Wednesday, May 11, 2011

Dreaming to be Best Wedding Photographer

Since I was young, I’ve always wanted to become a photographer like the San Luis Obispo wedding photographers I’ve search online. Their works were really stunning, creative and one of a kind. Just by looking at their works you can already feel the emotions within the photograph.

That’s why it inspired me to buy a new dslr for my own photography practice. Unfortunately, I don’t have enough funds as of this moment to enroll myself in a photography class that’s why I usually rely on the internet especially on San Luis Obispo wedding photography blog for some tips and information about how to capture those precious moments.

Did anyone of you here seen the blog I’m talking about? Well, if you really love photography and wants to know more about it check the website now and see what I’m talking about. As a backgrounder the blog I’m talking about is owned by a renowned San Luis Obispo wedding photographer Jonathan Roberts. He has been in the photography industry for so long now that he has established a name and business for his life long hobby. He has shot almost 250 wedding photo coverages and each of them were a work of art. The reason I admire this guy is that his photographs are full of emotions in it. Not to mention the lively colors and stunning angles that each photos consist. He is truly very artistic and talented. It’s like every single shot are captured by his heart which is the way the photographers should do in every photo shoot. It’s like thru the photos the emotions of the newly weds are transferred thru the photo paper and are binded forever in the album. That’s the why I wanted my photography to be which I hope I will succeed in the future.