Wednesday, June 22, 2011

All Geared Up for School

Before I finish my search on smartphone htc, let me share you some photos of my preschooler Aj.

He’s all geared up and all green for school! lol! :)His wearing his favorite Mossimo shirt, Ben 10 lunch kit and water jug.

It was the second day of school when the school said that they won’t be wearing their uniform, that’s why we asked Aj want he wanted to wear. And this is what he had chosen. Looks like he knows how to blend his wardrobe huh? :)


ferry'zHOME said...

woo!!! a full battled gear ^_~

soo cute!!!

>> adgi here
>> thursday walking

gagay said...

ben 10 talga hilig ng mga bata ngayun.. :D


Mona said...

Goodluck little boy my daughter preschool din eh ..