Friday, June 17, 2011

Looking for Wedding Accessories

My cousin Denver is going to get married next month and with that he was asking me if I can help her wife with the purchase of their wedding accessories. Yup! Up to this time, the stuffs they need for their upcoming wedding are still incomplete. That’s why as a relative who is always there to help, I accepted the challenge and began searching the web this morning for the needed accessories.

One of the most important accessories that should be purchased first is the hair accessory of the bride. Her wife said she wanted an elegant tiara that of Princess Diana or Kate Middleton’s. But of course, they cannot afford that million dollar tiara that the princesses wear that’s why we opted to find something similar to its design.

Here’s the tiara that we thought of purchasing.

This is a Scrolls & Flowers Silver Tiara from Wedding Star.

As said on its description, this tiara features a number of flowers intertwined with rhinestone crystals and wire vine details. This extravagant headpiece is a great way to finish off a wedding hair. This costs about $ 129.98 a piece. Well, it’s a bit pricey but it’s worth the buy because of its elegant style.