Saturday, January 29, 2011

All She Needs was Confidence

Beauty is in the eye of the beholder as they say. I truly agree with that phrase and I also believe that beauty will bloom as long as you believe you have it. In short – CONFIDENCE is a necessity to look more beautiful. But unfortunately some women don’t have the confidence that I’m talking about and a lot (which you can include me sometimes) are not satisfied of what they already have. I do have many experiences of such with my friends. Well, maybe because of the fact that they have the money to spend and more time to waste.

Just like my friend Asley who already entered the world of cosmetic surgery. She was hesitant at first because of her fear with needles but soon realized that she needs it – but we don’t! Yeah, she really doesn’t need such because in our eyes she is already beautiful. But she disagrees with us and unfortunately compares herself to models in magazines. Which as far as I know are not really real if you see them in person.

Her first try was her nose; she tried reducing some skins on the sides of her nostrils because she thought that those skins make her nostrils look bigger. After months of recovery, she opted to have some breast augmentation. She’s been married for 5 years and she also thought that she needed a lift between those chests. For us, everything seems to be fine and nothing should be changed. But of course, that’s her body and her money. We have nothing against cosmetic surgery, especially if it will make you more fabulous. But sometimes, when you have friends who want to change themselves, you will feel worried about her perception. Though nonetheless at some point if that makes her more confidence I would still support her all the way.

Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Our Much Awaited Family Getaway

I’m currently looking for affordable family vacations packages. Yup! I am and maybe you’re wondering why? Well, my dad called us yesterday and told us that this year might be the year we are waiting for! You see he has been waiting to receive some money from an investment company and finally he received a letter about the amount and the schedule of release! Yes finally!

My dad promised us that once his money is released the whole family will have a grand getaway! But with a condition that we should look for affordable family all inclusive vacations. So that’s what I’m doing right now.

Of course, we have to prepare for the big moment where my whole family will be getting together for a great family vacation. It’s a once in a lifetime experience for its not everyday that we can be together. Most of us have jobs and business to take care of except for me as I'm not working. That’s why the responsibility of searching for all inclusive vacation packages was bestowed on me! Well, I would love to help besides I’m always online, right?
Anyways, my dad gave me a deadline and if I don’t submit any quotes or rates to him by the end of this month, our much awaited vacation will be postponed! Urgh! I don’t want to be the cause of such horrific event and I’m really hoping the my dad was just joking.

One place I have discovered already with great affordable family vacations is Breezes Resorts. There is no end of exotic locations with all kinds of great extras included in their great prices. I think my dad will be quite impressed when I show him this! You can see for yourself at Enjoy!

Saturday, January 22, 2011

Being the Best Woman Ever

I have been always fond of trying out new things and seeking new ways of gaining more knowledge about the things around me. Being a mom and a wife is a learning experience on its own, but to be able to have a career outside the four walls of my family life would be a very different and most of all a fulfilling endeavor to take on, and I’m certainly up for the challenge.

On one hand, making your family a full time career is a good thing, but on the other hand, to have a chance to do more is better. I’m talking about making a career out of what is natural for all women. Beauty is somewhat second nature to us. We have been always conscious about the way we look. I believe that in our own way, we are all born beauticians. Enhancing this gift would then be very easy for us. That’s where beauty schools come in handy.

Regency Beauty Institute who was founded in Minneapolis has been around for more than fifty years and is still making buzz everywhere. With its 80 plus campuses across the United States, this school can reach aspiring beauticians in 19 states. Now that’s stability.

This blog post was based on information provided by Blogitive. For more information, please visit or contact Regency Beauty Institute – 10217 North Metro Parkway West – Phoenix, AZ 85051

Thursday, January 20, 2011

Pregnancy and Prenatal Vitamins

As a pregnant woman it is a must that I should always take my prenatal vitamins. This is to supply my unborn baby the right nutrients for him or her to grow properly in my tummy. The vitamins also aids in the nutrients I don’t get on eating healthy foods. Well, honestly I sometimes eat unhealthy foods and sometimes I did have a munched on some junk foods. I know it was wrong but sometimes I just can’t control my cravings. Anyways, beginning today I’ll watch what I eat and I swear that I will only buy healthy foods for my baby’s sake.

Flush the Toxins Out

With the very complex world we have today, it is a must that one should always prioritize ones health. As they say, “Health is Wealth” and I definitely believe in that phrase. One cannot be considered as a wealthy person if he is always sick, right? That’s why one of the wisest things to do is to watch what he eats and drinks. One should stay away from processed foods which are usually the primary source of certain cancers. It is also recommended that one should take colon cleansers for them to flush the toxins out from their system.

Another Home Improvement

Last month I asked my husband about replacing our old tile because they are full of cracks which can cause injuries to our children or anyone who might step into it. So he asked me what do I want for a tile and I told him that I want the most beautiful and the most elegant but with a cheaper price of course. After a week I was surprise when saw this box of glass tile in our garage and he is getting ready to install them. Hmm looks like the husband is always pleasing me. I just hope he won’t be asking me for another car accessory. Lol!

Health is Wealth

A few months ago my mother in law got hospitalized due to diabetes. She has been suffering from the disease for a year now and because of her unhealthy diet it got worst which cause her to be rush to the hospital. Her doctors advised us that she should take her medications regularly and told us to prevent any skipping of meals. You see, since she got the disease she began taking diet supplements because she thought it will help her cope with diabetes. Unfortunately her doctors said otherwise. For a diabetic, she needs to eat every meal but with a balanced diet. A patient suffering from it should not skip a meal or not eat all. Good thing, we knew about this earlier before it was too late.

Friday, January 14, 2011

Pregnancy Blues : Craving for Coffee

I want COFFEE!!!

My cravings started when I saw THIS at Starbucks website this morning. Urgh!

I know it is not advisable that a pregnant woman like me should zip too much caffeine but I think a little zip won’t hurt, right? I still remember when I was still pregnant with Aj, not even once I drank a coffee. I was so cautios then with what I eat and drink because it was my first time but with my second baby now I’m quite the hard-headed preggo. I’m not sure if it has something to do with me staying at home or its just my hormones.

Anyways, I still want COFFEEE!!! :) It’s been like a day or two since I drank one (do you think that’s too close to today?) Urgh! This is really getting into my nerves! :)

Monday, January 10, 2011

Effective TV Antennas for our LCD

Guess what the husband has bought for us last December?

Yup! A Samsung 32 inches Series 4 LCD Television. He was eying on this for a couple of months now that’s why when his bonus came in, he immediately asked me to go to an appliance center and bought this lovely television set. This beauty is packaged with an entertainment system that my hubby just adored. Oh well, what can I do? My hubby really wants a new entertainment system and besides it his money that went out. Lol! The only missing now is an effective antenna. So tomorrow will be set on tv antennas hunting. Wish us luck! :)

To Renew or Not?

Its 2011 which means its time to renew my domains again at Siteground who managed hosting of my blogs. I never had any problems with the said site in terms of my blogs management but because their hosting costs are a bit high compared to others I’m having second thoughts of renewing them this year.

That’s why before doing that I’m trying to browse on some reviews and testimonies of clients which are using other hosting services that I might engage to. Anyways, I’m really hoping I can find the best hoster before my domains get expired.

Wednesday, January 5, 2011

Christmas Gift for my Parents

Hi guys! How was your holiday? Well, ours was fine. We had so much fun with our love ones. We spent Christmas at my mom’s house where I my brother and I decided to cook our Noche Buena for the first time. ;)

My favorite part about our last Christmas Eve was the gift giving part. And here’s our gift for my parents.

A portable inflatable relaxing chair or what my hubby calls as the lazy man’s chair. It’s a very comfortable chair and my dad even used it as his bed last Christmas. :) My mom loves it most because she can now relax with ease from her aching feet while watching TV at their living room. :)

Tuesday, January 4, 2011

Entertaining for New Year's Eve

Guest post written by Zach Anderson

It's been a while since we've actually had people over to the house for New Year's Eve, maybe even before we had kids! But we thought that this year should be the year that we break that streak and actually have people over. Except, we aren't just going to have our friends over. We're also inviting their kids so that the families can have fun together.

I got the idea when we went to a Christmas party and I saw how much fun the kids were having with interacting with other kids. Plus, this way we won't have to worry about finding sitters on such a busy night. We've been going online to do a lot of research for party recipes and what not. A few nights ago when I was doing that I came across some Bundle Clear Internet specials and after I read a little more information about them, I ordered one for our household.

I think that this New Year's is going to be one of the best ones in years. Maybe we can even start doing this every year.

Carpet Cleaning at Austin

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Monday, January 3, 2011

Greatest Endeavor

This 2011, one of my greatest plan is to buy gold online. Yup! I’m planning to invest on gold this year. With all the information that I’ve read and gathered I’m very sure spending my savings on it will be one of my greatest moves ever. Fortunately, my dad is on the same wave with me and he will be joining me in this endeavor. With that I hope my mom will support us as well. :)

Coogi Crossover Bag

Last New Year’s eve my cousin Lilia went to our house to spend his first new year with us. While waiting for year to end, I saw her checking out some coogi clothing when she accidentally stumbled upon a cool coogi crossbody bag. When we saw it, we immediately checked on its price and color. Fortunately, it has the color that I want and the price is reasonable enough. Will be waiting for its arrival be the end of this month.

Sunday, January 2, 2011

Only Hope after the Holidays

Need instant cash advance?

Well, lucky for you I just discovered a website that can give you instant cash advances. is an online lending institution that caters to those who are in need financially. They offer the best online cash advance package that anyone can avail. With their easy and simple loan application you can almost get your cash. Visit their website now and just type in your name and personal information and they will instantly approve your application. They will not check your credit and look into your credit history. For as long as you have a job you are qualified.

Lucky for my friend Sarah she will have funds this week from lending. Unfortunately, she overspent her savings last holiday season and has no other option but to borrow money. Good thing, was there to help. She just completed her online application and is just waiting for their confirmation about the approval of the loan. Cool! It’s as easy as 1-2-3! :) I just hope she gets approve within the day and have the money in her bank account by tomorrow. She really needs to buy some groceries tomorrow and this loan application is her only hope.