Monday, May 2, 2011

Business Card with Photo Printing

My friend Kaye is set to build a new business this month. She plans on opening a photography studio where she can practice her photography skills that she had since she was younger. You see, it has always been her dream to be a professional photographer and she definitely wants to study digital photography. But because of financial constraint that dream should have to wait.

After years of working in the corporate world, she finally had the funds to finally study photography. And after 2 years of studying and a year of practice she has finally had the guts to do it on her own. She practices the skill thru the help of other professionals by assisting them on their big gigs. But now, she wanted to make it out of her own.

I’m really proud and very thankful that finally she was able to have the confidence to do so. That’s why as a friend I am always there to support her all the way especially in establishing her dream business. Currently, I volunteered to finance her business card and I will do everything from the design to printing. Fortunately, I found this website that made my task a lot easier. :)