Tuesday, July 19, 2011

The Fashion Must-Haves for The Summer

Just like a coat is indispensable for winter, summer has its own fashion must-haves. Premiere jewelry can go with any season, but some fashion items only work in the summer. If you want to round out your summer wardrobe, be sure to look for these items to start out the season right.

Swimsuits and Bathing Apparel

The dreaded swimsuit tryout does not have to be so bad. Remember that you can accessorize a swimsuit the same way you accessorize other outfits. Pick a swimsuit that flatters your body shape and then add a sarong if you want to hide the lower half a bit more. Pick a pair of pretty beach sandals and beach jewelry to give the swimsuit something to compete against visually.

Big O-Shaped Sunglasses

Sunglasses are always indispensible in the summer, not just for looks, but for functionality. However, this season’s sunglasses are reminiscent of the over-the-top incognito movie star look of the 1950’s. The bigger and rounder the orb, the more fashionable for this summer.

Kimono Dress

This fashion statement has come in from the side, seemingly appearing from nowhere. It is breezy and loose-fitting enough that you don’t have to be in perfect shape to wear it. You can pair it with a fabric belt and be ready for a casual get-together at a local friend’s house. It’s dressy enough to be for special occasions, but not too elegant that you can’t wear it to a pool party.

Strapped Shoes

Sandals are always in favor during the summer, but this year the look is for sandals with straps. You can use the straps to create different looks from gladiator-style to pretty girlie bow ties. The shoes can be flat or have huge platforms. They come in eye-popping colors and include fabric straps and accents. Great with a swimsuit or a sun dress, they make the perfect summer fashion statement for 2011.