Tuesday, August 16, 2011

More Problem than Cure

Does one of your love one have diabetes? Do you analyze or study the medications that his or her doctors prescribed? Well, you better be because the medicines that he or she might be taking have more harmful effects on their health than benefits.

Just like what happen to a friend of mine who has a cousin who died from heart attack. It has been said that diabetes can lead to that complications and is usually the reason of most mortality with the disease but my friend didn’t stop for analyzing and studying the early death of his cousin. Apparently, the heart attack was not mainly caused by the disease itself (diabetes) but because of the medicine he took named Actos. Actos has been given by some doctors to diabetic patient who apparently gives more problem than cure. You can search the internet for more information. The family decided to file an Actos lawsuit to his doctor for malpractice. The case is still in progress and hopefully it will have a positive resolution very soon.