Saturday, December 17, 2011

Cool Gadgets and Coupons

Christmas is just a few days away and with that many people are on the rush on finishing their Christmas list and unfortunately I’m one of them. Lol!

I haven’t finish buying gifts for my love ones and friends because of financial constraint. Yup! I over spend again with my initial buys and I’m really dying now on how I can buy all the gifts that I need to complete my Christmas list. So to make my burden a little lighter I told a friend of mine if she knows a way on how I can get discounts and buy gifts with a limited budget. Fortunately, she suggested me to use coupons and offered me an Apple Store coupon that she got as a price from their company’s Christmas party.

I was really happy to receive such coupon especially that I am planning to buy a gadget from Apple for my husband. Oh yeah, I haven’t bought anything for my hubby yet. Lol! But I will have it within this week just a few days before Christmas. Lol!