Monday, August 15, 2011

Sexy Hair Secrets

Whether you're single and on the prowl or attached and having a romantic dinner for two, make sure your hair looks its hottest on Valentine's Day. Read on for fun ideas and tips.

Go for Long Layers

Long layers will enhance your natural texture and give your hair a fuller look. Ask your stylist to snip you a few, especially around your face, like Carrie Underwood has here.

Tame Frizz

There's nothing sexy about frazzled, puffy hair. Apply a drop of shine serum (skip your roots) before blow-drying for smooth, glossy results, like Scarlett Johansson's. We're fans of L'Oréal Liss Ultime Shine Perfecting Serum, $23, since it's super-light.

Try a Side Part

If you have shoulder-length locks like Katy Perry, give them a glam date-night upgrade with some loose waves and a side part.

Get Megawatt Shine

Frequent blow-drying and constant curling iron use can leave your hair looking dull. For an instant shot of shine, try one of the new shimmer-infused stylers to get a look like Jessica Alba's. We're fans of Sebastian Trilliant, $19.95, which has mica glitter particles and protects hair from heat styling.

Bend Your Ends

Perfect root-to-tip spirals can look too "done." Take a cue from Zoe Saldana and wrap just the bottom few inches of your hair around a curling iron. Then, rub a bit of styling cream between your fingers and twist small sections of hair for a piecey effect.

Scent Your Strands

It can be tempting to mist your hair with perfume (especially for a big date), but most fragrances contain alcohol that can leave your strands dry and crunchy. A better option: Use a leave-in conditioner that smells awesome, like Victoria's Secret So Sexy Instant Detangler, $10. This stuff is seriously intoxicating, plus your hair will look soft and shiny like Meghan Fox's.

Tease Your Roots

The easiest way to make a simple ponytail or braid look hotter is with a little bit of volume at the crown. Position a fine-tooth comb about an inch away from your roots, then push the hair down a few times. Smooth the section back and mist with hairspray. (Check out how sexy the effect is here on Kate Beckinsale.)

Add Tons of Texture

Don't stress if your hair is naturally straight and flat — you can totally fake a fuller look, like Ashley Greene's. Spray volumizer all over damp strands, then blow-dry using your fingers to rough things up. Once your hair is completely dry, mist roots with dry shampoo (it fattens strands up big-time). We're fans of Samy Dry Spray Shampoo, $7.99.

Keep Waves Loose

The fresh way to wear wavy hair is slightly undone so it looks really touchable. For Kate Hudson's laid-back style, work a dime-size amount of smoothing serum into dry hair before wrapping random pieces around a large curling iron.

Make Your Mane Extra-Soft

Almost every hair type can benefit from a hydration boost. Deep-condition your strands once a week and they'll feel and look way silkier like Kate Middleton's. We're hooked on Garnier Fructis Moisture Works Instant Melting Conditioner, $3.99. It contains these cool micro-oils that sink right into your hair for immediate results.