Tuesday, July 5, 2011

Makeup Tips to Open your Eyes

No matter your age, your eyes do a lot of "talking." You want your eyes to look luminous, alert and youthful. Some women, me included, weren't blessed with gorgeous "doe" eyes that look perpetually surprised. However, as long as I have makeup, I can fake it! If you have squinchy or small-looking eyes open your peepers with these tried and true makeup tips.

Go light! I blame it on the ever-popular smoky look that I do love so much. As a former makeup artist, I learned that you could get a smoky look without using black, brown or deep green colors. Go smoky but light! Blend in colors with a brush not a sponge applicator.

Buy quality eyeshadow.Not all eyeshadows are made alike. Cheap shadows are just colored powder with very little pigment. Invest in pretty, bold colors that will open the eyes.

Don't go topless! I cringe when I see women with tiny eyes line the lower lids only. Line the tops or the top and bottom -- never just the bottom. If your eyes are very small, ditch the lower liner. Line the top and extend the line a little past the natural eye line. This will lift and open the eye. Don't believe me? Do the eye test. Make one eye up with just the liner on top and the other with liner on bottom. Compare the two. You'll see the clear winner.

Curl those lashes. Wild and woolly eyelashes won't help your eyes look wider. Control your lashes with a eyelash curler. Do this once a day to train lashes to flip up and outward, creating a wider eye look.

Rim the eyes with white liner. White eyeliner is no stranger on the makeup scene but we do tend to forget about this tool. Make lining the lower eye rim with white liner the last step in your eye makeup regimen. All eyes will be on you with this added touch.

Go inside. Sweeping eyeshadow in the crease of the eye is a good way to create definition. One thing to avoid is applying eyeshadow too close to the edge of the eye. Instead focus on making an inverted arc, go from the inside of the eye outward.

Wear highlighting powder. Use a soft brush to sweep a shimmery highlighting powder around the eyes. Highlighting adds luminosity to your eye makeup look.