Friday, July 8, 2011

My Printing Partner to Success

Since I became a stay at home mom, I’ve been finding ways on how to earn more from home. You see I’ve been a working girl since I graduated college last 2001 and it was only November of 2010 that I decided to stop and concentrate on my family. I know have two lovable kids and has been enjoying my 8 months of being a housewife and a mom. But of course, other than being a plain housewife, I wanted to earn by just staying in the house. Good thing, I’ve been blogging since 2007 and my established blogs has helped me a lot.

Now, I thought of stepping up to the next level and that is to have my very own photography business. Since I own a dslr camera and have self educate myself about digital photography thru online tutorials I think I’m a bit ready for this big step. But of course, before I continue to the main event, I try to gather data that I will need for this much awaited and business. First on my list was the advertisement of the business. Next is the printing stuffs that I need to complete a transaction. Good thing, I was fortunate to stumble upon By browsing thru their site I was able to discover that they will be a great help in my business.

Urgh! I’m really excited on this venture of mine. I really hope that this will give me more earnings for me to save for my family.


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