Wednesday, April 6, 2011

Time to Cool Down

Gosh! It was really hot last night. My son didn’t sleep well because our air conditioning unit is not working properly. Urgh! If only I was able to call the air conditioning repair Austin technician that my mom told me then we won’t experience this kind of hassle. Now, my husband and I has baggy eyes because from lack of sleep. Well, I never thought that the unit will not totally work that night, I thought it was just a loose connection.

Presumptions that made our son cranky and my husband sweaty the whole night. Lol! That’s why as early as 8 am this morning, I called the technician’s office and hire them to repair our air conditioning unit. And based on their call time, they might be arriving a little later. I’m really hoping that they can arrive a little earlier than expected for I still need to check on it before evening falls.

Oh well, I need to sign off for a while and confirm the exact time they are going to arrive. Especially that my husband plans to go out and have a little picnic at a nearby park. I’ll be back in an hour or two for more blogging stuffs. Anyways, I really need to go now. Ciao!