Sunday, August 7, 2011

More than a Europe Tour

I was online the whole day yesterday when my former boss Mae buzzes me. She is currently in Dubai and is working as a Cabin Crew or I think that’s Stewardess in the Emirates Airlines. After a few months of resigning from our old company she was fortunate to be hired by this huge airline services. Fortunately for her even though her height doesn’t really meet the requirements her beauty gave her a chance.

You see, she is the daughter of the owner of the company but unfortunately her interest doesn’t relate to any of their business. As said by her before, she is actually into selling girly stuffs beauty products, bags, clothes and her dream job was to travel all around the world. Luckily, she is now slowly fulfilling her dreams to have a around the world journey. Before she left our country to work as a cabin crew she joined her family for their first ever europe tours. After which, she immediately went to Dubai and started her training.

Now, she’s enjoying her new career path where she can have the italy tours she has been dreaming too! Not only that, because of this new job she has on her hand, she was able to grab a hottie in the cabin! Lol!

Seriously, I am so happy for her. Not only because she has finally found her dream job and had her first ever china tours a month ago. But also because she finally had the guts to stay away from the shadows of her family.