Sunday, June 26, 2011

Babies, The Funniest Creations

It’s absolutely no surprise that babies can be a handful, and as parents you might find yourself slowly losing your sanity. Or, as a parent of children who have grown up it might be easy to forget just how hilarious rugrats can be. So when those times come, or you’re just having a tough day I made this list of some of the best YouTube baby videos, funny baby clothes, and adorable baby costumes on the internet.


Baby videos are some of the most popular on the Internet. I dare you to watch these and not smile once. It is impossible. My personal favorite is Baby Trashing Bar in Las Palmas. I always thought babies shared a lot of similarities with my drunken friends in college; crying for no reason, unexpected vomiting, trouble walking, bowel control problems, and of course difficulties in communication. Enjoy the videos!

Funny Baby Clothes

Dressing up babies in clothes you deem hilarious is perfect because they rarely protest. Or you can dress them in hip baby clothes so they are the coolest kid in the sandbox. Funny baby clothes make cool baby shower gifts as well. Here are some funny baby clothes pictures for your enjoyment!

Baby Hamburger

Baby Taco

Baby Cheerios

Baby LobsterBaby Watermelon


gagay said...

baby taco and baby watermelon are so cute!

Mona said...

hahah .. so cute!

EINz said...

adorable =)

Carla said...

Those are entirely too cute! I loved them all but especially the lobster! Thanks for posting that little smile!

Mom's Place said... cute...i like baby watermelon too...

Krizza said...

Love those pics! So cute and funny!
By the way, I like your template design, so cute! :)

I followed you through GFC!