Wednesday, April 6, 2011

What I Love Most about American Idol Season 10

Have you been watching the latest season of American Idol? I am not actually an American Idol fan. In the previous seasons, I get to watch it if I have time but I did not actually got hooked to it.

But this season is different as there are really a lot of fresh and interesting bits that has been incorporated in the show:

1. First is the new set of judges where Steven Tyler and Jennifer Lopez have been added. A lot has been predicting that the ratings of the show will drop after Simon Cowell left the show but Steven and Jennifer added a new twist that can save the show.

I find Steven to be very funny especially his out of this world quotes every time he gives his comments to the contestants like "That's the goop that great stuff is made from,” "You define a cool dude in a loose mood,’ "I love it when you break into your ethnic what-it-is-ness." He looks so happy too doing his work as a judge as you can see him laughing, doing funny faces, and giving positive comments after each performance.

Jennifer Lopez is like a mother goose to all the contestants as she genuinely wants to help each contestants succeed and you can see from her smile how proud she is every time her babies (the contestants) performed well.

Since Steven and Jennifer is playing the good guys in the show as I see that they really finds it hard to give negative comments, Randy Jackson took over Simon Cowell’s role in being the most honest judge among the three.

2. All the contestants were all so good that it is difficult to guess who will really make it to the Finale. Among my favorites include Stefano Langone, James Durbin and Lauren Alaina.

3. Another tweak that they did with the show is eliminating the guest mentors and instead, record executive Jimmy Iovine will be the new in-house mentor who can really watch how each contestant grows so he can be a big help in improving their craft.

4. They also did a lot of fun stuff in the show like guesting Hulk Hogan during the elimination night since James Durbin, one of the contestants, is an avid fan of Hulk Hogan. They also guested Steve Wonder to surprise the birthday boy, Steven Tyler.

5. The show is getting more glamorous especially now that the contestants are living in a Hollywood mansion. They even had a make over so gone are the discount clothes and outfits that the contestants are wearing as they were given a preview of how it is like to be a pop icon.

This week’s theme will be Rock N’ Roll Hall of Fame. James for sure will slam this week’s theme but I am interested to see how the other contestants will do this week, like Scotty who has always been singing country and Pia who has been receiving comments from the judges to veer away from ballads.

They are down to nine contestants now and I really can’t wait to see who will make it as the next American Idol.

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