Monday, July 4, 2011

Beauty Tips to Look Sexier

Hands up if you've ever found yourself in a beauty rut? You know what I'm talking about--tan eyeshadow on the lid, boring pink lipstick and a swipe or two of mascara. Off to work, school or the ballpark, all looking very predictable. Boring! Inside is a sexy you dying to some turn heads. You can do it with these nine sizzling beauty tips.

Rock vixen hair! You don't need a drastic new hair cut - just add this sexy style to your hair repertoire. Wash your hair and then towel dry it. Add a touch of styling gel to your locks, working it in with your hands. Don't brush. Place a diffuser over your blow dryer and dry your locks. This "bed head" look will have his thoughts racing. Scented hair is easy and slinky. Use hair products that don't have scent. Instead, spray your hair lightly on the ends with your favorite perfume. As your hair moves, you'll leave behind some sultry fragrance.

Stain lips and cheeks. Staining gives color without leaving icky, gloopy lipsticks behind. Instead rolling on the gloss, try a stain. Stains are long-lasting and are good way to make your lips look really kissable! Tap your cheeks with lip stain to get a rosy glow.

Get on top - at least with your eye liner. Avoiding lining the entire eye with black liner. You'll look hooker-ish instead of sexy. Try this. Line the top lashes only starting at the inner most eye then drawing to the center, just above the pupil. Finish the line by drawing from the center to about ½ past your lash line. Give the end of the eyeliner a little lift upwards. Smooth over the liner with a deep purple or sultry blue eyeshadow. Use the tip of a sponge applicator.

Wear stockings. Stockings have been sexy for generations. Don't fight it! Pantyhose and thigh highs are a feminine accessories that guys love to touch.Colored nail tips scream "ooh la la!" Even nature girls should give it a try. Paint toes and fingernails an exciting color. Of course, before giving yourself a paint job, trim and shape your nails.

Shine, baby shine with sparkling eye accents. Don't go overboard with a completely frosted look but do add a sparkling metallic highlighter to your upper lids or under your lower lashes.

Puff those lips with a lip plumper. Temporary lip plumpers cause lips to swell slightly giving you fuller, sexier lips.

Show some confidence. Confidence is the feature that makes us the most sexy. Smile, hold your head up, walk with confidence!


Jane said...

I think the natural look is fantastic. Too many girls try and go overboard and it just looks wrong.
Apply and aim for that natural light look always looks great, and takes no time at all!

Thanks for a great article!