Tuesday, May 10, 2011

Hoping for the Best

A friend of mine filled a Topamax birthdefect lawsuit to her Ob Gyne last week. Why you might ask? Well, unfortunately she was one of the few victims of a wrong prescription. You see her obstetrician has wrongly prescribed her with Topamax while pregnant. She said that her doctor gave her the medicine for her migraine attacks. But the doctor has slipped her thoughts and didn’t consider the effect of Topamax to an unborn child.

It was then too late when the effects of the medicines took place. My friend’s poor baby has an underdeveloped lip and needs to be treated with surgery immediately. The poor baby is set to be admitted on Friday for a correction surgery and hopefully everything will turn out fine. But of course, my friend needs to fight and collect damages for what happen. Hopefully, both of them will win the fight.