Tuesday, April 26, 2011

We Need a New Door

My brother and I were looking thru some exterior shutters online for his newly constructed house when we suddenly heard a loud crack in our living room. We immediately checked the area with our tip toed move; we need to act that way just in case there was someone knocking us out. But thank God no one was there but apparently discovered that our door was literally breaking.

It was only that time that we noticed that there were some holes on the side of the door and some crushed parts that have been eaten by termites. Unfortunately, my dad forgot to poison the door with some anti-termites chemicals when they installed it which caused the termites to stay inside and eat thru it. Urgh! Events like this are really annoying, now we also need to browse on some new doors to replace this old beaten one.

Does anyone of you know where we can buy a perfect termite free door? If yes, just leave me a message. For now, we need to set up some sleeping mattress and pillows in the living to guard the door. I tell you the door is seriously not safe as of this moment. Such a hassle! :(