Friday, April 8, 2011

The Right Package

My friend Noel is planning to open their very first bakery near their place by next month and because of that he called me this morning and was asking me if I know someone that can offer him dry food packaging. Well, I never thought that they still haven’t found the right supplier for their bakery packaging. I mean, as far as I know one of the first things that you should consider when opening up a business is the packaging, right?

I think some of you would agree with me because proper and right packaging is a must in every business. I mean how will you sell your products of there is no container or polybags to contain them? And how will your “should be customer” be attracted to your products and grab their interest if they only see a bare item. Also having the proper packing machineries and conveyors can give his product the best quality ever. A great packaging also gives the product a clean free look and definitely clean food as well. Hmm.. I think this is one of the lapses that Noel had done terribly and it is a must that he should find a supplier immediately before this month ends or else he will doomed! Lol! Sorry for that exaggeration but I was just reiterating the importance of the packaging.

Anyways, good thing I am free for today and I can help him surf for the custom bakery packing supplier he’s looking for. So for now, I have to sign off and help him with his dilemma. Ciao!