Monday, August 8, 2011

Video or Web Conference : What would you Choose?

I’m currently searching for some web conference options that my client needs for our communication. Apparently, other than chatting and talking via cell phone she needed to see me up close thru the use of the internet. She is currently residing in United Kingdom and after serving her for about a month now she wanted to know me more by talking to me face to face together with her team.

Though, we sometimes see each other thru the Video conference option on Skype, she needed a more thorough and more efficient tool especially now that are team is expanding. The current video conference that we are using sometimes causes us delays because of poor internet connection and bad resolution.

That’s why she instructed me if I can search a great tool in the internet that can enhance our communication more. Fortunately, after hours of browsing, I came across It is an online company that offers the most efficient and effective communication tool in the internet. They offer great Video, Audio and Web conference tools that will surely make any transaction a bliss. Anyways, I really have to summarize and arrange what I gather so I can submit all the data to my client. And hopefully by the end of this week we will be using the said tools.