Friday, May 13, 2011

Residential Garage Door for Mike

I was doing some of my household chores a while ago when my brother Mike called me. I think some of you remember him as my brother who just had a newly construction house last month. His house was a total dream before but now he already has it! I’m so proud of my brother for achieving this kind of goal. I myself haven’t succeeded yet on that one but I know in my heart I will soon have my dream house as well. In God’s time..

He called just to tell me that he needs a garage door. You see, since his house was new, his garage was the last priority to be constructed and it was only a week ago when they finally finished its construction. And because the whole building is already finish, we thought that it’s time for us to canvass a residential garage door for it. Of course, every opening needs to be closed just for the house to be totally secure. Even though his car hasn’t arrived yet, it is a must that he should prepare before it arrives, right? Or else he might get robbed or might get car napped! Lol! With that, I will go offline for a while and attend my brother’s needs. :)