Thursday, May 19, 2011

Brandy Glasses, Candle Holders and more

Thank God it’s Friday once again! Before I check out this Lolita glasses that I saw online let me tell you about some facts about my life when I was younger.

Friday was used to be one of my favorite days of the week. Why? Well, because it is the last day of school and the last day of work for most of us. But apparently, it became Saturday because my working days suddenly shifted and was extended one day (which was the fault of my former boss).

Anyways, I’m just on the reminiscing mode again and I can help but reminisce the past with my friends. I remember that every Saturday my co workers and some of my friends go out after work for some bonding session. I remember that we usually go to a bar and have a little drink. We usually have this special bar that we would go every Saturday and because the management of the said establishment was happy to see us every week, they decided to give each and one of us a treat. And you know what it is? They gave us brandy glasses that are especially made and use by us. Yup! They were so kind and we couldn’t thank them enough especially when they gave us customized candle holders for their first anniversary. Aren’t they the most thoughtful bar owner around? I think, you wouldn’t see anything like that in other places. Well, we’re lucky enough to find one.

Oh well, those were the days when I have nothing to do but go out and drink. Lol! But of course, today is a different thing. I am already a mom and a wife and going out every week is not a good thing to do, especially now that I’m pregnant. But when I’m thru with my delivery and I was able to adjust with my new baby, maybe a night or so wouldn’t hurt especially if my husband is with me, right? Hmm.. we’ll see. :)