Thursday, April 14, 2011

Time to have a Debt Help?

I hope not!!!

Since I became a stay at home mom and pregnant at the same time, budgeting to me has become a vocation. Actually, I consider it as one of the hardest vocation I had so far in my entire! Maybe because it is our finances that are at stake and that I feel so constraint about it because I don’t have any regular income.

Now, here’s the problem I’m hoping not to face. Because I don’t have a normal income from regular jobs, I am afraid that I might need some debt help if our income wouldn’t increase within this month. You see, we have monthly expenditures that need to be paid first before settling any debts. But because my online jobs are a bit low these past few months our working money is diminishing quickly. Plus my upcoming child delivery this May or June is putting more stress on me in my budgeting dilemma! Urgh! As of now, I’m thinking of ways to accumulate our earnings and hopefully by the end of this week I can able to establish a fix income source where I will be willing to spend my whole day with it just to cater to our financial needs. Oh well, I’ll update you about the turnout of events when they happen.

Now, all I need is pray and hope for the best. :)