Friday, April 15, 2011

Ski Jackets for Everyone

I was browsing the internet this morning when I suddenly saw some photos that my SIL uploaded on her account at a famous social networking site. She was wearing the coat she was telling me about last week that looks a lot like the ski jackets I saw from an online store the other day. I immediately buzz her and told her that she was looking awesome with her coat. She appreciated my gesture and was joking that she will be sending a package full of ski jackets just for!

She is currently working and residing in Estonia and I never thought that it was still cold in their side of world. Just look at her with her friend Shane. Oh, I just envy the cold snowy weather they “still” have there. I think spring in Estonia will not yet start until June or July (I think?). Anyways, sadly, in our country, snow is nowhere to be found and is impossible to be seen. Lol!

Oh well, maybe someday we will have the chance to travel and visit her in Estonia. I just hope my baby#2 will be old enough then to travel and enjoy the snow with us. :)