Friday, May 13, 2011

KQC Flat Irons

I was checking out some cool stuff in the internet when I accidentally stumbled upon this kqc flat iron.

This is KQC’s one of the best flat irons so far. It has a 1 inch size in width and weights about 1 pound. It works well in a power outage of 410 degrees Fahrenheit. This usually costs about $249.95 but because they are on sale you can now grab this flat iron at only $159.95! Plus you can grab its free shipping deals when you buy now on their online store.

And because of that I myself is excited to buy and own one soon! As I said on my previous posts I’m really planning to devote my time after giving birth to my second child a total makeover of myself specifically my hair. Unfortunately, my hair went out of control from the time I got pregnant and cannot do anything about it like putting something on it or submit it for a treatment because the chemicals and the heat of the hair tools might have bad effects on my unborn child. That’s why my target date for the makeover is July ( a month after I dellver and coincidentally my birth month). I just hope by that time I am fully recovered and all my hair tools has arrived on my doorsteps so I can get started.

Anyways, besides me I might ask my friend Rodel who owns a beauty salon in our place to check on these heavy duty flat irons. You see, he has been complaining about the flat and curling irons he purchased from a local store and it only took him 3 months to use them properly. It was too late when he discovered that he made a major mistake on purchasing cheaper units. Tough luck huh?