Friday, June 17, 2011

There is no Success without Failures

My friend Mark just finishes his engineering degree last year and with that he immediately took the board exam as per advice by his mom. Her mom wants him to take the board immediately so that he can explore some mechanical engineer careers and start earning for himself. Mark was a little bit hesitant to take the board because he felt that he is not yet ready to pass nor to fail the said exam. He felt that he needs to study more before taking a big leap of taking the board exam. But his mom motivated him and told him that he has nothing to lose and there is nothing wrong in trying.

That is why he gave it a shot.

Then the result came in. My friend Mark called and asked me to check the result of the board exam online. Unfortunately, Mark is again not ready to face the result of the board and he fears that he might not able to take it if ever he fails for the first time. As a friend, I gave him a word of advice just to cheer him up and release his tension. I told him that there is no success without failure. He lightens up a bit and asked me what result was. I gave him a smile and told him that he passed. He was the happiest man on earth then and I was really relieve to see him glad. :)