Wednesday, June 8, 2011

Enjoying the Service

My friend Rey has been in UK for about 5 years now and thanks to his mom he was able to come in London with an immigrant visa. Fortunately, just a few days after his arrival in the country he was able to get a job. Well, it wasn’t a regular job because he needs to be a resident of the country in months or something to get a regular job but because he has an uncle who works with Knightsbridge escorts he was able to ask a friend in a London escort agency to give him a slot in one of their offices.

Good thing, the people there were kind enough to give him a shot and offer him a job even though there was no vacancy. He needed a job immediately for him to help his mom in UK in taking care of his sick father. I remember when he was still here in our neighborhood her mom used to sell snacks on the street just for them to go to school. She needed to for her husband was already ill with a disease and couldn’t get a decent job to feed his family and sent them to school. Her mom has no other choice but to get out of the house and earn money for their family. Oh well, I’m really happy that my friend is doing well in UK now and was also glad that he was able to gain lots of friends and most of them are South Kensington escorts. Hmm looks like he’s enjoying his life in his new home and I think he will be doing great in the years to come.

Anyways, I really have to go offline now and attend on some tasks which need to be done before midnight. Ciao everyone and good night!