Wednesday, August 31, 2011

Time to do my Christmas List

Oh my! I can’t believe that tomorrow will be the first day of September already! Urgh! Time really flies so fast this days and I bet in just a few days we will start hearing Christmas songs everywhere.

Looks like will be seeing these giant snowmen again in the malls with my kids! Uh I’m so excited for that special day, especially now that I have two lovable boys tagging along. Lol! Well, does this mean I should start jotting down my Christmas list and my Christmas wish list? What do you think? Well, maybe I should and the first on my list is a goulds pump at that my dad has been asking me to look for. He needed it for his store and I really have no idea what it is for.

Anyways, maybe I really should jotting down my list as early as now and canvass for gifts as well. :)