? Before you detag yourself, download Crest Whitestrips Whiten-it, a free application that erases stains. Simple zoom in on your mouth, click on “Whiten” and smile pretty. :)

The Need to Earn More

I’m currently on the process of making a summary of our finances. I need to this for us to know if we are on the right track in terms of our spending habits and fixed expenditures. If not, it’s time for us to limit or maybe sell some of our things that accumulates our expenses than give us more savings. Unfortunately, the figures are telling us that we need to work more with our income to cover up most of our expenditures. Urgh! I hate this! How can we save up for my delivery this May or June if we have this constraint? If this will not progress I think we might sell the car to lessen our insurance expense and have more funds for this year! Urgh! Life! I hope the franchise business will give be completed as soon as possible and hopefully will boost our earnings. :(

Put the Tweezer Down

A pluck here, a pluck there, and the next thing you know your tweezing ritual has robbed you of most of your eyebrows. What’s the deal? Focusing on a tedious task is mesmerizing in its way, and it also lets you feel more in control of your life- which help ease larger worries. But there’s a good reason for sparing your eyebrows:

Full brows frame and accentuate your eyes, so you can get away with wearing less liner and mascara. If your eyebrows are sparse, your first move is to let them grow in gradually, one row at a time. That requires patience. Brow hairs can take about three to nine weeks to sprout. To ease the awkward transition, fill in gaps with a pencil or powder that matches your eye brow color. You can try L’Oreal Brow Styliste Professional brow shaping too valued at $10.
Once brows have grown in, get pruned by a pro. Tell her you’re looking for a brow shape that flatters your face and ask her to leave them full but polished. Afterward, limit your DIY touch-ups to no more than once a week, rather than every morning. Resist the urge to pluck just one more hair and soon you’ll have broken your tweezers-happy habits for good.

A Lot to be Thankful For

I’ll be officially on my 4th month as a WAHM on March 15. Whew! It has been that long? Well, thank God I was able to cope up with some of the downfall of being a work at home mom. On the other hand, I have a lot of things to be thankful of.

One of which is I was able to bond more with my boys. Then, because of me staying at home the whole day I was able to focus on my blogging and other online ventures. I also consider my resignation as a blessing in disguise in some ways; for now I can watch out on my health more and I have lesser stress than when I was working in the office. Finally, a new business opportunity offline just knocked on our door and it’s about buying a franchise. You see, one of my former office mate has established his own chicken business in the market. He sells marinated and roasted chickens like that of Bounty Fresh “Choks to Go” and that is what my friend is offering me. A franchise stall with a small capital needed but with great income in store. I’m still in the process of searching the perfect location for the business and hopefully I can able to find a great site before this month end for us to start with the franchise. Urgh! Wish as luck guys! :)

Saturday, February 26, 2011

Playing without Hassles

As I’ve said on my previous posts, I’m currently indulging myself on playing online games specifically playing casino. Well, I really haven’t play the game yet for I am still searching for the best no deposit casino bonus codes which I can use to play online without any dollar to spend with. Fortunately, the expert is in the house and you know who it is? My brother Noel. Lol!

He has been an expert on this kind of stuffs and bonus codes are one of his expertise. He told me search on for he said that this website offers a lot of bonus codes. True enough the moment I opened their website a Grande Vegas Casino $50 No deposit bonus code appeared on their homepage. Also, they have menu tab about the top casinos online that you can browse with all the details that you need to know like overall ratings, payouts and sign-up bonus. Then on their side bar you can see lots of different bonus codes from different play area. Just click on those and you can already grab and play for free! Wow! Isn’t that amazing or what? I’m really glad my brother told me about this site at least now I can enjoy playing online without the hassle of too much spending money. :)

Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Full Pouty Sexy Lips in Just Minutes

Full pouty lips are usually considered by many as very sexy and very desirable. I mean who can resist Angelina Jolie’s charm with the lips that she bears? Due to that, many people who are not blessed with such usually spend lots of money just to have a cosmetic surgery or buy cosmetic injections just to be plump. But did you know that you can have those in simple beauty tricks?

I am not a beauty expert myself but I’ve always wanted to have the illusion that I owned a sexy and pouty lip like those I usually see on magazine covers. That’s why since I have the luxury of time, I tried browsing the internet for tips on how to create an illusion on having the perfect lips. I’m actually describing such as an illusion because in really life I don’t have it but I can have it with proper make up tricks. Here is what I’ve gathered:

All you need is a lipstick, lip liner or pencil, lip gloss or Vaseline. Yup! That’s all you need. Next with the procedure.

First, choose the correct cosmetics. Be sure to buy a lipstick and a lip liner that has the same color as your lips. This is very important for the illusion to take effect.

Then, put the lipstick on and sketch the outer edges of the lips with a lip liner but be sure never to draw a line outside of the normal lip area for it not to look unnatural. Lip liner is used to define the color of the lipstick so it is a must that the two should blend properly.

After that, put on a little bit of the lip gloss for a softer and shiny look. If you wanted to make it look moister, shiny and noticeably fuller use the Vaseline and that’s it!

You got fuller, sexy and pouty lips in just minutes! :)

Great Buying Guide for Men's Hair Care | Men's Grooming Buying Guide

Every woman just hates a “Bad Hair Day” but did you know that a bad hair can also ruin a man’s mood? Just like what happen to my husband. He used to have long locks that he used to iron but because of his itchy dandruff he decided to give himself a baldy look. He got a semi bald haircut last week for him not to shampoo too much and for him not use any gels to style his hair.

You see, he believes that the gels he used when styling his hair is the main culprit for his dandruff but I believe otherwise. For dandruff are usually caused by frequent exposure to extreme heat and cold and not on hair styling products alone. But of course, my husband did not accept that at first hand so I opted to search on for proper hair care for men to at least minimize his dandruff. Fortunately, I came across with, it’s an online store plus an adviser at the same time. They give their clients basic information about certain health and beauty problems then suggests products for their clients to use. They are really a great help especially to a wife like me that needs solutions to everyday problems like my husband’s dandruff’s! lol!

Lighten Up those Highlights

Is your hair loosing its shine? Do you have hair highlights that need to shine? Well now you can enhance your highlights without a salon trip. Simply mix a cap of sparkling wine with shampoo, and then wash as usual. The booze contains tartaric acid, which can brighten any shade.

That’s it! Just a simple step to do the simple trick! :)

Monday, February 21, 2011

Lake Havasu Resort and Vacation Rentals

Just when you have thought you have tried all the wonderful things you can do with the whole family, think again. Perhaps you have grown sick and tired of all the usual family bonding activities that your kids are already getting bored. Then why not try something new like going on Colorado River Adventures trip with the whole family? This may be something new for these kids who are used to playing computer games, checking out cool gadgets and living a life online (leaving the real world behind). Maybe they have spent just so many hours and days facing the computers and forgetting about the reality. Don’t you think it is about time to get your children back from you, their parents and enjoy wondrous hours with them? If you think so, they you should be on your way to Lake Havasu.

No doubt, among the most sought after family fun locations is the Lake Havasu Springs Resort. You will never run out of water sport activities while inside the springs resort. You will be surprised to see your kids splashing around like there is no tomorrow! You cannot blame them anyway. Perhaps it has been long since they have had this fun on the real world. This place is an all-in-one heaven for the whole family, with so many things in store for everyone. You may even be surprised to hear your kids asking for more time in the resort. Yes, they will surely want longer hours there with all the spectacular activities and great location. You may even want to schedule your next honeymoon there!

How to find the Perfect Jeans for your Body Type

I’ve done some research about picking the right jeans for my booty and fortunately, there were helpful reads that I was able to use. So as of the moment, I know what jeans will fit perfectly for me.

Whatever your body type, be you muffin top, hour glass, saddle bags, JLO booty, no curves or plus size. You can find the perfect pair of jeans for your body.

Here it is. First thing you need is

• Computer
• Internet
• Know your body type
• Height
• Weight

a.) Then you need to have a little background information. Know how tall you are in inches. Also know your weight.

b.) Open up a new window on your computer and go to

c.) Select the tab you want to search under "jeans" or "plus size jeans"

d.) Answer a few simple questions about your body type and how most jeans fit you.

e.) Find out what jeans will fit you best, where to buy them, and how much they cost.

f.) Go through the list and choose the perfect jeans you like.

g.) Create an account and save your results as well as your top picks for jeans if you want to come back to your results in the future.

h.) Go shopping, try the jeans on and see if they really are the perfect jeans. If they do in fact look perfectly flattering on you, buy them right there or look online to see if you can buy the same jeans in that size online cheaper.

After finding out that Levis jeans are the perfect jeans for me, I make it a point to shop every month for at least a pair of jeans. Hopefully, by the end of the year, I would have lots of Levis in my closet and hopefully saving funds for next year. Lol!

Sunday, February 20, 2011

The Beauty of Gold Bullion

The beauty of gold bullion coins never ceases to amaze me. Not only that it shines beautifully like the sun, its accumulative value makes the bullion more attractively extravagant. That’s why many people specifically serious investors spend their money to buy gold bullion to be included in their assets for they know in the years to come it will cost more than what they had paid for.

Just take a look at this Gold American Eagle coins. These coins are considered as the number 1 gold bullion choice by investors’ world wide. This weighs about one ounce and is made only from US gold. Well, just by looking at it, you can be sure that they cost a lot and would definitely add more value on your bank account.

How to prevent Fungus on Nails?

More than 40 million people all around the world have onychomycosis, a contagious fungal infection of the nails. Yup! Nails are very prone to germs and infections because they are one of the most exposed body parts which are also one of the most neglected.

To reduce bacteria-harboring moisture that can cause yellowing as well as brown and while spots on your nail plate, swear off polish for a few days each month to give your nails a chance to air out between manicure and pedicure.

Your fingers and toes will surely thank you for that.

I Love Playing Games

As a mom staying at home, one of the greatest struggles I’m experiencing is boredom. Well, I’m not saying that I’m bored all the time, boredom usually strike me when Aj is outside playing , my husband is at work and I am left with nothing to on and off line. That’s why one time I decided to try playing online casino games just to let time pass for the day. I never tried playing online and I thought playing something like that was just a waste of time. But I was wrong. I never thought that playing online games was really enjoyable.

One of my favorite is playing slots, I just love how the numbers and other graphics goes up and down and I just love the exciting feeling of having a match! Somehow, it brings back the childhood in me and I just can’t help but play and play. Lol! Anyways, now I just have to keep my mouth and laptop shot when the husband is around for he doesn’t want me to get addictive with any internet games. :)

Friday, February 18, 2011

Shoe Buying Guide, Accessories and Latest Fashion Trends

Looking for new shoes? Well, before you buy a pair I suggest that you should read some shoe buying guide first. You see, buying shoes is not as easy as you think it is. Sometimes, you thought you already got the perfect pair then buy it immediately and when you get home or used it for the first time, you suddenly realized that the shoes was not really meant for your feet or for your taste. This is usually experienced with online shopping where you don’t have a chance to fit them in person.

To prevent that from happening to you, it is better that you are equipped with data or information about the items you are buying. Some tips I’ve read is to go window shopping on your favorite brand stores. Pick out several styles you like and test them for the size and fit. Then if you had chosen the pair for you compare their prices online and buy which ever cost cheaper. Also consider the accessories and the clothes you will need to pair them with the shoes.

Shopping online is more convenient and sometimes more cheaper than buying those directly on stalls where they usually extra charge for lease. Also online shops usually offer the latest fashion trends for they are the first to hear the news from internet buzz. I think you do agree with me, right? :)

Thursday, February 17, 2011

Five Steps to get Silky and Sexy Hair Strands

As they say, the hair is our crowning glory especially for us ladies. Even though, you have beautiful skin and wearing nice clothes but have irritably ugly hair, you will not be adored by many.

Actually, that’s one of my problems right now. Since I got pregnant my hair seems to be unmanageable and dry. That’s why I tried to look for some solutions to fix it and here are some of them.


Overzealous detangling is the primary cause of hair carnage. That’s because when strands are wet, they swell, becoming more fragile and prone to tearing. The gentle way to de-snag is with a wide-tooth plastic comb, not a brush. Brush bristles can be too rough for the hair. So comb it with the wide tooth plastic comb only, but before you do that squeeze out excess water and apply a leave-in conditioner so the comb glides right through.


Three words: Get regular trims ( ideally, every 4 to 8 weeks ). If you have fine hair, tell your stylist to use scissors, not a razor. The latter thins out and weakens ends.


Shampooing everyday can strip hair of moisture. Between washes, simply rinse with water and massage your scalp to redistribute oils ( your hair’s natural conditioner ) down the length of strands.


Twice a week, slather on a mask with a hair smoother such as shea butter or protein. The hot to: Divide damp hair into 3 inch sections, apply the cream from root to tips, then twist sections together. This helps the mask permeate deeper inside strands. Leave on for five minutes, rinse and style as usual.


Pop you clothes in the dryer continuously and they’ll fade fast. The same thing happens when you bake hair with a dryer. Prevent scorching by setting your dryer on medium or low heat; also hold it about 4 inches from hair and always keep airflow moving- never aim the dryer at one spot for more than 10 seconds.

Police Brutality and Corruption - When will it End?

Here in our country police harassment has always been a problem. I don’t know why but our government hasn’t done much to protect the civilians against these brutally annoying men in uniform who used their authority to abuse and scare people. Though our president has been announcing to the public that measures has been set and will be strictly implemented throughout the country to prevent any more abuse but still there are still unreported cases of police brutality.

Unfortunately, I don’t really know why such people (supposed to be our protector) exist in this planet. I am not sure if it has something to do with the guns or badges they posses that makes them more evil. Well, I don’t think so for they are just things that don’t affect of what a person thinks. In my point of view, the problems lie in the society in totally, if the people in a society don’t know how to abide with the rules they themselves has established, brutality like this as well as corruption will continue to sprout throughout the country. Can you believe that even with young people corruption exists? Yes, sad but true, it’s only up to us parents and their family to keep the virtue alive within ourselves.

Skywatch Friday | The Beauty of Sunrise

I miss the BEAUTY of the Sunrise.

By just looking at it, your morning can change dramatically. Do you agree?

Want to see more inspiring photos? Just go to

Trying to Find the Best

My brother is on the move again on looking for the best acne products online. Unfortunately, the cream he had used that he bought on a beauty store near our place did not make any difference. Instead, the cream just made his acne worst and even bigger. Now, he’s asking me if I can help him buy online. But of course as a wise consumer, I told him to consult a dermatologist first before exposing his skin again on chemical products. Anyways, he’s on his way to a dermatologist this week and hopefully he would hit the jackpot this time.

The Modern Prom Queen

This is my niece Celine. So what do you think about her prom dress?

Gorgeous isn’t?

I just love the color and its chic design, it somehow brings out the modern yet a very elegant look for a young lady. Oh yeah, I also love the gladiator heels. But I’m not really sure if I can walk with those even in my very own prom. Lol! :)

Custom Sticky Notes, Post It and Note Pads |

Many writers and authors will probably be reluctant to admit that Post It Notes and Post It Pads have become their companions in their writing profession. But this is especially true for a writer associate, who just cannot live without her sticky notes and note pads.

Ever since she discovered sticky notes, she has been using them literally everywhere and anytime. Sticky notes have been very helpful to her when she is doing research for her books or magazine articles. When she finds a particular bit of info in a reference that she borrowed from the library, she would immediately jot down a small reminder on a sticky note and slap it onto the page. Because the adhesive strip does not leave sticky residue on the book pages, she does not have to worry about the pages getting stuck together. Whereas before she needed a cork board to tack all her notes and schedules for quick location and view, she instead writes everything down in a note pad and sticks it to the wall.

With time, this writer friend has discovered another good use for these sticky notes. After discovering from the company that supplies her sticky that she can have these items made to her specifications, she began ordering instead personalized sticky notes and personalized sticky note pads. The note pads have been useful whenever she sends manuscripts to her editor at the publishing company. She just writes a message to her editor and slaps on the note to her work. Because the note has her name and address printed on it, his secretary will not overlook it. On the other hand, she has been using personalized sticky notes whenever a fan of her novels from another state or another country writes to lament that he or she is unable to meet her at book signings because her travel schedule is limited to certain areas. She decided to use her personalized sticky notes as bookplates, writing a small message to her fans and then affixing her autograph. Several of her fans have actually written to thank her for sending sticky notes for each book of hers that they have in their collection.

If you are a writer or author, discover for yourself the convenience that personalized sticky notes and personalized note pads offer.

Build more Traffic thru Organic Seach Engine Optimization

I'm currently working on my blogs. I need to increase website traffic because there was a decrease on stats particularly on readership and visits. I decided to do it this week while my online tasks are low and most of them have been done.

Now, I am in front of my laptop and I am thinking of how and where to start this process. Should I research first about how to optimize my blogs and blog posts or should I start looking for a search engine optimization company to help me with it? I really can't think straight right now for I have so many things on my mind, it's like I want to burst and do them all at once for my websites to bloom.

Fortunately, a friend of mind was helpful enough to give me some tips about website optimization and blog indexing. She also said that organic search engine optimization is better than that artificial optimization that will only give you artificial traffic as well. One of the tips she shared was about blog posts title optimization, where you have to look into Google first for keywords of what to include on your posts title. It's better to get keywords from the top 10 or at least top 5 searchable links at Google. The moment she said that I thought of trying it, it was hard for a while but when you get the hang of it, it becomes part of your blogging routine.

Quite surprisingly, after a few weeks of doing that Mr. G made a big updates on page ranks and luckily I was one of the few who got a page rank of 3 for this blog! I'm still on the process of learning everything about optimization. My only problem now is indexing with one of my blogs for until today some of my posts at one of blogs is not indexed in the search engines.

Oh well, pinging everyday will make a difference in time. I just have to wait.

Help Please

Hi guys!

Does anyone of you here know where I can get the best slimming pills in town? Urgh! My sister is really bugging me about it and she wants me to help her find the best where she can really loss weight and be sexy once again. But because I’m a petite girl since birth I never had any idea what really works on those weight loss stuffs. If by chance you know someone that has taken a diet medication kindly buzz me so I could relay it to her. Thanks!

Wednesday, February 16, 2011

I Feel Dry

I feel so dry.

I’m actually pertaining to my skin. Just look at my face.

I really think my skin is dull and dry. Unfortunately, I don’t put any moisturizers on my face because I’m afraid that it might affect my pregnancy. Though I’m not really sure if there will be any effect but its better to be sure than to be sorry right?

But do you really think I need a skin make over?

Get fast cash advances when you needed it most

Are you in need of funds right now? Well, I bet you’re cramming of where to get the funds especially if you just had an unexpected disbursement. The good news is there are a lot of financial institutions online that offers quick cash advances and the best thing about them is you don’t need to file loads of documents to get approve.

You can browse on for more information about quick and easy cash advances.

The Beauty of Photography

Hi guys, before I got to sleep I just want to share with you this awesome photo that my husband captured a while go.

Can you see how stunning these little flowers are? Their colors are really dashing. My husband is currently studying the art of photography and hopefully when the time comes he will direct himself to a more professional level and have his very own photography shop. Hmmm will see.. :)

Where to buy a Network Cable Tester? |

Last night, I was busy watching some amazing documentaries on our LCD when all of a sudden our cable connection went down. I was so really pissed about it because I really can’t do anything about it. All I can do is report it and wait until morning to report what happened. So this morning, the first thing I did was to call our cable provider. They promptly replied and promised that they would send their network cable tester and technicians to check on the problem. Urgh! Why does it need to take this long? It has always been like that. All I want was to watch tv! :( If only I have my own network cable tester and know about cable connection I would probably do it myself and where do you think can I buy one?

Old Navy Sleep Wear Sets for Baby#2

Only 4 more months and I’ll be giving birth again. We don’t know yet the gender of that baby for w haven’t plan for any ultrasound. We thought of checking by the 7th month.

But as early as now, I tried browsing the internet for some baby clothes specifically sleepwear for our baby #2. And here are my latest picks..

If it’s a BOY...

If it’s a GIRL …

So what do you think? Did I get the best sets?

Well, I hope so and they are really affordable as well - but of course I have to wait until we finally know what our baby#2 is! After that, its time to order. :)

Hard Work and Perseverance

Are you craving for those abdominal cuts that most muscleman have? Well, you can have them too if you just exercise and eat the right food. Having the best body is not as easy as you think. Hard work and perseverance is always needed to be successful in everything that you do and that is also the same on having the best body.

So to achieve your dreams you should posses those qualities and make them last.

Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Have you tried using Beauche Skin Products?

Well, I just want to share with you a great discovery of mine. One of my bosses actually recommended me this skin care product. She said that in about one week of trying the beauty products you will actually see your facial skin color and its texture improved.

Here is the skin product I was talking about.

Beauche’ Skin Care

I was hesitant at first because I’m really not into face creams especially astringents but because I saw how my bosses face improved, I tried it! lol! And fortunately for me it really works. For the first 3 days you will feel the stretching, reddening and peeling of the face. But after that, everything will lighten then automatically smoothens after the 5th day. I was really happy with the results but I stop because I got pregnant with my first child.

Now, after giving birth to my second child I’m planning to buy a set again and hopefully to continue it until my face will be that of Lucy Torres. Lol! I’ll tell you more about it when I start using it again.:) But you can check their website if you want, just browse and see for yourself. Please note that this is not a paid post. :)

I am A Superwoman

It’s Sunday but I’m bombarded with online tasks. Opps! Don’t get me wrong for I am not complaining or whatsoever. Actually, I’m very glad to have them especially when one of my favorites “giver” back out on me. Lol!

Anyways, today is supposed to be my rest day and a family day for me, but because I have a deadline tomorrow about pgx daily reviews and I’m still sitting here in front of our laptop and finalizing everything while my son and husband are eating their dinner at the dining room. Oh, I just need to do this for my family’s sake.

Color Your Confidence

Forget power stilettos – a little primping may help you shine on the job. Nearly half of women polled say that wearing makeup leaves them feeling as if they have an edge at work, a survey from L’Oreal in Paris finds. Project poise by swiping on light pink or coral shades of lip gloss; they’re eye catching yet office appropriate.

Bring back the Muscles

My husband is really under the process of dieting right now because as some of you know he has gained a lot of weight since he entered the age of 30. That is why other than taking the best diet pills for him to trim down; he is also engaged on strenuous activities and rigid exercise. He also set a limit for himself in terms on his eating habits especially on consuming rice during meal time. Oh well, I just hope he can keep up to his new routine and hopefully he’ll get his muscles back! lol! :)

Straight and Bounce

A flat iron session shouldn’t leave your hair limp. To get a sleek look that’s bouncy, position a round brush beneath a small section of dry hair. Next, place the iron directly in front of the brush, clamp hair and run it down to ends, trailing the brush behind. Hair will assume the curved shaped brush, creating volume.

My Husband Skin Care Secret

My hubby just loved being involved into hard core physical activities like biking and air soft games. He said that it brings out the best in him and makes him feel healthy. He even asked me to join him play and tries his games but I was not really into it especially if it will give me a tanner look because of over exposure to the sun. But quite surprisingly my hubby’s skin still looks good, he didn’t have any black spots or tanned skin because of the sun. I asked him what he does so he relayed everything to me. Want to know what it is? Click here to learn more. :)

Friday, February 11, 2011

Clean the Air you breathe with Rabbit Air Purifier

Looking for efficient and affordable air purifiers? Well, you better read this post a little more for I just stumbled upon a website that can give you all that. is the site I’m talking about. Rabbit Air offers the best and the most stylish purifiers in the internet. With Rabbit Air, you can be sure that you are buying the most effective and the most affordable air purifiers in the market. Just choose on their different kinds of purifier models and see its specifications and how to use. You don’t have to be a technical expert for you to use this. By just browsing thru their site or with their easy to understand manual, you can be sure that you can breathe clean air as soon as the item arrived at your doorstep.

Anyways, my dad is planning to buy one of this for my month next month. I just hope he would include us in his shopping as well. Lol!

Tips to Avoid Foundation Blunders and look fabulous | Fabulous Makeup tips

Bad makeup can happen to good people. But not you! Try these fixes for the most common mishaps.

1.) Picking the wrong shade

You’ve heard this trick a thousand times: Swipe foundation along your jawline, then check it in natural light to see if it disappears into skin. How can you go wrong? “Over the course of the day, you skin’s natural oils can end up darkening the color”. So put one of the tester shades in the store, continue your spree, then check it an hour later; or buy the color, test-drive it at home and take it back if you aren’t happy. ( some stores have easy return policy for used make-ups, but ask a manager before investing in a new shade )

2.) Piling on the powder

If your skin always seems shiny, use blotting papers rather than powder every time you want to stamp out oil; powder can eventually build up and look chalky.

3.) Faking a tan with foundation

“Apply a shade that’s darker than your natural color and you’ll look like you’re wearing a mask”. Instead, select one that’s the same tone as your skin, then add a touch of “sun” with bronzer on your nose, forehead, cheekbones and chin.

4.) Rushing through your make-up routine

Dust powdery makeup, like brush, over still-wet liquid or cream foundation and the powder pigment will catch on damp spots, creating a streaky finish. Wait a mere 30 seconds to make your makeup (and you) look better. Antsy? Apply mascara or shape your brows in between steps.

Great Designs with the Elements

Tired of your plain, boring and old style hot tub patio?

Well, you came to right place for just discovered the coolest website for you where you can see and choose the best hot tub patio design online. existed to enhance ones outdoor living by giving the best tools and designs to individuals who wants to boost their social and wellness experience. They offer great gallery of designs on patios, backyards and deck living. You can have all of that on a customized ways as well.

It is always nice to relax outside your home, where you can breathe more fresh air, hear the birds chirping, see the skies bluing and the rays of the raising sun absorb thru your skin. It’s always healthy to be in touch with nature when you’re relaxing and aids to make that relaxing moment extra special thru their products. So what are you waiting for? Check out their gallery now and enjoy life!

Good Housekeeping Practice by my Husband

You cannot call a house a real house without its window because as we all know; a window plays a vital role in a shelter. First of all, it provides us good ventilation when the weather is warm and covers us when the air is cool or when a hard storm is pouring. It also provides great security against any outside intruders may it be a living being or just a thing flying over the air. That is why my husband always takes care of them. He usually cleans them and checks them for improvement or for repair once a month just to make sure that they are in good condition. He always want to see them squeaky clean and he wouldn’t mind polishing them the whole afternoon. He even put some window treatments to prevent any insects from coming in the windows furnish. Oh well, that’s him and I’m really proud that he’s a bit compulsive about good housekeeping. :)

Berry Bright Smile

The latest smile beautifier may come from a bog. Burt’s Bees Fluoride- free natural whitening toothpaste, $5 has cranberry extract, which help block bacteria that promote plaque and gum disease. That’s beneficial for your pearlies, because plaque makes it easier for stains from liquids such as red wine and java to stick to your enamel, leading to yellowing and dullness.

Homeowners Insurance : The Best Choice

Finally! My brother has decided to apply for a housing loan. Well, since the day he got married I told him that it is better for him and his family to have there very own house. Not only that they will have the convenience of living by themselves, they will also feel the joy and fulfillment of being independent.

But because he was our youngest and was a bit dependent to my parents, he hesitated and ignored my advice. They decided to stay in his in-laws house and lived there for about a year. He was enjoying the first half of their stay, but of course good things don’t last and as expected something happened. He had an argument with his mother in law about taking care of their baby and since then he decided to come home to my parents and spend some months there. Apparently, he applied for a housing loan while living in our parent’s house. After a few months, his loan got approved and they will be moving to their new home next month! Now, the only thing he has to worry about is their utilities and homeowners insurance payment every month. Congratulations bro! You just made the right choice.

Playing the New Scratch Game Online

Do you love playing scratch cards? If yes, well you just came to right place. You see I’ve been addicted to scratch cards when I was younger. I think I was still studying then when my mom decided to sell scratch cards on our store. One day, I thought of trying out one card while my mom was busy attending to our customers.

Of course, I was still young then and I wasn’t really mindful about the expenses that my mom got from buying the cards and I really don’t care much if she sells them. What I wanted then was to try and play just once. So, I got one and scratch them manually. Fortunately, I won! Since then, I never stop. It’s like the wining part made me it more addicting. But as time pass by, those manual scratch cards begins to loose their highlights. Somehow, they were replaced by lotto plays and online games. When that happened I stop which I think was good because I was entering college.

Now, that I’m a stay at home mom and an internet geek I thought of browsing the internet for games to kill may past time. Accidentally, I came across some scratch news that bought me down to memory lane. I also read an article on "Reasons to play online scratchcards". Wow! It was only now that I’ve learned that you can play scratch online. Thanks to the internet I can now have my childhood habit back. :)

Tuesday, February 8, 2011

The 4 Beauty Rules to Stick By

Want to feel beautiful without much effort?

Then you should try these easy quick routines to give you the bloom in a zippy! :)


That’s about how long it takes older strands to tear. If you ignore the split ends, tiny fissures can work their way up the length of hair, creating a ragged cuticle and dulling hair shine.


Leaving makeup overnight can enlarge pores, which is aging. Cleanse in a small circular motions to break down residue, then smooth moisturizer on still-damp skin.


Pack your plate with foods containing vitamin E (in sunflower seeds and almonds) to help skin hydrated. Add vitamin – C rich foods like papaya , red peppers and oranges to help lessens lines from inside out.


Appearance is only a small part of who you are. To remind yourself of that, periodically make a point of describing your qualities without focusing on looks. Like saying, “I am smart and a great friend“. See how easy that was?

These rules are easy to do and won’t really take so much effort on doing. Try them and see how your beauty will shine. :)

Hot Menu for our Super Bowl Dinner Date

This post brought to you by TABASCO® Original Red. All opinions are 100% mine.

My husband just loves pizza! And because of that we had a Pizza Perfected meal while watching super bowl a few nights ago! Yup! The night became awesome because of the food that we ate and because of the outcome of the game. What made our food yummier was the TABASCO® Original Red we added on our pizza and all I can say when I grabbed a bite was the pizza was definitely HOT HOT HOT! Lol!

Suddenly, I felt a gush of sweat flowing under my scalp after eating the pizza. But it was all worth it. The pizza was so good and I really can’t help but eat some more. After the game, we finally realized that we ate so much that we can’t even move from our chairs. Lol! Anyways, after that nice I finally realized that Tabasco Original Red was by far the hottest pepper sauce I’ve ever tasted in my entire life and because of that I’m planning to check out their Game-Day Party Menu and try their delicious spicy recipes with the use of this awesome sauce. I would be willing to try it as dips on chicken wings, chips and add it on chilly beans! Wow! I bet my husband will be surely delighted with my festive menu tomorrow night! I’ll tell you what my husband thinks about it after our dinner date tomorrow. Ciao!

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Friday, February 4, 2011

Dual Diagnosis |

Last week my husband and I went cruising with our motorcycle and after just a few kilometers it broke down before we even reach our destination. And so we pulled over to a near by motor shop to have it check and after a few minutes he came up with a dual diagnosis. He said it’s either we forgot to clean the spark plug or the gas tank doesn’t enough fuel! Well, I have a feeling that my husband forgot to gas up before we leave for he didn’t ask any money for gas. Lol! Ulyanin! :)

Looking for Unique Baby Shower Invites

I’m currently looking for unique baby shower invitations. Nope! Not for me guys. I mean I won’t be the one buying my own baby shower invites, right? That’s a duty of my friends. Lol! Kidding! :)

I’m actually looking for designs and samples that I might use for my upcoming project. Yup! Another I have another business in mind and I’m really hoping that it will be a success. Anyways, just wish me good luck guys for I really need to generate lots of money this year for our biggest goal ever! Lol! :)

We Need a new Door Hardware

Last month we went to a local store to look for some door hardware for our bedroom door. You see, the door knob needs to be replaced because it was accidentally chip of by my son Aj while he was playing “carpenter” with his cousin. He accidentally damaged it by banging a real hammer on it. Urgh! I really have no idea where he got the hammer but since then we decided to put all “non-toy” stuffs especially those that can harm to a higher and secure place. I’m just glad that no one was hurt during that banging incident.

Thursday, February 3, 2011

Wrongful Death Attorney |

Has anyone of you hired any Texas wrongful death attorney? Well, a friend of my BIL just did. He hired one to settle the case of his sister’s death. As the name says, a wrongful death attorney is a lawyer who is also known as an injury lawyer that aids to families or love ones of a deceased or injured person from an accident or a wrongful event. Their main purpose is to help the families of the victims file claims against the responsible individual or company who made all their burdens possible. Especially because that during the time or grieving, a lawsuit is usually the last thing on their mind. These lawyers are most helpful in easing their financial pains and I’m talking about medical or burial expenses that might occur during the whole event. To no more about it, check out for more information.