Saturday, July 30, 2011

Backyard Hot Tub Online

The moment I saw this backyard hot tub online, I remembered the house of a known movie star here in our country. She has a story same as Cinderella. From being a poor lonely lady to a booming superstar she has done great with her earnings.

One of which is her newly constructed four-storey mansion that was televised on national television last week. The whole was stunning and really huge. But what really made me sigh was the penthouse area with a hot tub on the side. Yup! You heard it right, she has one of those relaxing hot tub that offers warm bubble massage. She said that they usually open the tub every weekend with her daughter as part of their weekend bonding moments.

I was really amazed on how she walks her way on top. She was one of the most hardworking and most dedicated artists I know in our country. Anyways, now that I saw the tub, I was thinking if the husband will agree with me if we put a ot tub on our backyard. Hmmm.. I think that’s a cool idea, right?