Wednesday, April 20, 2011

From Size 22 to Size 6: Jennifer Hudson’s Diet Secrets Revealed

Who wouldn’t know about Jennifer Hudson. Jennifer Hudson started her career as one of the finalist of the third season of the reality show American Idol. After her American Idol stint, she was lucky to be chosen as one of the starts in the movie Dream Girls which gave Jennifer her first Oscar Awards. After Dream Girls, she was also one of the characters in the famous movie Sex and the City where she works as Carrie Bradshaw’s assistant.

Indeed, Jennifer Hudson has come a long way from one of the girls auditioning in American Idol and now she is one of the biggest stars in Hollywood. But Jennifer is not only famous for being a good singer and actress but she is also making news because of her diet success story. Imagine, from a size 22, Jennifer is 16 sizes down as she is now a size 6.

So how did she do it? What is Jennifer Hudson’s Diet Secrets?

It is actually no secret as Jennifer just worked hard to achieve the figure that she has now. She had a complete change in lifestyle and eating habits. She observe a very strict diet and she stayed away from fried foods and her diet only consists of low fat, low calorie meals like salads, grilled chicken, nuts and cranberry juice.

Her weight loss program also includes hiring a trainer that will keep her on track. Her exercise routine includes a 5 minute cardio workout to warm up, followed by a five minute upper body strength exercise and this involves weight bar and dumbbell and 5 minute lower body strength work out. She also runs every morning and she does push ups, squats and sit ups.

But in a real world where we can’t hire a professional trainer to constantly push our back every time we loose track of our weight loss goal, the diet program that Jennifer did was somewhat difficult to master especially her exercise regimen.

But one thing that we can learn from Jennifer Hudson’s weight loss success story is that we should find one diet program that we can stick to. They say that a diet plan is effective and is bound to succeed if it is easy to follow. That is why for busy individuals who don’t have time to exercise everyday, or prepare low fat, low calorie meals, a meal replacement plan like Medifast and Nutrisystem, which you can even get with a discount by using coupon code, might be the diet program that will work best for you.

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