Sunday, August 28, 2011

Dependable Assisted and Independent Living at

It’s Sunday which means a day of rest for me. I started my morning with a hefty breakfast with my family and I was able to watch a movie afterward. The movie I thought of viewing today is “The Rise of the Planet of the Apes” which in my opinion is an okay film for me but not really the awesome. There were some flat scenes in the movie that I got bored with and some touching ones that I would want to mention. One of them is when the main character James Franco (also a cast in Spiderman sequels) wants to heal his father who has the Alzheimer’s disease. His father is currently under assisted living and he opted to do that so that he can monitor his father’s illness. He was a scientist and invented a drug that might heal the said disease which of course was tested on apes first. I couldn’t go on with the plot of the movie for I might end up spoiling the interest of those people who haven’t seen the movie.

Overall, the movie was fine. Anyways, with regards to senior care on assisted and independent living you can check out